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  1. Jarrod
    Jarrod comicbookwriter
    Hey Sir, where do we send interview requests?
  2. The Wormhole
    The Wormhole
    Just learned only 32 episode in all Star Trek have a capital O in the title.
  3. WildManWizard
    There's a wild man, wizard, he's hiding inside me, illuminating my mind!
  4. CorporalCaptain
    CorporalCaptain Nerys Myk
    "DISCO? VERY!" Love the sig.
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  5. Starship
    Starship Michael
    Interesting.... Starsting a conversation in my profile, I post more than 420 caracters with success.
    So, my message for you is there. ;)
  6. Starship
    Starship Michael
    Ouch.. I can´t post any new message to you...
  7. Starship
    Starship Michael
    Hello Michael. Of course that this site isn´t mine and that it isn´t a blog. I know how things must to work.
    Please, note that I´m a veteran here (as in many other scifi forums), using the same nickname all around, and since I joinned (in 2004) I never have any troubles here or in any other place. It must count something. I will post more than one message, cause the limitation of caracters in the post.
  8. Kativa
  9. Alan Roi
    Alan Roi
    Captain of ones own fate? I think you've got the wrong man.
  10. Twilight Phoenix
    Twilight Phoenix
    Formerly know as TauCygna
  11. Avro Arrow
    Avro Arrow
    It may be cold, but at least there are no wolves
  12. tharpdevenport
    Unsold pumpkin spiced flavored products are still sitting on the Wal-Mart selves.
  13. Henoch
    Back in my sphere on the shelf.
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  14. Henoch
    Old beagle, Daisy, is doing great. Pulled 5 teeth, 4 of them were abscessed, though. She's a lucky dog. She's 14.
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  15. Henoch
    Taking my very old beagle to the doggie Dentist to pull a molar. Wish us luck.
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  16. Savage Dragon
    Savage Dragon
    Back from vacation and ready to dive back in!
  17. Henoch
    Bored on a shelf.
  18. Doom Shepherd
    Doom Shepherd
    Ultimate Arcane POWER!!!
  19. The Doctor
    The Doctor
    Lots of planets have a north.
  20. DaddlerTheDalek
    DaddlerTheDalek eschaton
    Love your avatar. I mean President Dukat. XD