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    It's been (nearly) ten years since Battlestar Galactica first aired the miniseries/pilot. Late in 2003, over two nights, I watched a show that would change my outlook on television forever.

    Until Battlestar aired, I didn't have much time for non-scifi television. I watched DS9 through to the end and stuck with Enterprise despite a growing sense that, not only was Enterprise bad scifi, it was simply bad television.

    Then, in the first few minutes, Battlestar grabbed me by the neck and never let go. It proved that being a genre show wasn't good enough. You could be great television and great scifi. You could explore complex issues and thorny interpersonal relationships and have giant chrome robots, poundy drums and space dogfights.

    It's often said that Battlestar drew in non-scifi fans because of the smart writing and well-drawn characters, but it drew me out of a scifi morass of cliche and tired caricatures and into a world of shatteringly good television. I'd have never watched Friday Night Lights if it weren't for Battlestar, or Mad Men, or Breaking Bad.

    Ronald D. Moore's quest to do great television that happened to be scifi was a triumph. He got the right cast, the right story and the right director and those four seasons of television stand shoulder to shoulder with the greats.

    I can't believe it was ten years ago.
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    Gecko of Gorn
    So say we all!

    Great post, Stig.
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    I remember when the mini series aired. The SF&F forum lit up like a Christmas tree. Every thread was about BSG. People were talking about how this "Starbuck" fellow was now a woman, how that contestant from Survivor, what's his name... Richard Hatch, didn't like the idea of a reboot and how the ship didn't look like the original (with only peripheral knowledge of that show, I couldn't tell the difference).

    I was indifferent and couldn't see how they could turn this into a long-running series.

    Little did I know, it would become one of my favorite shows of all time.
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    I was in the process of posting that Amazon were selling the Bluray box set for £33 with free postage, but its gone back up to £60. Still good value for 20 Blurays though.

    Mine is in the post.
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    It doesn't seem that long ago. I do miss it. Maybe one day, we'll see something new, but it will be a long time, I'm afraid.
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    If this was actually a thing that happened, people are idiots who couldn't be bothered to actually do some research.

    Regarding Mr. Hatch, his comments against the new series came at a time when he had personally invested a great deal of time and money attempting to get the original series revived, and were a direct reaction to the disappointment of not being able to find traction with his project.

    The reason I mention that is that having just had an opportunity to meet him and hear him talk about both series, he genuinely considers the new series to be as good as the original and is as much a fan of the franchise as any of us.

    I hadn't realized that it was nearly ten years since the new miniseries debuted, but that is as much a milestone as the overall franchise celebrating 35 years this year.
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    Sorry I wasn't clear in my original post. People at the time talked about how Richard Hatch didn't like the new series. The assumption that it was the guy from Survivor was mine since I didn't know who BSG's Richard Hatch was. I was a bit puzzled at first but I did my research. ;)
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    Sure why not. Let's have BSG cast members on Survivor.

    Dirk Benedict forms an alliance with Tricia Helfer. Edward James Olmos wins

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    ^ A season of Survivor using BSG cast members would be awesome. I'd go with the following teams:
    Old BSG
    Herb Jefferson
    Dirk Benedict
    Noah Hathaway
    Terry Carter
    Jane Seymour
    Maren Jensen
    Laurette Spang
    Sarah Rush
    Anne Maloney (Lockhart)

    New BSG
    Edward James Olmos
    Richard Hatch
    Jamie Bamber
    Michael Trucco
    James Callis
    Mary McDonnell
    Katee Sackhoff
    Tricia Helfer
    Lucy Lawless
    Grace Park