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Discussion in 'Fan Productions' started by Warped9, May 26, 2014.

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    Someone would have to let them borrow a TV studio for free. Not really something that happens every day.
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    I always that the Selay and the Anticans from TNG (first season's "Lonely Among Us") would have looked right at home on TOS.

    And what's one more horny space dog on Star Trek? :lol:
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    Yeah. Interior sets are comparatively small and easy to light. To do an "exterior" set in a stage you typically need a ceiling high enough to keep the lights and rigging out of shot (since there aren't walls to do this) and have the height to hang a backing that will fill the "sky" from 20+ feet away.
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    Todd Haberkorn as Spock looks a lot like Jon Rashad Kamal as Sonak...

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    Actually, they could chroma key the sky, couldn't they?
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    But then, wouldn't there still be the problem of having a large enough green backdrop to take the place of a cyclorama (or whatever it is they call it)? Also, consider the expense of scenery or greenery. I remember reading in one of the books that one TOS episode's planet set blew the greenery budget for the season. Can't remember which one. "The Apple," maybe?
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    Well, during last year's Kickstarter campaign they said if they made it to $200,000 they might be able to build a planet set, so they must have had some idea of how to manage it...
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    Oct 24, 2014
    Larry Nemecek recently uploaded his in depth interview with James Kerwin on the making of "Fairest of them All". Part one is Here .
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    STC said in a Facebook comment yesterday that with the new Kickstarter they do hope to build a planet set as well as Engineering.