USS Galactica in Star Trek

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    If I remember correctly, SFB had "lasers" and they were weaker than phasers. But it has been a long time since I played.

    As far as real world difference, ya got me.
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    I assume you know how a laser works.
    Phasers are particle weapons using imaginary particles called Nadions. Applying an electrical charge to a crystal with an odd name I can't remember right now causes it to generate "rapid nadions" creating a very flexible weapon that can do all the things phasers can do. Whereas lasers pretty much just transfer heat to things very rapidly so they are limited to cutting and blasting, phasers can also slowly heat things and disintegrate them as well.
    The description of phasers is from the TNG Tech Manual.
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    Chief Engineer Scott's drinking habits did not seem to bother anyone.

    But (for the obvious reason) TOS had a 1960's vibe, and engineers were almost expected to be power drinkers and even to be slightly "buzzed" on duty.
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    I like the picture of uss Galataca. But I'd hate to imagine the series with the no human conflict rule. No doubt the'd be synthacigarettes too.
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    real utopias are boring.
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    Did you get a "woody" when you typed that? :lol:
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    To be frank, that would be a little bit like giving the characters of Deadwood or The Sopranos their own starship. It simply wouldn't happen in the (non-MU) Federation as we know it, bar some crazy facilitating event like a Laura Roslin gaining power and authorising it.

    The NuBSG colonial military is, in my opinion, conceptually descended from RDM's take on the Klingon Empire. They've eschewed progress, seemingly letting an atavistic culture of violence and honour take hold. The decisions they make suggest that a violent death is to be in some way coveted, perhaps as a means of reaching the fields of Elysium. Altruism, reason and philanthropy are to be distrusted and even abominated, as they repeatedly demonstrate in their approach to certain characters.

    Well, the 23rd Century did have at least one somewhat curmudgeonly sawbones of its own. :)

    Number Six would also need her ethical subroutines enabled, as would Athena ;). Sharon, on the other hand, would fit right in with minor adjustments if any.

    That's highly impressive, though it reminds me more of The Beast (Pegasus) than The Bucket (Galactica).
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    ^ It looks deadlier than a Galaxy class, if the Federation was serious about fighting a war, it would build and deploy these. The various Enterprises all look like cowboys with big hats riding a rocket. I think it would take at least 10 Klingon Battlecruisers to take on this bad dude. I think if the Terran Empire lasted into the 24th century it might build a ship that looks like that, it was War written all over it.
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    Who is John Galt?
    ^^^ Reminds me of a Trek/TOS BSG crossover story from many years ago, when Galactica encounters the 24th century Federation. A random Klingon commander visiting Spacedock on Earth sees Galactica for the first time and responds with a mix of surprise, awe and maybe even a little apprehension, "Humans built THAT??" It was a cool moment. :)
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    Or.. the writers didn't have a clue about naval tactics, didn't really think profoundly about what a realistic Trek space battle should look like but went with what looks cool and what people can relate to.

    Realistically fighters in Starfleet make absolutely no sense.. main weaponry of a starship are energy weapons meaning that once they lock on a fighter they will hit it. No fighter can evade being shot at with weapons at light speed. Additionally they are too small to be equipped with shields and armor to withstand a capital class weapon and they are also too small to carry weapons that would have a meaningful impact on a capital ship.

    So anything below a scout class vessel makes no sense in Trek when it comes to battle because they'd just be wasting personell and material for no effective gain.