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    INTERSTELLAR - Grading & Discussion

    You guys are terrible :lol: These are kid's movies! And I haven't seen Frozen, but the marriage thing might just be a reflection of today's culture, as opposed to being the front line of breaking away from old culture, as you guys believe it does. As for Interstellar, I think it was a...
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    INTERSTELLAR - Grading & Discussion

    True, but even so I still wouldn't have called it a tragic ending, due to exactly the reasons you mentioned. It's true that his daughter resented him in her childhood, but the fact that she understood and accepted what happened as an adult help to cushion the "tragedy" of the loss. The scene...
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    J Michael Straczynski on Why Michael O'Hare left

    Just bought the set on Amazon. $113.99 seems like a good deal for the entire 5 seasons :)
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    INTERSTELLAR - Grading & Discussion

    Why is a tragic ending always considered to be "the right choice" for movies nowadays? Specifically in this movie, how the heck does it make any sense that he survived the crossing of the event horizon, gets artificially transported to an artificially constructed "bubble" of universe by hyper...
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    An alternative setting for First Contact!

    While admittedly, on paper that would have been a better story, what FC really needed was a bigger budget, and to do away with the ridiculous shoehorned in comedy, like Zefrane (the mastermind who figured out the math, AND built the technology for warp drive) be portrayed as a fucking homeless...
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    If Marvel bought Star Trek, would you like it..?

    I honestly thought Guardians of the Universe was going to be that movie. But I guess a cgi talking racoon was enough to make it a success.
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    If Marvel bought Star Trek, would you like it..?

    I agree. I can't think of how much more anyone could have botched Nemesis even worse than what we got on screen.
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    INTERSTELLAR - Grading & Discussion

    That was pretty much my take also. I didn't think the movie was spectacular or ourstanding, but it was good enough to be enjoyable, and that was mostly due to the stunning visuals, and the great acting by key characters. If I remember correctly, Cooper wasn't inside the Black Hole, but...
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    J Michael Straczynski on Why Michael O'Hare left

    Oh wow good on J. Michael Straczynski to offer him help with expenses and to seek treatment for his mental illness. That was very noble of him. I never thought about purchasing the B5 DVD series, but now I'm thinking about it.
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    INTERSTELLAR - Grading & Discussion

    I had been waiting for this film easily since last June, or basically when Nolan first announced it. I knew it was going to be better than most of the dribble that's in theaters now. But also knowing Nolan made TDKR, I was worried that the movie would fizzle out the same way. So I finally saw...
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    The Photoshop Thread, Part IV

    Ok you win first prize! :lol:
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    A Sense of Cosmic Scale (in the TOS/TNG movies)

    If I understand your question, it's basically asking which movies you thought were more epic in scope? Hmm, TMP would probably be the "textbook" choice, but it feel so forced, like we are spoon fed the concept that "V'Ger is looking for God the same way we are" etc etc. TFF on the other hand...
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    So a wild weekend with any Trek actor/actress, who would you choose?

    Re: So a wild weekend with any Trek actor/actress, who would you choos Current day William Shatner looks like a cool guy to hang out with and have a couple of beers with. Jonathan Frakes also, and of course Will Wheaton. Tough choice between those 3.
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    hahaha too epic!! A Borg cake!! Hahahah I am so buying one of those and freeze drying it as a decoration in my living room! :lol:
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    Star Trek Generations at 20 (November 18, 1994)

    I personally thought the movie was weak in storytelling. However, the death of Kirk is what made me hate it. Had they not done that, It would have been a passable film.