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    That's kind of silly and arbitrary. OitNB has equal claim to be either a comedy or a drama. And what if there were a show that were clearly a comedy and just happened to be an hour long?
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    It's a drama with a few funny scenes but that doesn't make it a comedy. The reason they put themselves in the comedy category was because it means less competition and they used their funny scenes as a justification.
    It's a fantastic show, but a comedy? No, definitely not.

    Then this show can petition the academy and still be put in the comedy category.

    But honestly, how many "clearly a comedy" hour long shows can you name? The vast majority of comedies are half hours and most if not all hour long shows showing up in the comedy category were actually dramedies with a heavy drama focus. That's why the rule change was made this way, it's relatively easy without having to resort to something like counting jokes per minute to weed out the dramas.

    Ignore the Emmys and what the show has submitted itself as for a moment, if you just look at the show and you had to decide if it's comedy or drama, which one would it be? Pick one, no "it's kind of both" dancing around the issue.
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    For one I wouldn't pigeonhole television shows into overly broad categories like that, then arbitrarily tweak the rules to fit the style of shows that happen to currently be on TV. Saying an hour long show can't be qualified a comedy because they don't think OitNB is a comedy is like if you didn't want a red car to win the award for best bicycle, so you said that nothing red can qualify as a bicycle.

    If anything should disqualify OitNB from an Emmy category it's that it isn't really a television show, and we're just calling it one because it's cut up into hour long segments.

    Orange Is The New Black has more than just a few funny scenes. Breaking Bad is a drama that has a few funny scenes. Orange Is The New Black stages its conflicts to resolve in a humorous way. The show is a satire, and satire is a form of comedy.

    If we can accept the Daily and Nighty Shows as comedy when mostly they just go on editorials about how dumb something someone said on the news is, we can accept OitNB as comedy.

    If they don't want satire to run against sitcoms, don't call the category 'Best comedy', call it 'Best sitcom'.
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    Anyone going to MTSU?


    Laura dresses up for her Oscar weekend.


    Uzo's "Essence luncheon" dress.


    Uzo is nearing her fundraising goal for her Boston run.


    Four of our ladies got 1 word in this PSA :cardie: ...


    but its one more than what Patrick Stewart got. :eek:


    Danielle being happy. :)


    Danielle on the red carpet.


    All the ladies hanging with Oprah. :bolian:


    An article on their experience at the Essence Awards.


    Samira Wiley, you've just won the Vanguard Award from The Essence Magazine, what will you do next?


    "I'm going to Disneyland!" :techman:

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    "Say goodnight, Gracie." :bolian:


    They complain when no one films in their town, then complain when someone gives a tax break to draw them to the area. :rolleyes:


    Is Flaca trying to make Maritza jealous? ;)


    HEY! ^ Is that article right? :confused:

    Have they really decided on a release date? And if so, WHY are they making us wait an extra 6 days this year??? :eek:

    I guess this confirms the 6/12/15 release date.




    How's your Spanish? Check this out on 3/7/15


    Uzo stepping out and speaking out.


    Taylor's unemployed once again. ;)


    Kate is doing a play reading this month. :mallory:


    And she is fundraising for a new Hartford community theater group. :mallory:


    In May she hits Toronto. :mallory:


    Selenis in Miami. :techman:


    Lea singing at Lincoln.


    And being trapped by fans at brunch.


    And hanging with an Oscar winner. :bolian:


    Lea, Laverne and... Rosie??? :)




    A fun little bit of fluff.

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    my imagination
    In case you haven't heard, season 3 is being released on June. 12th!
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    I figured. that has been the pattern. I hate this. then again stretching 13 Eps. over a year means lots of re runs and off air time anyway :-)

    I don't have netflix so I have to wait until 2016. I'm waiting for season 2 DVD.
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    I don't have it either but it will be readily available anyway. You don't have to wait until 2016.
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    Yeah... they are making us wait 6 more days this year vs. last year. :scream:

    Dascha has a new gig. :)


    Given the two shows he's on and the women who helm them... Matt better be one. ;)


    Does he really? :vulcan:


    When it said Taryn was partying with seniors, I thought highschool... maybe college. " :mallory: "


    I was wrong. :)


    11 minutes with NPR talking about OitNB's music.


    Mulgrew's play reading subject sounds fascinating. :mallory:


    Ferrerra and Mulgrew will be featured in The Comparables, by Laura Schellhardt, March 9; deBessonet will direct. Here's how the play is billed: "Three women vie for power in the cut-throat world of high-end realty. Bette runs her own female-dominated agency. Monica is her loyal second-in-command. Iris is the savvy new hire. When Bette's reputation falls under attack, the future of the agency is at stake. Who, if anyone, will survive the ordeal, and to what lengths will they go to ensure success? A dark comedy that begs the question: for women in the competitive world, is there more than one way to do business?"

    Too bad I won't be in town. :brickwall:

    Speaking of being in town, if you are going to be near Caldwell University next Wednesday, treat yourself to an evening with Beth Fowler, AKA Sister Ingalls (Among many other roles). :bolian:


    Lupita is a fangirl. :techman:


    More motivational posters.


    Gotta love that hair! :mallory:


    Miss Rosa doesn't subscribe to that "you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar" school of thought. ;)


    Don't know this show, but Natasha definitely looks creepy in it. :eek:


    Ah we missed Yael's birthday.


    And looks like we nearly missed Laura's too. Happy Days, Ladies. :beer:

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    Netflix has released a music video and it shows 2 of the new season 3 characters.


    AND most importantly it includes a former starship captain of our acquaintance. :mallory:

    Uzo talks "marathoning".


    And takes a selfie with Taylor.


    Dascha talks about many things.


    The above article includes a cute video of the stars imitating other characters from the show. (Lorraine :evil: does a good "Red" :mallory: )

    Connie Shulman has done a documentary on a young friend's descent into dementia. :(


    An audio interview with Lea. :alienblush:


    How Uzo & Taylor prefer to binge watch.



    Nice pic of Laura, great caption. :cool:


    Uzo has a new gig... as OTHELLO! :techman:


    And as a telemarketer???? ;)


    Danielle's new movie, "I Dream Too Much" is being show at sxsw this year.


    Kate is doing something new. :mallory:


    and it sounds kewl, even if the writer hasn't a clue about Star Trek. :rolleyes:

    More Kate and a very NOT ugly Betty. :mallory:

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    :guffaw: My thoughts exactly.. I havent watched the series OITNB but i have seen a clip and publicity photographs - Mulgrew and Blondes is definitelly a theme throughout films etc after Voyager..<sings something tells me something> ;)
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    Selenius on Latinas.



    Uzo and Taylor tease a little about season 3.



    Danielle talks different paths to one's goals on the Black Girls Rock red carpet.



    Vickie in the same red carpet.



    Samira on the GLAAD red carpet.



    Lots of people are parodying this next clip, but none are good enough to post, so I'm going back to the "original" version.


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    I must say im a reallllllllllly surprised that Mulgrew would take on this role . Given her viewpoint on the subject and everything else. I guess something is better than nothing right:techman:

    I have only seen a clip - I havent watched the series as a whole but it is apparantly a buzz everywhere.
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    ^I was unaware Kate had a negative viewpoint of Federal Prisons.

    Who is your perfect cellmate / soul mate? :vulcan:


    Lea has news.


    Danielle in orange, among other colors.


    Dascha talks about her role in the new Adam Sandler movie.


    Jason on OitNB


    Selenis gets a new job... as Governor on Veep!


    And Dascha will be working with Jen Lawrence next!


    It's Catherine's turn (CO Wanda Bell) to tease season 3.


    Yael & Uzo talk about their new season 3 costar.


    Taryn's new gig debut's this month.


    Kate in black. :mallory:


    Darn! The auction ends in 6 minutes and I haven't received my tax refund yet.:brickwall:

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    Federal Prisons wasnt what i was referring to when i made that comment..

    Anyways out of share boredom , i decided to take it upon myself to watch OITNB and my goodness , Mulgrew is Fabbbbbbulous in that role. Initially , when i saw the clippings and witnessed the tremedous change in Mulgrew, i was like " Really"?..

    later i succombed to my curiousity and check out what the fuss was all about and now i know. Brilliant Job Mulgrew. :techman:. How she didnt win the Emmy's i dont bloody know what the hell they was thinking.
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    She WANTED to play red. She read the line, felt the character's soul and "Begged" her agent to get her in for a reading. So in case you didn't find out yourself, she wasn't settling for less.
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    Oh no Oh No Catarina , i didnt mean that either. I have seen Mercy, NTSF and i thought those was examples where she had settled for less. I think Red is a brilliant character it brings Mulgrew back into the race of one of her finest roles. I love it. She picked a winner there..

    I was surprised because Mulgrew is very conservative and well.. although the theme of the series is diverse and deals with complex issues ie; lesbianism . I was like "Ohhh kkk...how did that happen?". I believe Jodie Foster is an out lesbian(bisexual) and i was like what made her decide ( if indeed it was her decision) to give Mulgrew the part? . By the way Im not suggesting that because Mulgrew is straight...she is not worthy of the part . I was just curious :)

    Mulgrew thrashed it big time and definitely deserves a ^5 for it I would like to see more of it ...
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    ^^Jodie Foster is a merely a director who directed one episode in season 1 and another in season 2. Foster has no "say" in who is hired/fired among the main cast.

    Kate Mulgrew is from a long line of liberal democrats and her family used to hang with the Kennedys years past. I think Kate would roll her eyes at your suggestion that she's "very conservative" just because she can't see herself or her Star Trek character in a lesbian relationship. In fact Mulgrew has spoken out in the past that one of Trek's shortcomings is they haven't included someone from the Gay community as a main character on the show.

    As for playing a lesbian, her role in OitNB does not require her to do so since Red is not a lesbian, nor have I ever read any interview where she would decline such a role if offered.

    Uzo has hit her fund raising goal. http://www.womenshealthmag.com/fitness/uzo-aduba


    Taylor is pretty in pink. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/taylor-schilling-attends-gerry-webers-025600262.html

    Laura having fun with her other personas. https://instagram.com/p/1Pah-KG6_u/

    Hey, they like OitNB across the pond! BAFTA Nomination in the international category!



    Looks like we missed Natasha's birthday. Only Lea and Yael can make Natasha look tall. :) https://instagram.com/p/1ERuqRxyZe/

    Kate talks of shoes and ships and sealing wax... :mallory:

    Don't read these if you want to be memoir spoiler free.


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    Mar 30, 2015
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    The season 3 trailer has arrived!!!! :beer:


    The world is better in black and white... and red!:mallory:


    Thank-you Suzanne for the scifi reference!

    Its about love! Its about 2 people connecting.... with 4 other people... and an alien. :bolian: