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  1. Indysolo
    "Glory" has reached the "my copy has shipped" phase.
  2. Gary Mitchell
    Gary Mitchell rhubarbodendron
    I hope that you're doing well.
  3. Kamdan
  4. Indysolo
    Is Ash protecting the alien?
  5. Commander Troi
    Commander Troi Oddish
    Happy Birthday!
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  6. The Old Mixer
    The Old Mixer
    Don Everly, 1937–2021; Charlie Watts, 1941–2021
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  7. The Old Mixer
    The Old Mixer
    Don Everly, 1937–2021Charlie Watts, 1941–2021
  8. CaptainWacky
    More than meets the eye
  9. Indysolo
  10. Coops
    Mutability is our tragedy, but it is also our hope.
  11. Indysolo
  12. Captain Robau
  13. Indysolo
    Co-produced the new Star Trek II soundtrack album coming from La-La Land Records.
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  14. ColdFusion180
    ColdFusion180 admiralelm11
    Hello. I hope it is okay to attempt contacting another member in a profile post. I am unable to start a conversation with you. Please consider starting one with me. Thank you.
    1. admiralelm11
      It's fine. What can I do to help?
      Aug 1, 2021
    2. ColdFusion180
      Hi. Just wanted to say thank you for your comments. Hope you are doing well. Take care.
      Aug 3, 2021
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  15. oberth
  16. Indysolo
    If you're willfully not vaccinated you're already dead to me.
  17. templerman
    templerman aalenfae
    Concerning your Romulan-Earth War Destroyer. Did you ever consider a concept of it with Annular Drive Ring Nacelles, similar to the XCV-330 ENTERPRISE? Best of luck in your future endeavors. Cheers and be well.
  18. Cobalt Frost
    Cobalt Frost admiralelm11
    Sorry to bother, and I don't want to interrupt the story thread.. who is James Morgan? I apologize, I have terrible memory sometimes :D
  19. Indysolo
    Now the race is on. What will we see first in 4K, Director's Edition or The Abyss?
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  20. The Old Mixer
    The Old Mixer
    Happy 81st, Sir Ringo! Peace and love!