There must be a second Earth...

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    There is no second Earth. This is the writer's rebellion against shiny, happy Star Trek. He took a huge depressing dump on BSG and this dreary ending is all we get. I was tired of Vancouver in summer, in winter it is even uglier.
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    Jul 20, 2004
    I basically agree with the thought process of the OP.

    However I have this twist: All of the humans are cylons.

    There are several pieces of evidence for this:
    1/ Watch Dee's reactions in the scenes immediately following where she picked up the jacks on Earth. She is clearly in a greater state of shock than everybody else. Then you have the post-suicide scene where Lee is going through her things...and finds a bag of jacks. I think the jacks on Earth stimulated her memory in the same way that the wall did for Tyrol and the guitar did for Anders. Dee realized realized she was a Cylon, couldn't deal, and killed herself.

    2/ WTF is up with Starbuck? Either the current Kara Thrace is a clone/download of the Kara that burned up in re-entry or the body in the Viper is a clone of the original Kara and put there by somebody as part of a head trip on Kara (less likely). In the first scenario, there is some form of resurrection hub left on earth or other means of regeneration/resurrection. (I won't persue the implications of the second scenario because I think it is unlikely)

    I have thought this for a long time, there just wasn't enough evidence for it. Now there's enough bread crumbs out there that I think this is where the writers are heading.
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    Two things.

    1.) He called it earth

    2.) Bob Dylan
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    I want to know more about the nuclear holocaust on Earth. Did robot Cylons rebel against their skinjob Cylon masters? Did any of the skinjobs escape? They had to, as the Final Five are from the 13th Tribe. Where did they go? How did they get to the Colonies?

    In these last 10 episodes, there's a lot of information that we're going to get, and I think this notion of "oh teh noez, they found teh Earthz and it was teh_suxx0rs" is going to fade right quick as we get answers to some of those questions.
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    In the interview with Moore someone posted he said..

    This is Earth, this is what they were looking for, this is the Earth of the legends and blah blah.

    However all this happens before and all this again, that means these last colonies can go out, find another planet, and start over the whole chain of events over leading up to another Earth.
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    Oct 18, 2004
    Maybe this is earth in the nBSG universe has a different history than ours?
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    This is an interesting theory... and it would also allow room for a thirteenth Cylon "model" as well, should that particular revelation be made.
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    Earth 2? ;)
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    I did not see Clancey Brown or Jessica Steen . :)
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    If they can deal with the Cavill-faction of the Cylons, the Colonials can then settle in any number of places. I can't really remember after all this time, but is there anything preventing them from returning to New Caprica other than that the Cylons know where it is?

    "Bad memories" is not a sufficient reason to avoid it, given that these people are slowly (and in some instances rapidly) dying out in space.
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    People are forgetting All Along the Watchtower. Anders played it on Earth... it came from Earth, it's based on our reality. This is our planet. If they were all Cylons, then so are we.

    Or - its set far in our future
  12. Spider

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    Perhaps then in "our" future we create these Cylons to house ourselves in, so we can resurect giving ourselves immortality. Just a thought, but there is no telling what they will come up with to explain all this.
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    You're forgetting a couple of key details.

    The Cylon rebels gave the Centurions free will. Baltar planted the seeds of dissent by pointing out that there's a definite pecking order among the Cylons on the baseship, and the Centurions are low on that pole.

    So, it stands to reason that the Cylon Civil War...skinjobs vs. skinjobs, may well become skinjobs vs. mechanicals at some point now that the Centurions have free will.

    If that's true,then it could well be a case of mechanicals vs. skinjobs on Earth. Indeed if what happened before happened again, then the skinjobs on Earth are equivalent to humans on the colonies, so it would therefore be their mechanicals that rose up against them.
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    Or tried to at least. Before he finished talking, the Centurion in question got blown to hell. With no ressurection capabilities, that particular centurion won't be coming back to gab about his chat with Baltar.
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    Bad evidence. Watch:

    1.) We live on Mars. Just because you name something Earth doesn't mean it's the only one.

    2.) Bob Dylan = Sam Anders :wtf: (They implied Anders wrote the song, don't believe? Listen to the podcast. Ron Moore says specifically that it is intended that Anders wrote the song.) The fact they used watchtower doesn't mean that meant that Dylan wrote it.
  16. pookha

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    Dec 26, 2002
    or considering all our music and culture is being broadcast outward...
    they could have come across it in some form and intergrated it.

    as for everyone is cylon evidently there is some way to tell the difference since they determined the bones on the planet were cylon and not human.
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    Well, there's no evidence that the Five had the same names in their previous identities (that would be unlikely in any case). So, odd as that may sound, Anders might really have been Bob Dylan in a previous incarnation.

    Maybe the show *is* implying that the Earth society we know is composed of Cylons, but...hey, Earth is Earth, after all. Whatever universe you're in.
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    I'm not fully convinced this is earth, either. It would have been nice to see something giving us more solid confirmation that this is 'our' earth, like (as you said) recognizable land masses or even signage in the flashbacks indicating an earth city (a sign with 'City of New York' or a piece of garbage with a Microsoft logo--something along those lines would have sufficed).

    I realize that the nuclear holocaust that destroyed this earth may have occurred hundreds or thousands of years after 'our' era, and things like New York city and Microsoft may have been renamed or simply don't exist by that point in the planet's history but if it indeed is our earth, I'd like to see something definite confirming that.

    Until we get that, I'm not completely convinced that the planet we're seeing on BSG is the same planet we're all living on.
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    Tigh's first name is the same. Ellen called him Saul in the flashback at the end. Odd.
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    I must have missed that bit. :alienblush:

    "All Along the Watchtower" is a very well known song. We *know* Bob Dylan wrote it. It's obvious. If, in BSG, Anders wrote it, then Anders must logically be Bob Dylan. I can't see any way around that.

    Other than having a (IMHO, completely unbelievable) coincidence that in the BSG 'verse, somebody *else* just happened to write a song absolutely identical to it. :lol: