The Gods created Man, Man created the Cylons.

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    No I mean they can regenerate when they need to.
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    We are talking about the Final Five immediately after the fall of Earth, two thousand years before they met the Colonial Cylons... They can't do shit. Sure they resurrected once, but the factories to build more bodies are on Earth and they've been nuked.

    "When they need to" as an alternative to death or old age, because that's exactly what will happen if it takes longer than three days to get to Caprica from Earth if they didn't load their ship with the food, water and resources to make a transgalactic voyage if they have the storage bays to hold all that.

    Sure they can keep trading through to new bodies to stay young and gorgeous while continuing to man the helm for a 30 year trip from planet A to planet B, but why would they want to?

    They do have that projecting thing, but 30 years in a tiny box is boring and going to drive them spacecrazy.

    Then there's the resources and power requirements to keep a skin Job awake walking around in that tiny box of a ship which increases the pay load which increases the fuel reserve, both of which probably increase the size of the engine which again increases the fuel reserve.

    Unless you mean that they can force ageing process to reverse by "regeneration", I'm not sure what you mean that I do not mean at all. When I begun this I was saying "resurrection as an alternative to stasis" which began to become a bit of a mouthful very quickly.... They upload into a hard drive from a body that has nothing wrong with it, which is probably going to die immediately because there's no brain processing it's functions, then their mind "sleeps" in storage for 30 years, and then they download into fresh new bodies, when they have reached their destination after x amount of time.

    No ftl, and we don't know enough about their relativistic engines to know how long a trip from Earth to Caprica would take, and even if it was just 2 weeks from the final fives perspective... That's a lot of food, air and water for 5 people unless they resurrect every time they get hungry, but really packing a couple boxes of corn flakes has to be easier than yet more skinjob replacement bodies to deal with all the many possibly terminal eventualities if they chose to stay awake rather than boxing themselves.
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    Maybe like some kind of ancient race of lizard people?
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    In the lap of squalor I assure you.
    The Titans were forceably replaced by the Gods in myth.

    In the "Coming next fall on Caprica" widget, Sister Clarice was preaching from a pulpit to Cylons on pews... Wherever they got the idea for their One true God, the second they decided to invent silicone Heaven the movement was on their way to reinventing God by some means to factor into controlling the Cylon.

    Besides God was just invented to make money for skeevy individuals in the real world, so why not BSG?
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    But she wasn't, or at least not exactly. There was a flashback scene in Caprica where she receives the idea for the first cylon from her imaginary friend, a Head Zoe.

    I think we can call her Noah. Or possibly Enoch.

    Re. the monotheism thing, it's been hinted once or twice that the BSGod a a renegade from a pantheon of gods who wanted to set itself apart from and above the others. Roslin's gal pal Elosha mentions this at some point and Head Six pooh-poohs it, calling it blasphemy. Possibly in a deleted scene.
    The Final Five comic book goes with the twelve Lords Of Kobol idea.
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    Based on everything that we know from BSG canon, the Gods of Kobol are and were sentient beings analogous to the Greek and Roman Gods. They created Man, but evicted their creation from the Paradise of Kobol after baser instincts led to abominable acts such as human sacrifice and arrogance led to Man 'playing God' by creating life in the form of the original Cylons (the 13th Tribe). We know that the 13th Tribe left Kobol about 2,000 years before their own creators were evicted by the Gods of Kobol.

    When it comes to the identity of the Cylon God, Caprica shows us that Zoe, Clarice, and others clearly inspired the Colonial Cylons' monotheistic beliefs, but that there was also an external 'higher power' influencing things as well (the entity who sent the 'Head Angels' to Zoe, Caprica Six, and Baltar). This entity was most likely a Kobolian God, but we're never told why this entity was meddling in things or what their motivation for doing so might've been.
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    For awhile, I thought that each cylon warrior thought itself Zoey--all those girls dead in battle.

    I pumped my fist in the air when I head Cavil's speech--my thoughts exactly...

    Now to me, Caprica recovered, and the nuked Earth did to to become Terra from the Eastern Alliance--leading up to the original BSG, which really should have made it to Earth during Gill Gerard's Buck Rogers, with the Directorate defeating the alien cylons.
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    I can't remember if it was a deleted scene or not, but I vaguely remember that while on Kobol there was some discussion that the 13th tribe worshiped another god than the pantheon that the other 12 worshiped. That's why they went their separate ways. I also think that Ellen mentioned that the Colonial Cylons were already worshiping their god when they arrived at the end of the war, that's why they wanted skinjobs in the first place. It could be that whatever God is was also sending angels to them wanting them to create skinjobs. We know that Zoe was seeing one and Zoe-A saw one as well. While this eventually lead to the end of the cycle, it did directly lead to the creation of Colonial Cylons in the first place and repeat of the cycle.