Who / What is Kara Thrace?

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    Kobolian humanity met its end on Earth and died out by interbreeding with Cylons and Earth humans. There are none of them left.
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    I find this hard to believe - coming from a trekkie related forum - that in no replies were quantum principles upheld.

    A few items worth mentioning regarding Kara...

    1. When Sam was slipping in and out of coma, he noted the last four cylons including Kara as 'glowing...'

    2. When Kara propelled through the wormhole, she was chasing a viper down.
    In a quantum environment with principles of time thrown around, we can easily surmise she was caught in a time warp which distorted the time lines creating three specific events.
    a. In one time line, Kara's ship got disintegrated - observed by Lee.
    b. In another time line, Kara's ship made it to Earth and crashed.
    c. In the final time line, Kara's ship made the trip to Earth and returned.

    Now to reconcile these positions, which event could have occurred on this new planet to erase one of these timelines, there by rendering her existence 'illegal' within current time line[think of Michael J Fox in back to the future with cause\effect relationships]

    So, either Kara is a cylon of some undiscovered model or she simply was human dislodged from our time continuum...

    So, i believe it falls under two categories:

    Kara the Cylon
    Kara the Time\Dimension traveler.

    Understandably, this rules out a higher power at play
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    An Angel blazing with the light of God. Also, this thread bump is truly a miracle of God.

    And she didn't go through a wormhole, it was a storm in the gas giant.
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    Quantum what? You must be new here. We're far more interested in whether T'Pol belongs with Archer or Trip, and what color the nacelles are.

    No, not T'Pol's nacelles.
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    Maybe Starbuck wasn't physically there. Maybe she never was!
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    "God dunnit" can solve anything, that's what makes it such a pathetic cop out for a sci-fi writer to stoop to.
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    He doesn't like to be called that, you know.
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    One of the most annoying TV characters in the history of forever. Doesn't help that Katie Sackoff bugs the shit out of me with her every breath, but it's like the character was written to be irritating.
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    It's simple. She's a Plot Device. :techman:
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    FINALLY!! I'm no longer alone.....

    Have a beer, friend.