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    Your Calls: CGI Made it Better, CGI Made it Worse.

    I wish they'd done Star Trek Continues, and just recreated the old shots exactly. As is, it's a halfway between re-imagining and being true to the original and fails at both, IMHO.
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    Episodes with Identical Plots

    And then Voyager did "Work Force" 2 parter and SG-1 came out with "Beneath the Ice" which had ice in it which made it legally distinct. Although IIRC both were based on a sci-fi short story or some such.
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    New Scotty

    I just realized this thread is "new Scotty" and that's not Simon Pegg. That's Martin Quinn.
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    Episodes with Identical Plots

    I do wonder how fans who take it all super seriously and refuse slightly different designs in newer shows etc reconcile Trek's frequent reused plots. I remember rolling my eyes when ENT recycled that episode of Voyager when Seven was all alone with Phlox. TNG "Naked Now" gets a pass because...
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    Star Trek Discovery has more McGuffins than an Indiana Jones movie

    Wait till someone tells him about Star Trek movies. Genesis allowed is not! Is plot device forbidden!
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    News Starfleet Academy Coming to P+

    Authentic to TOS. The pronunciation was all over the place back then:lol:
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    The Final Mission...

    Thats the one, a novel by Barbera Hambly about a ship from a very messed up future coming back to the present. It was the first time to my knowledge "the Federation turns dark as coal" was ever done in official media. And part of the story is the TOS crew deciding what to do when the 5-year...
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    The Final Mission...

    Tbh, I haven't found any of them to be worthy final missions, except maybe the amazing "Crossroad" but even that is NEAR the end, not the actual end.
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    Relatives of TV main characters?

    I'm finally reading the Prometheus books, and I've just met Jenna Winona Kirk. It reminded me of another female Kirk decendant stationed on the Enterprise-E in an older novel but the details elude me. And of course there was a preceeding Kirk in the Rise of the Federation books. Have any...
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    Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman to star in Deadpool III (2024)

    Yeah part of me thinks its a stand in and you'll see him no closer than this in the movie. They may have gotten the old costumes out of the cellar, they may not have thawed out Vinnie Jones too.
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    Best cover art

    Oh, and Trek's best cover art is the old James Blish adaptations. Nothing else comes close, IMHO. Except the Japanese "Spock Must Die!" for it's unique Enterprise and German "Mission to Horatius"
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    Tryla Scott

    This episode came around the time of Star Trek V, where Scotty and Uhura were a thing. There was speculation she could be their decendant.
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    News Starfleet Academy Coming to P+

    I think it's fair to say middle aged white guys were not the target audience for Discovery. That was Picard season 3.
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    Best cover art

    I love more pics of the Cross Cult Voyager. I know there was supposed to be a US novelverse one made but the guy never finished it IIRC.
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    News Starfleet Academy Coming to P+

    But but the nacelles floated and... stuff. I'm sure the similarity was deliberate to keep it recognisable, the far end version of ENT's prequel being made to include transporters, phasers and time travel for the same reasons.