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    Spoilers Season 3 wild speculation

    What: Actors who appeared on a show called Star Trek: The Next Generation will appear on a completely unrelated show, playing characters who're foulmouthed, drug addicted, prone to vomiting, immature, emotionally unstable characters, or in other words absolutely nothing like the characters they...

    Is Tilly (actress) pregnant or unwell??

    I honestly haven't noticed any change in her appearance. Googled some images from season one, and I guess there is a difference but I wouldn't say she looks unwell

    Spoilers Star Trek: Discovery 3x07 - "Unification III"

    I kept wondering how exactly captain Picard obtained footage of ambassador Spock talking to him in private with no recording equipment. I guess since canon doesn't matter, Picard was a sly vlogger all along?

    Spoilers Star Trek: Discovery 3x07 - "Unification III"

    How about disabling 32nd century Starfleet holograms, tasked with matters of security during a time a crisis, just by blinking at them?

    Spoilers Star Trek: Discovery 3x01 - "That Hope Is You, Part 1"

    The point is, there's a persistent false narrative across the interwebs the criticism of all things STD, be it the production team, the lead actress, the questionable canon, whatever, all stems from butthurt old people who're closed-minded about progress. That you yourself are better than...

    Discovery officially renewed for Season 4

    You mean like that universally beloved JJ Trek film series that he co-wrote, which was so successful that it only made 3 movies in over a decade and left ViacomCBS unsure on how to proceed?

    Spoilers Star Trek: Discovery 3x01 - "That Hope Is You, Part 1"

    One could say the same about the STD gushers who go "the Boreville is for Boomers who vote Trump!"

    The Admiral "F***ing" Clancy Appreciation Thread

    How is it relevant how you talk when this is about a fictional character behaving unlike a 24th century human?

    Spoilers Star Trek: Picard 1x09 - "Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 1"

    Not surprising someone would do that, given how episodes 1 - 8 were terrible in my view. STP has somehow been even worse than 2 seasons of STD and 2 seasons of Short Treks combined. Episode 9 itself has got a(nother) great example with the giant orchids, that fly from a planet's surface, reach...
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    Spoilers Star Trek: Short Treks 2x04 - "The Girl Who Made the Stars"

    Not that surprising as coherent storytelling and Alex Kurtzman are polar opposites Except that is how memory works and it's hilarious how he wore a badge that indicates Secret Organisation in public Funny how this animated Short Treks webisode ripped off Prometheus' orrery scene and ET, while...
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    Spoilers Is Morn in Season 3?

    Kinda difficult to do when so much time of the main credits is taken up by the 20+ producers
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    Spoilers Is Morn in Season 3?

    No character "needs" to be developed. However, it would be nice to have more on these mysterious bridge characters than seemingly just 1 dimension. If Barclay, Morn, Nog, Rom, and even Joe Carey could get some writer attention, then why not these unknown heroes? Michelle Paradise did such a...
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    Spoilers Is Morn in Season 3?

    The posts and replies aren't meant to "tire", they are expressions of critical thoughts on Kurtzman's output. There is no requirement for them to adhere to someone else's for example positive views of STD. This is after all not the fanclub
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    Spoilers New Short Trek - Q&A

    If one closes one's eyes and plugs one's ears, perhaps. Otherwise, no
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    Spoilers Is Morn in Season 3?

    Being critical of STD's writing which lacks significant character development for so many characters isn't "hating"