Mysteries You Lose Sleep Over

Discussion in 'Battlestar Galactica & Caprica' started by Brent, Feb 9, 2009.

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    It's all algae!

    Algae cigarettes.

    You'd think they'd picked up some edible or useable vegetation or something on Kobol or New Caprica (not a lotta time to do that) or algae planet, stick it under some grow lights.

    And clothes...clothes wear out. Time to raid the basestar's Saks outlet.
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    No, Baltar is Jesus. =P
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    What's the deal with Hera and Baltar/Head Six?
    At the end of Season 1 and at times in Season 2 it's implied Hera is the offspring of Baltar and Head-Six as opposed to Athena & Helo. Yet she certainly looks like Athena's kid...
    Yet it hasn't been touched on for ages
  4. Garibaldi O'brien

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    A possible origin of the "head" characters is explained in the "Caprica" footage that has been floating around on-line for a while.

    The Colonials developed some kind of holodeck VR, as their primary form of entertainment. It somehow can retain a digital ghost/avatar of a person's "soul" if they are hooked into the holodeck when they die. The new ghost then becomes a new version of the old person or something... I'm guessing this kind of colonial tech is what the Cylons upgraded into resserruction tech., and the Head character's are some kind of side effect / will of the one god. It seemed like it was going to be a plot point, but they only showed 5 minutes total.

    I am very interested to see if BSG is going to put another take on the Head characters, such as "All the characters have gone barking mad".
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    How did Adama ever keep command of a battlestar?

    Why isn't Baltar dead?

    Why isn't Tigh dead?

    Is Lee metro?

    Should Starbuck have stayed dead?

    Ok well honestly I haven't lost any sleep over this. I did have a nightmare about those talking Irish lemurs from Star Wars: Clone Wars though.

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    RDM has said in recent interviews that many of the show's mysteries and plot points will come together by the end of the series. I have hope that many of the things listed in this thread will be addressed.

    My biggest questions:

    - Who is HeadSix? Who is HeadBaltar? Who was NotLeoben? Are they all the same person/entity? The "higher power" that's the architect of the entire story?

    - What is so special about Hera? We know she's supposed to be the first Human/Cylon hybrid but supposedly there's more than that.

    - What's with the Opera House?

    - If the Final Five are from earth, and the Significant Seven from the colonies, how did anyone even know there were a total of 12 cylon models? And who programmed the Significant Seven to not think about the Final Five?

    - How did the Final Five end up at the colonies 2,000 years after earth's demise?

    - What is Starbuck?
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    Feb 9, 2009
    The two aren't mutually exclusive. Jesus and Space Jesus are two totally different Jesii. There's also Raptor Jesus, Robot Jesus, Cyborg Jesus, Evil Jesus from the Mirror Universe, Kaiju Jesus, Zombie Jesus, Nazi Jesus, Optijesus Prime, and several Werejesuses - individuals bitten by Jesus and thus cursed to transform into Jesuses themselves on the night of the full moon.
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    As a side note, did y'all catch who carried Hera out of the cell in the last episode? It was Six. Coincidence?
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    I noticed and remember thinking: Hmmm Kobol Opera House.

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    How/why did the Cylons develop a religion that they all believe in deeply in just the last few decades since they rebelled against humanity?

    How could there be Cylons on Earth millenia ago, long before the other Cylons existed?

    If the Final Five are from Earth, then how did the other Cylons know about them?

    In fact, how did knowledge of Earth ever make it back to Kobol / the colonies in the first place?

    What was the point of the Cylons letting that Basestar be destroyed in Kobol's Last Gleaming?

    What was the point of Boomer trying to assassinate Adama at that particular moment in Kobol's Last Gleaming? Wouldn't Boomer (or the Cylons in general) have had plenty of better opportunities, when there weren't so many other people around with guns who could easily stop her?
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    Why did they blow up Pegasus? WHY!?
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    Indeed. Adama's original plan to use both battlestars was so much better tactically. The two battlestars could have held the 4 Cylon basestars off easily and probably destroyed at least 2-3 of them. At the very least Pegasus should have jumped back to the civvy fleet when things turned against them in Exodus, Part II. They would be doing a LOT better now if they had a mostly undamaged Pegasus vs a 50 year old falling apart Galactica.
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    They have to find the Opera House so the fat lady can sing.
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    It had to happen. The premise of the story required it.
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    Also was it really necessary to blow up Cloud 9?
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    I'm still waiting for answers on the pegboard and the corners being cut off of every piece of paper.
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    Jul 15, 2006
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    Do the Colonials have a good booze and cigerett factory?
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    Mar 13, 2001
    The deck crew has been making moonshine since season one. I assume that they got better over time.
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    Who, oddly enough, is clean shaven.;)
  20. Mr Awe

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    She's a new Cylon created by the same mechanisms that recreated the final 5.
    Why not? Probably only the Cylons on Kobol settled Earth which was presumably depopulated at the time.
    Guessing that they did not exist for most of that time. Wasn't it 4000 years anyway.

    I think they were in some sort of data storage and the Earth feed somehow hijacked the resurrection technology of the Cylons near the colonies. Guessing that the resurrection technology on Earth either did not exist or was destroyed. They were dependant on other Cylons developing it but if "what happens before happens again" then it wouldn't be hard to anticipate that.

    Mr Awe