Welcome new Voyager fans!

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Voyager' started by Caprica_Six, Apr 16, 2005.

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    I can relate to that. I was there 8 years ago.

    Welcome aboard.
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    Hello fellow voyager fans. I'm finishing up the 7th season of voyager for the first time and have become a big fan. I was unfortunately one of many that were lost to the curse of the first 2 seasons.

    Ah well, better late than never! :)
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    I am by no means a stranger to this place (going on strong for 13 years) I am however fairly new to this forum.

    I haven't watched Voyager since it went off the air 15 years ago, so I thought'd I'd do a viewing of the series again. Why Voyager? Cause it's my favorite series, I've always loved the characters, and I just love everything about it (well almost, but that's neither here nor there).

    I thought about doing a viewing thread, and I still might, but for now I'm holding off (I just finished "Heroes and Demons").

    I'm enjoying revisiting this universe and following these characters again.
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    First time poster, and I have to say, thank you so much for creating this thread! I'm expressing gratitude because I remember how for years, Voyager was the most reviled series until Enterprise came along. It was getting to the point where I kept my feelings to myself because I was afraid of being ridiculed or seen as a troll--especially over my feelings regarding Neelix. (Everyone hates him to death, but he's not one of my top three favorite characters, the Talaxians are my favorite alien race.)

    Why do I love it so much? To me, VOY was the perfect blend of sci-fi, character development, philosophical exploration and morality tale. Also, I know it may sound like blasphemy, but I think it was the most sci-fi out of all the ST series, save TOS. In the other series, sci-fi took a backseat to politics and social commentary, but in VOY, the sci-fi was an integral part of whatever story was being told.

    For example, in the Tuvix episode, the story was just as much about the scientific problem of figuring out how to separate Neelix and Tuvok as it was the ethical dilemma of whether it should be done or not. I don't think there's ever been a show to do this good a job striking this kind of balance, and it bums me to this day how unappreciated VOY is in this regard.

    Anyway, I saw VOY when it first ran but never caught it in reruns because I was so bitterly disappointed by the finale I didn't have the heart to watch it again. But having played the very satisfying sequel in STO ("Delta Rising"), all is forgiven and I'm now watching it again on H&I. I was afraid that it wouldn't hold up, but it is every bit as great as I remembered! Yup, there's the Doctor being a funny, yet incredibly obnoxious priss. Yup, there's B'elanna launching into ridiculous technobabble. Yup, there's Neelix being obnoxiously ingratiating but cute all the same, and all the other characters as I remembered them.
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