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    In nuBSG, the fleet made it to Earth with many survivors. Everyone who was physically and emotionally able to survive did survive, though many gave their lives heroically, so I'm not seeing your point here.

    Perhaps you mean that it was unrealistic that some of them had committed suicide? If so, I'll be sure to let the families of real-world suicide victims know that their loved ones didn't really kill themselves.
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    It's kind of hard to pick yourself up when your entire civilization has been wiped from the universe and the group that did it is constantly chasing you. It isn't like a cat dying or someone stealing your car. Now maybe the people you know are down for anything and are able to go to a strip club after leaving a funeral, but most people need a little time to deal with it and that's just with the normal grief that most of us encounter. I find the way people behaved on new BSG to be fairly believable, if anything there should have been a little more suicide in the early days after the initial attack. Because if all my family was dead and a bunch of robots were hunting me down,attacking every 33 minutes and I hadn't been able to rest for 5 days, I'd consider it and I don't consider myself to be depressed.