The William Schallert appreciation thread

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    TOS fans know him as Nils Baris from "Tribbles." DS9 fans know him from "Sanctuary."

    But I just read his wiki biography, and good freaking lord, what a fantastic career for this 90-year-old character actor. Seldom starring, appearing mostly in supporting roles, he continues to perform -- I caught a radio interview with him last week.

    I am just absolutely amazed. For an actor to move from series to series over decades, and never detract, never draw undue attention to himself but instead always perform in service of the story -- well, that is a very, very fine actor, indeed.
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    Agreed 100%. I always thought his turn as Nilz Baris was one of the better guest spots in TOS - Mr. Schallert absolutely nailed it.

    "Gorged? On my grain? Kirk, you should have known! And I am through being intimidated Kirk! You have abused your authority, and you have rejected my requests - and this, THIS is the result! I am going to hold you responsible, Kirk!"

    "That isn't going to do you any good, Kirk. This project is ruined - and Starfleet is going to hear about it! And when they do, they will have a board of inquiry and they are going to roast you alive! And I am going to be there, Kirk, to enjoy every minute of it!"
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    I highly recommend the Myriad Universes story "Honor in the Night" for Baris fans.

    It takes place in a timeline where Arne Darvin successfully poisoned the grain and a lot of people died from it. Nilz Baris becomes president of the Federation - a good one, from the look of it - and spends a lot of his career dealing with Klingons.
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    Good topic. His body of work is emmence. He also played a Bajoran in DS9 but too bad Star Trek didn't tap his talent again for once of the other series as well. Very versatile and a huge body of work.
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    When I first saw Trouble with Tribbles, I recognized Schallert immediately, due to his years as Mr. Pomfritt on Dobie Gillis.

    The name has to be a linguistic joke.
    Mr. Pomfritt = Mr. French Fry?
  6. Cap-o'-Lantern

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    And he was Patty Lane's dad. A hot dog makes her lose control.
  7. Sir Rhosis

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    One of our character actor national treasures.

    Sir Rhosis
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    I always think of him with affection as Patty Duke's father, no matter what.
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    I remember him on The Patty Duke Show but it was always something I caught at a friend's house - not weekly viewing at home. I think that, aside from Nilz Baris, Schallert's double-episode turn as Frank Harper on The Wild Wild West is the one which sticks in my mind. Also Professor Quigley in Disney's The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes.

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    I collect film DVDs from every decade......but I'm not exaggerating by much when I say every second title I bought had William Schallert in it. During one particularly humorous year, anyway.

    I think more often than not, he's protagonistic, but since for many of us, TRIBBLES is our first exposure to him, we assume he'd be much more annoying in real life. Not the case.
  11. Redfern

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    Of course, his character was downright villainous in "The Man from Planet X" (circa 1950), forcing technological information from a humanoid alien under threat of asphixiation, pushing the being to the point of murderous reprisal.


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    A fine character actor. As already said, always an addition to any story he appeared in. Truly an art to be a supporting actor - where would we be without them?
  13. jayrath

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    Apr 15, 2001
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    Let's not forget his comic turn in "Matinee"! An unfairly overlooked film.