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    nBSG had a really great first season and first half of the second season but then it went to pieces with the Cylons becoming bland cyphers, the infamous love rectangle, the poorly edited episodes, storylines abruptly dropped, the religious/spiritual mumbo jumbo filling in for the writers as puppetmasters of the characters, a mythology that was half-baked and ultimately went nowhere, the "Ellen/Tighe/Caprica/baby saga, the undoing of Tyrol's paternity on his son, overdosing on angst, the focus on bland politics, the increase of mediocre filler, unlikeable characters who felt less like people and more like pawns in Moore's own little personal anti-Trek experiment--although I find it ironic he pines for the good 'ol Trek days. The critical praise went straight to Moore's head and led the series to eventually become a pretentious bore. I tend to think it is highly overrated."

    This used to be my point of view. I'm now rewatching the series with vastly reduced expectations and found that I still managed to enjoy most of season 3. But it's hard to watch an episode like "Resistance" where the ship is being commandeered by Adama's Cylon XO and his Cylon wife, while he's abusing the Cylon Tyrol and accusing him of being a Cylon. Cylon Tyrol's future wife then goes and shoot's Cylon Tyrol's former Cylon girlfriend. I really wonder how well they thought through the whole Dylons / All Along the Watchtower thing...
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    I enjoyed NuBSG I hope Ron Moore does more Scifi or maybe Fantasy
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    I don't get what you mean. The Final Five, when amongst the fleet, had no idea they were Cylons. Personally, I think having Tigh and Tyrol turn out to be Cylons was a great move. Tigh hated Cylons, and Tyrol was afraid of being one, and then you get the whole "ick" factor from Tyrol having carried on a sexual relationship with Boomer--tantamount to having sex with his own child. :lol: I mean, come on, that's pretty messed up. I love it.
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    That just makes it better. :lol:
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    Hehe, never looked at it that way. The Cylons had Galactica by the balls the whole time.

    Gracking Dylons...
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    "Who are you?"
    Actually, "Dylon" is kinda funny.

    For the record, I loved nuBSG.