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    The Animals That Aren't Dogs or Cats Thread

    Weird. But then I don't see your embedded FB videos either. Probably a me problem. OK, so this is in text? If it actually links to the Patreon, then that's a no-go, sorry.
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    The Animals That Aren't Dogs or Cats Thread

    I'm not entirely sure what is being referred to here, but if it's just a comment at the end of the video about joining Patreon, that's probably OK, a lot of content creators have something like that, and there's no link through the video itself to give money. (If the point of the video was...
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    Random Thoughts...or...What's on Your Mind?

    You have an interesting definition of "daring"... :lol:;)
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    What is happening with Star Trek literature?

    This is part of a planned upgrade that was first announced a month ago. Basically, we upgraded our software from our v1.x instance of XenForo, to the latest v2.2. The update provides a number of improvements, both in the user experience, and behind-the-scenes. The general layout is here to...
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    Ten Forward Lounge - Miscellaneous General Chat & Welcome Thread

    The bar’s back open! Hope you like the renovations! In honour of our grand reopening, first round is on the house! (We just took the plastic off the new furniture, so try not to spill anything!) Welcome back! :techman:
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    Ten Forward Lounge - Miscellaneous General Chat & Welcome Thread

    Well all, the bar will be closing shortly, as we shut down for a day or so for renovations. Like the song says, "you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here". See you all on the other side.
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    S2 apparently on Netflix June 30

    As a viewer, I always prefer to have the next episode available immediately, so that I can go on to it right away if time allows. The unfortunate truth is, though, that I don’t usually have a lot of time available for TV. Even though Fallout was released all at once, it took me a little over...
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    Contest: ENTER Misc Avatar Contest: So How 'Bout That Weather?

    I'll admit it, I've been having a hard time finding the creative energy to come up with a new theme. So what's a Canadian to talk about when they can't think of anything else? Why, the weather, of course! Around here, the summer heat and humidity is just starting to kick in. The southern...
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    Contest: VOTE SF&F Contest: America! Eff Yeah!

    Oh say can you see My votes, there are three
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    E-Book Pricing Alerts

    Wow, a whole bunch of Canadian sale items today, so much so that I had to check that I didn’t accidentally go to Amazon US! :lol: I’ll try to only list the new ones here, but some others are still on sale from earlier. $1.99 TOS #93: New Earth #5: Thin Air TNG #21: Chains of Command TNG #60...
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    Contest: ENTER SF&F Contest: America! Eff Yeah!

    America saves the world from aliens, Independence Day The pre-war U.S. military, Fallout franchise
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    E-Book Pricing Alerts

    A couple new sale items in Canada today (both Amazon & Kobo): $1.99 - TOS: Best Destiny (I think this is one of those "never on sale in Canada before" items!) $2.99 - TNG #2: The Peacekeepers
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    Novel-verse mention of Wyatt Miller from "Haven"

    I did a search on my ebook of Q-Squared, and Wyatt's name only came up on a single page. It was a Track A chapter, in a discussion between Troi and her son, and Wyatt was indicated to be very much alive.
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    Official VIDEO Thread!

    If the OP is basically just a video and nothing else, then we ask to please post it in the Official Video thread, instead of making a new thread just for a video. I'll move this there now.
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    Relatives of TV main characters?

    Not a novel, but there was also a descendant named Jamie Samantha Kirk, who was serving on Deep Space Nine in a comic called "Blood and Honor"... written by Mark Lenard!