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    Better Than The Regulars

    Yikes nobody else found Decker too hammy? Lenard and Montalban are the answers here, I think. For actress I'd go with Jane Wyatt and Charlene Polite (one of the only competent and developed female guest stars in the series who's not also a love interest).
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    Small parts perfectly cast

    Is Decius a small part?
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    Subtle Shatner - The Thread

    Basically all of Balance of Terror. My personal favorite is the wordless response to the Romulan Commander's last words. Starts to talk, stops himself, and his face just kinda falls.
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    Star Trek brought to you by Viceroy Cigarettes!

    That would make it Aug. 24, 1967 then according to this site:
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    Star Trek brought to you by Viceroy Cigarettes!

    The last time this vid came up I seem to remember another commenter deducing that the recording is likely of the summer repeat of Space Seed. I can't remember how that was figured out though.
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    TOS fan reactions to 'Discovery'?

    I think liking Discovery has more to do with how you feel about the modern action sci-fi genre. I've loved TOS for as long as I can remember, but don't care for the Marvel movies and don't care for Discovery. I'd argue the latter two share far more similarities than Disco and TOS.
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    Spoilers Has "Discovery" impacted how you now view "TOS" episodes?

    Eh not sure I agree with this. It didn't add anything to the Vina/Pike relationship -- it just showed us scenes on the Enterprise of Pike being overwhelmed by how much he loved her, but there's no real thought or motivation given. It's still on the viewer to simply accept that he loved her and...
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    WTF moments in TOS & TAS....

    Smaller WTF moment but still makes me roll my eyes every time: Kirk doesn't even try to follow the rules in the final battle on Triskellion. Your entire ship is in danger dude!!! Don't count on the refs to not throw a flag in the last two minutes!
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    WTF moments in TOS & TAS....

    Laughing like crazy at the end of The Galileo 7 after crew members died.
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    Hey, I never noticed that before....

    Yeah, I still remember running to the TV to smash the "on/off" button when Pike's face was revealed for the first time in that episode. Scared the crap out of me as a child.
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    Hey, I never noticed that before....

    it'd be best if you avoid the 1080p version of the episode then. :lol:
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    50th Anniversary Rewatch Thread

    She never mentions protectors but she does plan to head to the mines: DROXINE: Stratos is so pleasant and so beautiful. I think I'm afraid to leave it. SPOCK: There is great beauty in the knowledge that lies below, and only one way to really experience it. DROXINE: I shall go to the mines. I...
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    2x08 Preview

    I'm with you. They're basically leaning on 50-year old storylines to artificially create tension/expectation rather than develop new plots. But ultimately that undermines the intent b/c half the viewers are focused on "whoa, we saw the Talosians in the Cage! How will this story fit in?!" rather...
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    Spoilers Star Trek: Discovery 2x07 - "Light and Shadows"

    There was some throwaway line about offering to help them negotiate. So that's presumably enough to write the plot off, especially when you weaponize pacing to distract the audience. I'm actually more curious to know how the Kelpiens and Ba'ul will handle the "time tsunami" heading their way.
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    Hey, I never noticed that before....

    Holy crap you're right. How have I never noticed that?!?! Amazing.