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    The Only Actor

    Bakula was coming off being the lead i an immensely popular genre series so was a smart choice.
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    The Logical Choice (Pro Archer/T'Pol)

    We sooo win :guffaw:
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    The Logical Choice (Pro Archer/T'Pol)

    Twlight is one of the best hours of dramatic television IMO. Both Bakula and Blalock nailed Mike Sussman's amazing script and Robbie McNeil's directing also dead on.
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    Pick 13 essential episodes of Enterprise

    Broken Bow Fusion Shockwave I and II Seven The Expanse Damage Twilight The Vulcan arc Mirror Universe eps Finale
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    The Logical Choice (Pro Archer/T'Pol)

    I am getting to re-visited the best couple in Trek through the eyes of a newbie! I have to say all the A/T'P scenes in Twilight still are my favorites!
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    What was wrong with "These are the Voyages"

    I liked it whe it first aired and recently re-watched.Still like it!
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    Ben Browder to star in new Web series

    The farscape webseries was almost a go last November then at the last miute the people with the money backed out(actually they just said Farscape project---Henson really wated to do a feature)
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    Ben Browder to star in new Web series

    Naught For Hire is getting ready to start filming soon. Paramount is the studio involved and apparently they want to use "social media" to judge how iterested people are i this project. They are measuring "Likes" for the show and the lead,Ben Browder. I think the sfx will be quality and the time...
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    Say Something Positive About Your Least Favorite Character ...

    Trip died an honorable death
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    Fandom Gives Back

    The Twilight fandom(and I know some of you belong!) has a fundraiser for Alex's Lemonade Stand(they raise money to fund pediatric cancer research) going on to coincide with the release of Eclipse.Several fansites,blogs,twitters etc participate through an organization called Fandom Gives Back.I...
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    Who would you have killed off?

    Trip but in season 1.
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    Denobulan, Vulcan and human sexuality; bonding

    I think what the problem was the writers weren't consistent with the races characteristics and when they changed things did it as a conveinance. For example Phlox we know was a very knowing experienced interspecies doctor --yet he didn't consider what he was asking T'Pol to do when he asked her...
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    What about season 4 ???

    Trip was stubborn in Twilight? I am no Trip fan and LOL everytime people mention the great Captain Trip of Twilight but stubborn idiot? Another reason to rewatch the best ep of Ent!
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    Denobulan, Vulcan and human sexuality; bonding

    I think T'Pol assumed her P'Naar's would interfere with any bonding though she still was allowed to marry Kos.Also at that point I think little was know about Vulcans being with Vulcans. The whole thing was sloppy engineered in part by people who had little interest or knowledge in Vulcan...
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    Denobulan, Vulcan and human sexuality; bonding

    The addiction was the only they could sell us on T'Pol doing a 180 change.