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  1. IMC Headquarters
  2. oberth
    oberth Avro Arrow
    i guess your avatar is from the new show - did you play the games?
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  3. Laura Cynthia Chambers
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    2. Bynar0110
      It looks awesome.
      May 4, 2024
    3. Laura Cynthia Chambers
      Laura Cynthia Chambers
      It's meant for people to make custom figures for tabletop RPGs. Screenshotting is my friend, however. :)
      May 4, 2024
  4. Laura Cynthia Chambers
    Laura Cynthia Chambers
    I suppose it's not surprising that of all my pitch game threads, ENT has the most pages (having the fewest seasons of 90s/00s Trek)
  5. iliescu
  6. iliescu
    Crew Quarters -
  7. iliescu
  8. iliescu
    neat! 2024 to 2025- - if going all way 2026 there is the Cortana Italy nice stuff
  9. iliescu
    Joining here being 2017 there have pass 8 years amazing almost 1 decade of good Trek,a Malbec drink to more ahead to hope for -
  10. iliescu
    current time 2024 April 15th
  11. iliescu
    wow have not posted since 2018 on this board - - - Red Shirt is decent
  12. Discovery McDiscoveryFace
  13. Peach Wookiee
    Peach Wookiee
    “Hey, Armus, we’re touching your stuff!”
  14. ZapBrannigan
    ZapBrannigan Laura Cynthia Chambers
    - I'm so glad to see your name back, and not crossed out! Really glad. I was very unhappy about it earlier. You can't fight the moderators, but boy are they heavy-handed and domineering.
  15. Lynx
    Lynx Laura Cynthia Chambers
    Why is your name crossed out?
    Have you been suspended?
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  16. HopefulRomantic
    ...But you can’t mold someone into who you want or need them to be." –Daniell Koepke
  17. HopefulRomantic
    "You can’t change people. You can change your expectations...You can refocus your attention. You can practice acceptance & letting go...
  18. ZapBrannigan
    ZapBrannigan feek61
    Hi, feek61. I think you should take down the Elizabeth Rogers casting image. Although she is dead now, her information can still be used by identity thieves. Thank you!
  19. Ragitsu
  20. Ragitsu
    Ragitsu ZapBrannigan
    ZapBrannigan spoke much sense.
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