Finally watched Caprica...let me get this straight *SPOILER*

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    The origin of the Cylon race is the brain pattern of an emo girl who was part of some weird Manson-ish cult?

    Pass. I watched the pilot becuase the library had it. Won't watch any more. I skipped through half of it because I got sick and tired of all the stupid whinging and angsting.
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    Maybe. The mid-season finale casts quite a bit of doubt on that. To say more would be a massive spoiler, but:

    In "End of Line" the Cylon prototype containing the Zoe-A avatar is destroyed in an accident. Meanwhile, the Tamera avatar created in the pilot is coming into her own in V-World as a cold-hearted sociopath.

    How this will play out remains to be seen.
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    Then how did you make it through New Galactica? That's all that show was. Particularly from season three on.

    And yeah. I'm confused about the premise of Caprica. Dan Graystone is credited as the creator of the Cylons, but from what I can see, it's actually Zoe.
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    being somebody who actually liked BSG and likes caprica, i guess i'm inclined to defend it a lil.

    zoe isn't the creator of the cylons, she's living in the body of a cylon. it's arguable whether or not we could simply say she is a cylon - i suspect (if she did in fact survive 'end of line') we'll see her grow to accept the fact that she is a robot, but for now she seems to think she's a real girl trapped in a mechanical body. daniel graystone is the creator of the cylon prototype we see in the series and the assembly line of robot warriors we have yet to see (and let's not forget that there is some evidence that tauron has its own line of robot soldiers). still, we don't know enough about the future of the series to draw a clear connection between either zoe or her father (or the taurons) and the cylons who rose up against humanity.

    i have hopes that the writers aren't so lazy as to simply make zoe digress into hate and angst causing her to lead the cylon uprising. i'd rather her get caught up in it, or be opposed to it, but i think it would be a little cheesy if she becomes some kind of cylon figurehead leading the rebellion. either way, it would have been pretty lazy and (in my opinion) boring if they had simply chosen to tell the story of the cylons as straightforward as we all kind of imagined the story to be. you know, daniel creates a bunch of robots, they toil for a few years doing menial labor and then get tired of it and rebel... that's a story that's been told before. if you're going to create a series about the rise of the cylons, you better do it in a surprising, unconventional way. and what better way to dramatize that than to have one of your characters actually be a cylon?

    anyway, this is all speculation. clearly the show isn't for everyone and it has its ups and downs just as its predecessor did, but i feel like you gotta give them credit for trying to be original with a fairly common sci-fi story. and if you actually liked moore's galactica, you might give ca couple more episodes a try or wait a little while for the series to find its way.
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    You know, I kind of wonder now if the point of all this is.... is the Cylon the robot? Or the consciousness inside the robot?

    Did Daniel create the Cylon? Or did Zoe create the Cylon?
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    I have to admit... I was absolutely blown away by the first two episodes of Caprica, but it quickly started to lose me. The show has been jumping around too much, and certain characters are not getting as fleshed-out as I'd like. I think they're overdoing the whole Tauron mob aspect of the Adama family WAY too much, and the whole STO thing is getting really convoluted. And I still can't get a feel for just WHO Sister Clarice is. I really hope they straighten their act up next season.
  7. vampgrrl

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    ^Really? I am enjoying the Tauron mob aspect of the show...Taurons seem infinitely more interesting than Capricans actually.
  8. BolianAuthor

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    I didn't say I'm not enjoying it. But I think they are overdoing it. I don't want Caprica to become the Sopranos. If I wanted to watch a mob show, I'd watch a real mob show.
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    :lol: This is what I keep asking myself. Then my husband keeps watching, and I think maybe it won't be.
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    It's a much better twist than having the cylon race hit the ground running as a bunch of menacing super soldiers. That would have been too expected. Besides, a lot of big things in life have less than grandiose beginnings.
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    Ditto. What clicks for me is Greystone desperately trying to resurrect his daughter; Joe Adama doing the same; and Zoe trying to figure out who the frak she is. The other elements aren't connected to those core stories strongly enough (maybe the religious stuff will be?)

    Greystone and Adama's quests need to synch up better, too. I figure that Tamara isn't a well-crafted enough VR creature to ever have independent life like Zoe. Maybe the two programs will be merged, so that it's a matter of opinion whether the result is truly Zoe or truly Tamara, or a wholly new being (which is far more likely to be the truth).

    As an alien society, Caprica simply isn't alien enough for its criminality and religion to be interesting in themselves. It's just a variation on modern-day America, which is an aesthetic choice and shouldn't be a problem as long as they keep in mind that the things that are different and new are what keeps us interested. The possibility of VR and robotic "people" is the most alien aspect of this society, so to a sci fi fan, it's bound to be the most interesting.
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    The show does get slow at some points, but I'd hold the mid-season finale up with the better BSG episodes.

    I think one of the problems is that at times, it is trying to focus on too many characters. I feel that most of it is leading somewhere and we just haven't seen it yet, so I'm taking a wait and see approach. Hell even the Amanda and Clarice storyline got interesting by the finale, thanks to how it ended.