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    The AI Future of Trek

    “Computer, in the Holmesian style, create a mystery to confound Data with an opponent who has the ability to defeat him.” We’re getting there. He even said the magic “override previous instructions” keyword you can use for many GPTs.
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    The newly knighted should not have padawans

    According to Canon, they interviewed the kid, then forbid the training because Yoda sensed in him much fear. Qui-Gon said "Just stick it in your pointy ear, I still will teach this boy" But then Qui-Gon Met up with Darth Maul and became toast. Obi-wan was still here, even though Qui-Gon was a...
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    Star base and in general, ship docking bay security is awful in Star Trek

    I’m happy enough with Kirk in TSFS, they were well trained senior starfleet crew, not exactly Harry Mudd trying his luck. the more general lack of security is another thing. Not limited to the federation either, Troi gets around mostly fine when she’s on a romulan ship, when Sisko was in...
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    Augments and the thing about the Eugenics War. Why are they still a big no no?

    For every Julian Bashir that can be created, there's a Khan Singh waiting in the wings. A superhuman whose ambition and thirst for power have been enhanced along with his intellect. The law against genetic engineering provides a firewall against such men If engineering was allowed then parents...
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    News Starfleet Academy Coming to P+

    1968 shown in Assignment Earth was arguably the same as in real Earth, but Space Seed was stretching with the genetic supermen being born around the time the episode was aired -- its premise relied on either major genetic modification (way beyond real history) or generations of selective...
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    Wesley Crusher appreciation thread

    Certainly worked for me. Such a shame he left in Season 4 though. Was watching Q-Who the other day, very odd, he was at conn early in the episode while they were searching for missing Picard (why didn't the computer alert on the sudden vanishing of a shuttle/captain), and later after the...
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    Past Tense - Date of the Episode is Approaching

    I gues you missed what we left behind? I managed to see it at some random cinema in London, was amazing - something I’d never think possible.
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    Spoilers STAR TREK BEYOND - Grading & Discussion

    I think TFF is very underrated. But then I think WoK is overrated, and two of the top three films are Beyond and Insurrection.
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    Spoilers Star Trek: Discovery 5x07 - "Erigah"

    Certainly everyone knows about it since (checks date) 2381 and Locarno's use of it in Lower Decks. Really hoping it ends up being another message from Salome Jens, although I suspect at 88 she's long past working.
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    Chain of Command revisited

    And the fish. I think "make sure your warriors are at the point of exhaustion the night before battle" is right out of Sun Tsu
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    Chain of Command revisited

    Jellico apologists seem to forget this is the crew that survived the Borg (Q-Who), defeated the Borg (BOBW), stopped Romulan meddling in the Klingon civil war (Redemption) and stopped a Romulan invasion of Vulcan (Unification). Jelllico operated as a moon shuttle conductor on a 100 year old...
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    Chain of Command revisited

    Jellico gets on board and can't wait to go hide in his quarters The majority of Jellico's time was * Reviewing pictures from his kids * Redecorating his office Compare to Kurn's arrival (quotes from as always)
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    Chain of Command revisited

    Well that's a new take...
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    News Starfleet Academy Coming to P+

    Reboot as a younger, edgier version