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    best and worst actors on TV

    Current Best (Male): Nelsan Ellis John Noble Jensen Ackles Naveen Andrews Terry O'Quinn Current Best (Female): Anna Paquin Lois Smith Allison Mack Katee Sackhoff Claudia Black All-time Best (Male): Clancy Brown William B. Davis Richard Dean Anderson Jerry Seinfeld Brad Beyer All-time Best...
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    Watchmen-The graphic novel

    It would be a tragedy if no one studied literature. If no one had ever studied Shakespeare or the Greek tragedies half of the great works of our time on the page and the screen may never have been told. Often times it is through the study of things that we don't understad that we come to have a...
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    Mars...mankind is coming!!!

    I think private corporations will get us there first, where tourism will be the major profit.