No female starship captains in the 2250s-60s?

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    Janice refers to "the year we were together at Starfleet." So she was attached to Starfleet in some capacity for a period of at least one year. I've always assumed she meant Starfleet Academy, that they were together there but she either washed out due to her instability or, as you suggest, quit due to being deemed unsuitable for command training.
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    We also can't rule out that being the way she is she took the affair a lot more seriously then Kirk did, particularly when he was much younger and eager to do what he needed to advance his career.

    Here's another thought. Long befire TWOK was even an idea and someone conjured up the name of Carol Marcus in WNMHGB Gary Mitchell jokes about aiming a "little blonde lab technician" at Kirk at the Academy. I always wondered if it could have been Ruth (re: "Shore Leave"), but why couldn't it have been Janice Lester? She could easily have been blonde back in the day.
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    And my "dying spouse/condemned criminal/tyrant" conjecture is informed by a certain piece of ancient technology in the B5 franchise.