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  1. oberth
  2. Indysolo
    If you're willfully not vaccinated you're already dead to me.
  3. templerman
    templerman aalenfae
    Concerning your Romulan-Earth War Destroyer. Did you ever consider a concept of it with Annular Drive Ring Nacelles, similar to the XCV-330 ENTERPRISE? Best of luck in your future endeavors. Cheers and be well.
  4. Cobalt Frost
    Cobalt Frost admiralelm11
    Sorry to bother, and I don't want to interrupt the story thread.. who is James Morgan? I apologize, I have terrible memory sometimes :D
  5. Indysolo
    Now the race is on. What will we see first in 4K, Director's Edition or The Abyss?
  6. The Old Mixer
    The Old Mixer
    Happy 81st, Sir Ringo! Peace and love!
  7. The Old Mixer
    The Old Mixer
    Happy 81st, Sir Ringo!
  8. Robert Bruce Scott
    Robert Bruce Scott
    Yes, that's actually me. You can't see it in this photo, but at the time there was a Wookiee standing next to me playing a cello...
  9. Eremurus
    Monsters come in many forms. You know the greatest monster of them all, Jim? Guilt.
  10. Eremurus
    Apologies, Captain…I seem to have reached an odd functional impasse. I am, uh…stuck.
  11. Indysolo
    There's no vaccine for stupidity.
  12. JRandomRedshirt
    Grew up on Fortran IV, then settled in the Algol system.
  13. Kirk1980
    Kirk1980 T'Bonz
    On your rules thread, you have Penalties spelled as Penalities. Just thought you'd like to know:)
  14. The Reverend
    The Reverend
    the return of (the now Reverend) Jonny Nemo
  15. Indysolo
    This template is used by integration tests only.
  16. Timewalker
    Not posting in Miscellaneous for the foreseeable future. Tired of the BS.
  17. JonnyQuest037
    JonnyQuest037 lawman
    Hey, would it be possible for me to send you an email? I'd like to ask you a few questions about your Sherlock Holmes chronology. Thanks!

    John Trumbull - jonnyquest037 [at] gmail
  18. The Old Mixer
    The Old Mixer
    Happy 80th, Bob Dylan!
  19. Indysolo
    Is Mirror Universe Scotty a reverse engineer?
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  20. Scott Kellogg