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    Poll Do you like SNW and Discovery? (Poll)

    I like Discovery. So far I freaking love SNW. Especially season two. Pretty much every ep of S2 I'd score at least an 8. Some a 10. It's been solidly excellent this season
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    Spoilers Star Trek: Strange New Worlds 2x09 - "Subspace Rhapsody"

    I absolutely love this episode. It's goofy but I love it. An all time trek classic imo. One of my favourite tv episodes of all time is Buffy's Once More with Feeling. It pushes the character relationships forwards , through song! Is this quite as good as that? Maybe not, but it's close .
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    Spoilers Star Trek: Discovery 5x10 - "Life, Itself"

    I thought it was decent. 8/10. The last half hour, Calypso tie in, and Kovich reveal was my favourite part, actually. I didn't think we'd get any resolution for Kovich or Calypso. My only disappointment was not seeing ISS enterprise, and Detmer, Owo, and Reno only having a silent cameo
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    Spoilers Star Trek: Discovery 5x06 - "Whistlespeak"

    A 7 from me. Trek has done many episodes like this before, but it was nice to have a throwback to a classic Berman era esque ep. This could have been a TNG or ENT or VOY episode. Complete with ship bound B storyline. The ep played into some tropes but no one can say this week's didn't feel like...
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    Say something POSITIVE about your least favorite Trek show / season / episode / character …

    Picard was a mess in terms of story, but had awesome production values, and amazing music in the third season, and I liked them tying in the Assignment Earth stuff in season 2
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    Poll Is the Trek that you grew up with also your favorite Trek?

    I grew up with Berman era. TNG was my first Trek. I have a soft spot for TNG but is it my favourite, still? Probably not. Ds9, SNW, Ent (mainly last two seasons), Lower Decks, and Pro are probably my top 5 trek shows.
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    Spoilers Star Trek: Discovery 5x05 - "Mirrors"

    It was a decent episode. But I got so excited about seeing the Enterprise in the trailer , that I was a bit let down. Perfect opportunity here to have mirror pike or Paul Wesley as Emperor Tiberius. Or mirror Spock. The only real reason to have the enterprise was so they could save money and...
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    Spoilers Star Trek: Discovery 5x04 - "Face the Strange"

    9 from me. Really enjoyed this one. I've always been a sucker for Trek time travel episodes. My only disappointment was when they were in Lorcas time, and he didn't appear. Nice to see Airiam again though. Was that a James Bond Casino Royale reference? (Vesper Martini. And people say Callum...
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    Strange New Worlds renewed for a fourth season

    Good news and bad news today. I'm happy SNW is getting a fourth season, but I bet fifth season will be the last. Seems to be the new normal in streaming era
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    Is it common for adult fans to watch Star Trek Prodigy?

    I'm 41 and love Pro. Prodigy and Lower Decks are my favourite of the new trek shows. The animated shows give me that same excitement that I had growing up watching trek in the 90s
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    Fifth Season is Final Season

    Hopefully we will at least get a LD streaming movie. I'm sick of these unexpected cancellations. At least tell them ahead of time so they can craft a really great balls out finale
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    Fifth Season is Final Season

    Not gonna lie, this news ruined my day . Is there a petition to save Lower Decks yet?
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    Spoilers Star Trek: Discovery 5x03 - "Jinaal"

    8 out of 10 for me. I'm not the biggest fan of Trill episodes but this wasnt bad. Especially enjoyed the Rayner and Tilly scenes and the Saru/T'rina scenes. Sadly it looks like they've written out Nillson on the show (she was mentioned as having transferred to Voyager J). Like everyone else, I'm...
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    Poll Rank the Picard Seasons

    Season 3 was not perfect. Story wise I had a lot of issues with it. It gets a pass from people because nostalgia. Vadics motivations seemed off to me. Picard had nothing to do with the changeling genocide virus, that was section 31. I didn't like how the changelings were a red herring and they...
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    Spoilers Star Trek: Discovery 5x02 - "Under the Twin Moons"

    Killing off characters as a redemptive arc is becoming a real trope. I hope they don't kill off Rayner. Just like I think Captain Shaw didn't need to die