"Is Battlestar Galactica in Suspended Animation?"

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    Pretty much. The only spinoff idea worth anything was Caprica (in part because it originated as an idea for an original series), and we saw how that turned out.

    Ron Moore's Battlestar Galactica, like Babylon 5, Firefly and Farscape before it, is not well suited to franchising in the way Star Trek is - that it closed its big conceptual loop and answered the probing questions of its universe could leave any prequel series - and it'd almost certainly have to be prequel - feeling a bit redundant.

    It's best to just wait for the next thing. Maybe Defiance (which has a fair number of ex-BSG writers and Bear McCreary) could become that. Or some other show.
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    Or a prequel, depending on what part of the cycle you're looking at.
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    ^ Perhaps it can be both!

    It could in fact be an endless loop. Meaning: Some time in the future of Blade Runner, Earth sends out colony ships. They are swept back in time and found a new world...naming it Kobol. Thus, a closed time loop.

    "All of this has happened before, all of this will happen again..." taken literally.
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    I think you are largely right when it comes to the re-imagined BSG and Farscape (thanks the Peacekeeper Wars mini), but I think Babylon 5 and Firefly have a lot of franchise potential.

    With Babylon 5, even though the Babylon stations are finite, JMS created an interesting universe around the Babylon stations to play with. Granted Crusade, Legend of the Rangers and his untold tales series didn't take off but I chalk up Crusade's failure at least to network interference. I think there's a rich past, present (running alongside the Babylon 5 series), and future that could be mined in that universe.

    As for Firefly since the Alliance's ultimate fate is still unknown, I think there's still life left in Firefly. Plus we never saw much from the Alliance perspective. And there's also the war they could always go back to and dramatize.
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    Sure. Throw in the terminators too:rommie:

    Really anything can with robots/androids can fit in if you want
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    Who is John Galt?
    IIRC, "I, Robot" was one of the first.
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    I'd love to see something more done with the Cylon God aspect. They portray it as some sort of being with a will of its own and that it arranged it so humans and cylons finally ended the cycle and found peace on Earth. But to do it, it arranged that Cylons were made on Caprica, they rebel and eventually kill billions of people. Something that had been repeated several times before.
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    ^ I'm firmly of the conviction that the 'Cylon God' in nuBSG is their version of Count Iblis. That is EXACTLY the thing he would do (and, in the original series, actually did).
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    I think this BSG project is not so much in suspended animation as buried in a shallow grave in a forest somewhere, despite some of the hardcore TOS "purists" claiming that now NuBSG is over they'll get a "proper" continuation/remake - to the old hands amongst us, the phrase languatron brings a feeling of foreboding and dread! For the unenlightened, be prepared for dedication and hatred of a show unmatched on any Trek BBS post you are ever likely to see if you ever encounter him!

    Back to the subject, Count Iblis could have been something interesting to explore in the show, but I think they wanted the gods to be an unseen mysterious aspect rather than actually seen as in Iblis/Ship of Lights.
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    Mentally? . . . that's debatable.
    While BSG explored many themes from current events, to call it a 9/11 series is not entirely accurate. Had this show been shown closer to 9/11 it would probably have adversely affected its popularity (too close to a tragic event).

    I disagree since themes of terrorists, torture, suicide attacks, war, etc are long term themes in human culture. They didn't begin this century and they won't end this century.

    I strongly dissagree. I feel that BSG was one of the strongest and best acted science fiction series outside SGU.

    We lost the war in Iraq? Or is this from the Iraqi separatist point of view. I don't think BSG was a major show in the middle east though.

    For many of the reason's stated above, I strongly dissagree.
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    NuBSG didn't rely on 9/11, in fact the Singer 2001 remake died a death because of 9/11. It was just easier for them to be able to use allegories.

    A Battlestar Galactica remake is off the table for the moment as it's felt to be too soon after NuBSg, not because producers are twiddling their thumbs, just waiting for the next major disaster to come along.

    And the war in Iraq was an all-out victory.

    The RUNNING OF THE SITUATION AFTERWARDS however was a complete and total screw-up, but a discussion best left out of the normal forums as it can lead to heated debates that can derail threads and make tempers flare very easily!
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    Well yes, since supposedly the movie was fast tracked.
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    Who is John Galt?
    The problem with Singer is that he always seemed to get way to easily sidetracked by other more "important" projects - always getting distracted by the next new shiny bauble. I can understand putting BSG on the back-burner for something like X-Men, but then came "The Munsters" reboot of all bloody things, for which BSG was shelved once again, and was subsequently axed. And based on his recent "treatment" of the Superman franchise, I'm not entirely sure that I trust his judgment any more to do a good BSG project if those are his priorities.

    I actually wouldn't mind if BSG continued for another 20+ year hiatus if it meant keeping him away from the project in favor of someone else who would treat it with greater respect. My only exception to that is if they could also get DeSanto to come back as well, as he seemed to be a good balancing factor to Singer's flakiness. Things actually seemed to get done when he was there too, back in 2000.
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    I think it could have gone ahead, but 911 was bad timing for Singer's original project. Spider-Man cut its twin towers scene after the attack and a lot of studios projects were put on hold back then. If the new age of apocalypse style X-Men: which Singer is shooting this year, proves to be a hit, then Fox is likely to push for a more installments and maybe Singer returns to direct that Battlestar Galactica he always wanted, it might be more mystic like the dark Warlock movies or have the 80s V feel to it. 911 was a big thing for Singer's tv career. Big studios couldn't afford to wait when they were competing with others, time is money, so they pulled the plug on stuff that wasn't immediately going to fly

    here's that old post
    Contrasting the DeSanto and Moore pilots
    Created by Mark Fornale on February 20, 2004
    Last revised: January 25, 2005

    This document is ©2005, Mark Fornale. All rights reserved.

    A lot of people criticized the original BSG for being too clichéd or too G rated but ignored the fact that BSG was a dark premise that could have been far better than it was. It was produced in the 1970s where censorship rules were stricter than they are today.

    Bryan Singer and Tom DeSanto set out to revive BSG and return it to its dark roots. Unfortunately it was cancelled when it was so close to being filmed. David Eick with Ron Moore took control of the project and went for the re-imagining course instead.

    Let us compare and contrast and look at the similarities between Singer/DeSanto and Moore. Note -- The Adama/Orin references meant that Singer and DeSanto kept re-tweaking the character back and forth from Adama to Orin.

    Singer & DeSanto -- Darker, grittier than the original series and not family friendly nor a kiddie flick.
    Moore -- Darker, grittier than the original series and not family friendly nor a kiddie flick.

    Singer & DeSanto -- Human Cylons infiltrating the Colonials. Anyone could be a Cylon.
    Moore -- Human Cylons infiltrating the Colonials. Anyone could be a Cylon.

    Singer & DeSanto -- Newly advanced CGI Cylon Centurions that would have been featured in action sequences.
    Moore -- Newly advanced CGI Cylon Centurions that were only featured in two scenes and basically stood in the background and did nothing. (Damn you Sci-Fi. I wanted to see them in action.)

    Singer & DeSanto -- Kept the origins of the Cylons intact but gave them a new semi Borg-like / X-Files black oil motive due to a Cylon Civil War. However, that story arc would have most likely ended by the finale of the first season, so the Cylons could have reverted back to their old ways.
    Moore -- Didn't bother to watch the entire TOS, therefore couldn't understand the Cylon's origins nor motives (by just watching the short version of the pilot) so he re-imagined them to be machines turning on their makers.

    Singer & DeSanto -- Female President Mara, and always at odds with Commander Adama/Orin.
    Moore -- Female President Roslin, and always at odds with Commander Adama.

    Singer & DeSanto -- Galactica to be decommissioned because the Cylons had not been heard from in over 20 years.
    Moore -- Galactica to be decommissioned because the Cylons had not been heard from in over 40 years.

    Singer & DeSanto -- (Dr Wilker ?) unintentionally betrayed the colonies.
    Moore -- Dr Baltar unintentionally betrayed the colonies.

    Singer & DeSanto -- Starbuck, a manic depressive drunk, breaks free from his slump and becomes a hero upon the Cylon attack.
    Moore -- Tigh, a manic depressive drunk, breaks free from his slump and becomes a hero upon the Cylon attack.

    Singer & DeSanto -- The Cylons return and ambush New Kobol with the new advanced Cylon Raiders and Missiles from the Basestar in a scene that could have been compared to such films as Armageddon or Deep Impact. Also newly enhanced Centurions would later launch a ground assault.
    Moore -- The Cylons return and ambush Kobol except no Cylons are seen (Damn that Sci-Fi's tight budget) so instead the viewers are treated to mushroom clouds in the background and a semi-spectacular scene at Baltar's apartment. Also the Holocaust and destruction of the fleet was dialogue driven.

    Singer & DeSanto -- Space battle Scenes -- Traditional Science Fiction with fast moving ships and sounds that would make your surround sound speakers roar.
    Moore -- Realistic Science Fiction Experiment with semi/slow moving ships and no sound surround is necessary because there are little to no sounds (for realism purposes.)

    Singer & DeSanto -- After the Cylon ambush, Commander Adama/Orin and President Mara decides to begin the quest to Earth based on faith.
    Moore -- After the Cylon ambush. Commander Adama and President Roslin decides to begin the quest to Earth based on a lie.

    Singer & DeSanto -- A surprise ending with a twist. Apollo, Adama's Son/Orin's Father is a Cylon.
    Moore -- A surprise ending with a twist. Sharon Boomer is a Cylon.

    Singer & DeSanto -- TOS original cast members were practically knocking down his door for a role (including Jane Seymour.) However, only Dirk Benedict and Herb Jefferson would have been featured and the surprise cameo of Richard Hatch at the end.
    Moore -- Every TOS cast member declined any roles that were offered to them.

    Singer & DeSanto -- Pilot that was intended to be an updated semi-continuation, fix the flaws and extend the original series.
    Moore -- Pilot that was intended to update the story, fix the flaws and bury the original series.

    Singer & DeSanto -- was going for a darker traditional Science Fiction Epic feel.
    Moore -- was going for a darker docudrama and reality TV feel.

    Singer & DeSanto -- Targeted Audience -- 18 to 40.
    Moore --Targeted Audiance -- 18 to 40.

    In my opinion it does appear that a lot of miniseries groundwork was laid out by Singer/DeSanto until the production was derailed by Sci-Fi and David Eick.

    Producer Tom DeSanto (X-Men 1 & 2 Transformers) talks about the aborted version

    and the canceled Hatch project
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    As to KGator's first point, rewatch the "second pilot," aka the first regular series episode. Being wrong about that, it follows the rest is wrong.

    The original series was Lorne Greene as Space Brigham Young leading the faithful to their new homeland. This is not a notably dark premise. They immediately land on a casino planet to face the temptation of the fleshpots they left behind. Etc. This was a bunch of hooey on a par with the von Daeniken premises of Stargate, except that the Stargate producers were too smart to take their premises too seriously, and ended up with action-comedy. What the original series did do well was the Starbuck/Apollo/Athena relationships. Personally I'd still rate Dr. Smith/the Robot/Will relationships from Lost in Space higher.
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    There was never any "twin towers scene" in the movie. You are thinking of the teaser trailer, which Sony did indeed pull from theaters following 9/11.

    Men in Black 2, though, did cut (and completely re-shoot) the end of the movie due to the WTC towers being a major focus of the big scene.
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    stj! Marx, now Spinoza! We have to chat at some point. Judging by your avatars, you are a deep thinker.
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    Actually, the TOS Cylons also did that.
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    Yep - Apollo discussed with Boxy in the Landram on Carrilon that the Cylons were originally lizards, and the robot Cylons overthrew them and killed them all, just keeping the Cylon name.

    As to humanoid CYlons, Galactica 80 had also introduced them before either new series pitch.
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    :vulcan: Athena practically dropped off the face of the show after a few episodes....