TNG Caption This! 330: Goldshirts Appreciation

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    :cool: Not that there's anything wrong with that....


    Crockett: I heard that Klingons are too cowardly to admit they are gay.
    Worf: No we are not!
    Tubbs: Not cowardly?
    Worf: No!
    Crockett: So a Klingon officer would admit he was gay?
    Worf: Yes!
    Tubbs: Otherwise he would be a coward?
    Worf: Yes!
    Crockett: But you're not a coward.
    Worf: No.
    Tubbs: Then you can admit you are gay?
    Worf: No!
    So you are a coward.
    Worf: I am Klingon!
    Tubbs: Klingons can't be gay?
    Worf: Of course they can be gay!
    Crockett: If they're not cowards?
    Worf: Yes! But I am not gay!
    Tubbs: could be gay?
    Worf: No!
    Crockett: Ohh, because you're afraid of Klingons finding out.
    Worf: I am not afraid!
    Tubbs: So you can come out of the closet?
    Worf: No!
    Crockett: Because you're too brave to come out of the closet?
    Worf: What??
    Tubbs: You're saying that Klingon bravery stays in the closet?
    Worf: I will kill you where you stand!
    Crockett: Oh, so you'd rather dishonor the Klingon empire than admit you were gay.
    Worf: No I would not! We Klingons demand honor in all things!
    Tubbs: So Klingon honor demands a Klingon officer should be brave enough to admit he's gay? Otherwise he's dishonoring the whole Klingon empire?
    Worf: Yes!
    Crockett: Oh, I see. You won't admit you're gay because you are brave but have no honor.
    Worf: No! I mean yes! I mean - look, I have warned you about confusing superior officers. Report to Counselor Troi's office immediately.
    Tubbs: Yes sir. You don't have to hide your holodeck "calisthenics" lifestyle from us. The Enterprise is a "safe place."


    Worf <alone in corridor>: I AM NEITHER GAY NOR A COWARD! That's what I should have said.

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