EPISODE PREMIERE - 09 June 2013 - Henglaar, M.D. 2.01, "Graduation..."

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    Join us on Sunday, June 9, 2013, for the premiere of the second season premiere (and eighth episode) of Henglaar, M.D., "Graduation, Part One". The episode is available for download via the Hidden Frontier website and via iTunes podcast and RSS download.

    Without backup, Captain Karsten and the crew of the Cole must devise a strategy to rescue Henglaar and his team before they all run out of time. (Running Time - 37:51)*

    The story was developed by Mark Painter and David W. Hill, who also wrote the audioplay for this episode.


    A Hidden Frontier Production

    Main Cast

    Commander Henglaar, M.D., played by John Whiting
    Cadet Recruit Silan, played by Evin Wald (substituting for Heather Ashleigh)
    Lt. Vonus, M.D., played by Jeannie Lin
    Lt. Lucas Noah, M.D., played by Timothy Fritts
    Lt. Profto, M.D., played by Mark Samarias

    Recurring Cast

    Commander Stu Karsten, played by Rick Pike
    Lt. Ken Kato, played by Scott Fack
    CPO Paul Lindquist, played by Michael Harding
    Lt. Commander Andrus Mio, played by Casey Jones
    Centurion Rulok, played by Will Dees
    Subcommander Nonia, played by Tammy Klein
    Fleet Captain David MacKay, played by Scott Butler
    Lt. (J.G.) Greylan Viix, played by Alex Matthews

    Guest Cast

    Lt. (J.G.) Shelev, played by Brettney Perr
    Lt. (J.G.) Isabel Miranda, played by Elise Jackson
    Sublieutenant Quintius, played by Jeremy Lynn
    Cole Computer Voice, played by Andrew Foster
    Centurion Tilaran, played by Casey Jones
    Ensign Davies, played by Chris Ryan
    Cole Operations Officer, played by Elisa Eliot
    Lt. Commander Seletek, played by Bodo Hartwig
    Admiral Kelkene, played by David W. Hill


    Director: David W. Hill

    Theme: Mary Kouyoumdjian
    Additional Music: Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner and David Newman

    Editor and Audio Engineer: David W. Hill

    Casting Director and Associate Producer: Kestra Oliver

    Medical Advisors: Ferrell Pierson, M.D., Seán Paul Teeling and Ariel Vitali, M.D.

    Technical Consultant: Jonathan Connor

    Producers: Alex Matthews and Mark Painter
    Executive Producers: Rob Caves and David W. Hill

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    Re: EPISODE PREMIERE - 09 June 2013 - Henglaar, M.D. 2.01, "Graduation

    As a follow-up, the second part of this episode (and the third part of the "Graduation Trilogy) will be premiering July 28! More details as we get closer to the date.

    We will also be releasing 201', "Graduation" Director's Cut, the combined episode (as it was originally intended and written), somewhat after 202's release, late Summer.

    Stay tuned!

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