Were you satisfied with the character arcs?

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    My only issue with the BSG characterizations is the whole Final Five business -- or more specifically, that they all happened to be personnel aboard Galactica. It was far too convenient and frakked all over the arcs these characters, most notably Anders & Tigh. To me at least, everything these characters had gone through over the series, like Anders leading the resistance on Earth and everything that went with that, no longer meant as much because it was all really a sham.
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    It's sort of explained in The Plan. Cavil kept the Final Five alive and got them together because he wanted to prove how they were mistaken about humanity. He's the one who got Ellen off the Colonies and he arranged so Anders wasn't killed.

    Also you have to remember that the Final Five aren't part of the normal skin job Cylons. They're from Earth and came to keep the Colonial humans from repeating the same mistakes they did, but arrived too late to do so. They wanted to keep the humans and Cylons from fighting. Once the Cylons attacked, all of the Final Five did what they could to help save the human race. Tigh even killed Ellen to protect the human race and stop the Cylons. Anders lead resistance groups on Caprica and New Caprica, then became a Viper pilot. Tyrol kept the ships going and was a part of the resistance on New Caprica, along with Ellen and Tory. In many ways, that shows the original versions of themselves starting to emerge again instead of the parodies of themselves that Cavil programmed them to be.
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    It all kind of worked for me because I accepted that Cavil was really just a petulant child that never had any discipline or thought he could do wrong.

    For Star Trek fans that doesn't seem like a hard leap to make. Pretty sure there was a Trek episode or two with similar theme.
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    So what you're saying is that you either didn't watch the show at all or you are unable to process the most rudimentary concepts of a character arc.