So... where next?

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    Would 150,000 years be long enough for any of the worlds of Kobollian humanity to recover from their own nuclear exchanges?
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    Not only recover but have a brand new Colony of 12 and set off the events of the original BSG show. Maybe the last of the NuBSg Cylons evolved to become the imperious leader and a new race of Cyons were created (but not by man as depicted in TOS). The fact that that everything is very similar and even the names Adama etc could be 'gods' little inside joke.
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    Unfortunately I think Ron Moore's BSG has gone the way of all the Earth. The next thing that's called BSG will be another reimagining.
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    I'd like to see a complete Universe blu-ray boxset, with all of BSG (inc Razor and The Plan), Caprica, and Blood and Chrome. Oh and the Face of the Enemy webisodes!! :)
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    It looks like that one may never happen, due to contractual disputes. That's why it hasn't made it onto any DVD sets so far. Given that the show is over and done, it's possible no one's going to bother trying to sort it out, either.
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    No, just... no.
    Too hell with Earth. I'm all Earthed out. I could use an escape that doesn't require a fixed point of reference being Earth itself. It's the same tired story with countless cliches. Everything happens in either New York city or Los Angeles. The Americans save the day, blah blah blah.
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    Nov 9, 2007
    And Tom Zarek could be the (ilegitimate) ancestor on Lorne Greene and Apollo (Hatch).

    I still think it's funny that "Daybreak" validated Galactica 1980, even if unintentionally.