TF Soundwave: Hasbro's made him a GUITARgetmaster.

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  1. Aquehonga

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    In both K-Mart & Toys'R'Us yesterday I saw the Transformers:Animated Soundwave toy hanging up.

    On top of Soundwave, attached to his roof in vehicle mode in the package, is this guitar.

    The package says that the guitar turns into Laserbeak.

    What do you think of this? Is it:

    A natural evolution of the mini-TF sidekicks? (This Laserbeak's ancestors being the G1 Nebulans & the Armada/Energon Mini-cons.)
    Some other option(s)?

    Funny, this TF:A Soundwave is the TF's First Ever guitargetmaster.

    Maybe they'll come out with a TF:A Blaster whose sidekick is a bass who is attached to Blaster's roof in vehicle mode & turns into the current generation's Steeljaw?

    I can't help but think this new Laserbeak is a product of the "influence" of Guitar Hero & Rock Band.
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  2. billcosby

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    I thought this was awesome that Lazerbeak transformed into a guitar! Hilarious.

    But I'm not so into the new animated series. I guess I'm too "Geewun". I just can't stand the look of it, the style is all wrong for transformers in my opinion.

    Don't assume that this is the new look for Soundwave. The New Animated Series is going in the opposite direction of the Bayformers ultra-realistic look of the movie series.

    I'd rather waste my $$$ on the Classics and Universe line. They look fantastic, improving on the flawed molds of the G1 series. Google Henkei Ratchet or Ironhide and you'll see what I mean.
  3. Aquehonga

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    Thanks billcosby for the feedback & TF search tips.

    Regarding TF, I'm almost exclusively a G1 fan, having grown up in the 80's with the original cartoon & Marvel comic book series.

    I like G2, & need to learn more about BW/BM, which were a satellite or tangent of G1.

    I saw that BW episode with Starscream's ghost recently on YouTube & loved it.

    You're right about TF:Animated's animation. There's something wrong about it for TF, almost a Flintstones look, totally inappropriate for TF.

    TF:A's TFs look almost like “sarcastic” caricatures of the TFs from the G1 cartoon & comic book.

    The non-TF:A TF toys are a better lot overall.

    And as for those Bayformers?

    They & Chia Pet LeBeef or whatever his name is who played a poor man's Buster/Spike Witwicky can go join Drexel's Class.
  4. Bishbot

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    Nov 3, 2005
    I love TF Animated. Its not perfect, but its by far the best TF show since Beast Wars. I only have one of the toys - the smaller version of Bulkhead - who's a great character and I'm pretty pleased with him.

    I did enjoy the new version of Soundwave, although he's only been in one episode so far, I don't know if he's coming back.

    The classics moulds are, for the most part, great updates of G1 characters, and I wish I had the money to collect them, but I enjoy Animated for daring to be a bit different.

    G1 toys are my favourites of course, but after that, I just find I like what I like. I can't afford to collect anywhere near all of them, so I just pick toys or characters I enjoy.

    I don't have any movie toys, but I did enjoy the movie (for what it was), so I haven't ruled it out. I'd like a nice big movie accurate Prime.
  5. billcosby

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    Aquehonga, I have to report that I watched Transformers Animated for the first time.

    I did like many things about it. The writing and the storyline for example is very interesting. As it starts, the way it's set up is quite different from the Hasbro cartoon of the 80s.

    Although Optimus is pretty much a nobody as the series begins. That, and the way the story begins may turn of "GeeWuners". The animation of humans (and kids in particular) is quite irksome.

    Surprisingly, the majority of G1 characters are there, as opposed to the Bayformers which strings along many new characters. There's even Teletraan 1. And the sound effects are very appropriate, such as the transforming sound.

    Ultimately, I have to say that I don't think I'll be watching all the episodes but I think it's a decent mix of old and new.

    I also watched the Japanese-only Headmasters first episode (A series which more or less acts as a season 5 to Transformers but only aired in Japan for 36 episodes) and I like that better as it hits home. It's f&uckin' weird enough.

    Finally, you may find Beast Wars and Beast Machines somewhat unfulfilling. I certainly do. Many refer to that era of Transformers as a "dark time", but necessary so the series could return much improved.
  6. God Magnus

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    Jul 10, 2001
    A world where criminals operate above the law...
    If you consider "Beast Wars" and "Beast Machines" unfulfilling, then "Animated" won't be up to your speed either (unless your whole beef with the "Beast" series was the use of animals). The three shows share a lot of features including a story arc that runs throughout seasons, a (relative to G1) small cast, focus on an untested commander (in BW's case, Primal, here Optimus Prime) vs. a scheming enemy (Megatron in both cases) and G1 references (which "Animated" has in spades).

    I enjoy "Animated" and consider its writing a lot tighter than the mess that we got with the Armada trilogy. Hurray for TF shows being written in the US again!
  7. billcosby

    billcosby Commodore Commodore

    Bingo! Optimus Prime as a gorilla... I can't do it. :)
    No, Animated is all right. I'm watching it. Haven't seen lazerbeak as a guitar yet, lol
  8. Bishbot

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    Nov 3, 2005
    Ah, but its not Optimus Prime - its Optimus Primal, a different character. Optimus Prime himself appears later in the series.

    I do understand your objections - I'd much rather vehicles than animals, but Beast Wars' writing is so good that its hard to ignore.
  9. God Magnus

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    Jul 10, 2001
    A world where criminals operate above the law...
    This is a common misconception and a good example of why it's worth giving a show a chance before judging it. Optimus Primal is NOT Optimus Prime. If the fact that he has a different name doesn't clue you in, then the fact that he actually MEETS Optimus Prime in the second and third seasons should.

    I've also never understood why people have a problem with the concept of Transformers, whose very nature is to adapt to their surrounding environments, adapting to animal forms if that is the dominant life form around them. IMO this took the concept to a new level that had only been previously touched upon by G1 lightly with Headmasters/Pretenders etc. in terms of biomechanical tech.
  10. Bishbot

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    Nov 3, 2005
    I don't think people have a problem with it because of story logic, but because they just think that robots that turn into vehicles are cooler. I'm with you, I love Beast Wars, but I definitely prefer vehicular forms.
  11. God Magnus

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    Jul 10, 2001
    A world where criminals operate above the law...
    I think you hit the nail on the head. IMO it's all of the above. :) Emphasis on "cheesy" and "imaginative" all at the same time. I think it's great that they found a way to include the accessory and make it actually look like G1 Laserbeak at all. If Soundwave's leg joints were a bit tighter he'd be a perfect deluxe figure. Kudos to the designers however for putting so many G1-esque details on him including a chest compartment that folds open in robot mode and "cassette" detailing on his sides. :)
  12. Aquehonga

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    Thanks everyone for your feedback so far. I have a confession too:

    When I originally posted this topic up I'd seen really only 1 full TF:A episode.

    Check out my other TF:A thread entitled

    Transformers:Animated- Was JAY LENO these TFs creator?

    to get updated info concerning how attitudes {mine anyway} can change {mines still changing,in flux} regarding TF:A.

    The only BW episode I saw, on YouTube about a month ago, was the 1 with G1 Starscream's ghost possessing Waspinator. That was awesome. I plan to watch more, maybe all BW & BM episodes.

    I initially, originally had a similar reaction to billcosby's re:BW TFs.

    Since I've become open to BW & BM. Folks should remember G1 TFs weren't all vehicles. G1 had its fair share of animal & beast moded TFs.

    BW TFs were beautiful detailed interesting toys: Polar Claw, Dinobot come to mind. BW Scorponok was cool & his bee drone should've been called Zarak.

    Like today & anytime, back in the mid to late 90's I'd ALWAYS check out TFs in a store which sold them.

    I remember looking at those BW TF boxes in Toys R Us in August 1996.

    My Jay Leno TF thread was on page 2 of SFF topics last I checked,

    More TF:A “review” info on that thread.