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    I like your "Not all those who wander are lost" offering. Especially how Kathryn's got this look on her face that says, "... and I've got him!" Whilst Chak's all like, "Hmm! Hmmm! Hmmmmmmm ..."
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    That video made me laugh out loud. I had never before heard that song.

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    ^^ Loved it!
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    Most of my fanfics are just dumb weird stories written for sh*ts and giggles. But I have a few "plot-hole fillers" or "missing scene" fics. All of these stories I'm going to post are shorties, most of them are one-shots.

    I feel like a jerk, posting all these fics. But seriously, most of these are insanely short, like one page. For those interested...

    "Duplicate:" Naomi Wildman learns the truth about her birth in "Deadlock."

    "New Age Hippies:" My take on Chakotay's confusion heritage:

    "Trails of Light:" Chakotay finally explains what the hell his tattoo is supposed to mean:

    "My Sister's Caretaker:" My take on how the two Delaney sisters wound up serving aboard the same ship:

    "Hybrid:" What if B'Elanna had known K'Ehlyr, the *other* human/Klingon hybrid?

    "Nightshifters:" How might an ex-Maquis get along with an ex-Equinox crewmen?

    "Parallels:" Chakotay doesn't trust Seven of Nine, until he realizes they have a bit in common. Because what happened to Seven in "Dark Frontier" was quite similar to what happened to Chakotay in "Maneuvers."

    "My Crew:" Missing scene from "Hunters," where Chakotay tells his old Maquis crew the bad news from home.
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    I have written a good many VOY stories, but with a difference - the crew are almost completely killed leaving just the former Borg kids and Naomi alive. After discovering that Naomi is in command of Voyager the five kids and the Doctor work to bring Voyager home - encountering the Borg, the Norcadians (Mezoti's people) and even the Dominion. Once home, I kept the story going as an arc through their teenage years as they go through rogue Dominion units, a Starfleet civil war and military coup, putting an end to all Borg and then one last fight...

    Children in Charge

    Children in Charge 2

    Children in Charge 3 - All Grown Up

    Adults in Charge

    Adults In Charge 2

    Adults In Charge 3


    The Long Way Home

    The Hearing
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    I currently have four Voyager one-shot stories posted on Fan Fiction Net and cross-posted on Archive of Our Own, under the author pseudonym of Sgt.Hakeswill.

    I hope to write some longer stories once I get a cataract operation, but for now, more one-shots are more likely.,
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    I read the one you wrote about Mezoti.
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    Plugging my own work. I'm fairly new to writing Voyager stories although I have written fanfic in the past, mostly LoTR, LOST and Doctor Who.

    My Voyager fanfic over at Archive of Our Own

    I also have an account on under the name web of light but the entries are almost the same.

    The things I write are normally canon compliant and suitable for general audiences and tend to be humorous. The bulk is Tom/B'Elanna but that is mostly because I'm just starting out and I'm finding them the easiest to write for at the moment. I have some Chakotay focused stories up and will branch out to the other characters as soon as I feel more comfortable with them.

    They are mostly 'added scene' one-shots although I do have a few multi-chapter stories. Some are better than others. I also try to break with 'fanon' as much as possible. For example, a lot of Workforce stories have a coda portraying Tom coming home to a sweet reunion with B'Elanna and they are, for the most part, very nice. I didn't do that. :angel: Tom wasn't the least bit jealous of the time B'Elanna spent with Kelis in Muse...but he was jealous of something else much to her ire. She also deleted the letter Tom's father wrote to him in Hunters even though he told Tom he loved him and was proud of him. Why would she do that?

    I just like to twist things up from the norm and sometimes it turns out funny. It's how I roll.

    Hope you like them.
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    Thanks for reading. Hope you liked it.
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    Hi everyone, I'm new at Trek BBS. Incredible how much good stuff on Voyager you got here and out there.
    I have been publishing a story on called Star Trek Voyager: Unreachable Light. I'm currently working on the Final Chapter. I hope you enjoy it. TIA Franco