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    I immediately thought of Terra. Randolph Mantooth did tell TOS Apollo that that world was sometimes called Earth. TOS Galactica stopped their world war by blowing the Eastern Alliance missiles out of the sky. But suppose they werent there to stop it this time, and the two sides annilated each other?

    Could still be our Earth of course. Nevertheless, there are possibilities.

    And Starbucks disappearence is still unexplained. Her ship apparently destroyed, a brand new one apparently constructed to duplicate it. It and only it can pick up this "colonial signal" (signals which our Earth does not, and would not use). Certainly a nuked civilization didnt save Starbuck, build a new viper or send signals that only one ship could pick up.
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    I WAS SPOILT - after ages of doing it to other, karma finally did me in (I thought the title meant "up until but not including revelations"). Damn! Oh well... up until reading this, I thought the "final four" were the titular revalation, I still rate this an excellent (oops not the poll thread)
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    I did too, because that's what the wording does mean.

    Up to Revelations does not mean including Revelations.

    Well I suppose it could, it could have meant up to the conclusion of revelations which is just insane. If it becomes a treatise on the entire season why even bring up a single episode as a marked threshold?
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    That still of the destroyed bridge makes me think of the Golden Gate Bridge, rather than the Brooklyn Bridge.
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    Actually Spocksbrain is referring to a colony of Terra's called Perradeen which featured in the feature-length 'Greetings from Earth' episode. Starbuck went exploring in the ruins of a city there that had been decimated by the Eastern Alliance in a WMD attack. Apollo speculated that it involved either neutron or bacterialogical warfare. In reality Dirk Benedict and a portion of the crew traveleld to Canada (prophetic eh?) to the site of Expo '67 and filmed in and around the remains of the British and French exhibits. Some of that footage was later recycled as New Chicago in Buck Rogers.
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    As someone else suggested, maybe it IS Mars. Maybe this is 20K years ago and humans evolved on Mars (which they called Earth) and went off into space. The humans that remained killed each other off or had a similar cylon war and destroyed the entire planet. Adama and company standing on the destroyed earth, rename it Mars (the god of war) as a reminder of humanity's folly and the price and war.

    They go and settle on the 3rd Planet, which is just having the first stirrings of human civilization. Humans and Cylons settle on this planet, interact and intermingle with the locals and with their unique technology and existing mythos their decendents help create the pyramids and the Greek mythology we know today. Oh, that would also make all of us human\cylon hybrids.

    All speculationi and nonsense of course, but you gotta hand it to RM for leaving so many possibilities and generating so much buzz.
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    There are several problems with this... for example, Mars has a significantly lower gravity than Earth. As far as I understand it, human beings couldn't evolve the way they did in that kind of gravity. The human bone and muscle structure is made for 1.0 g and not 0.38 g. We would look different if we had evolved on Mars... if we had come into existence at all.

    Of course, this "tiny fact" wouldn't hinder most sci-fi shows... but the new BSG seemed to get the science right most of the time.
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    I really, really hope that not only should it NOT be NYC, but that it NOT even be in North America.

    If there'd been a headless Statue off Liberty in that final shot, I would have thrown a brick at my TV.
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    Of course, Obama's followers, Republicans, and media pundits are universal in blaming Hillary for this....

    Three-eyed fish, anyone...?
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    If this is Earth then surely the planet would be habitable by now, radiation disapates after about 15 years doesnt it? Maybe they could stay on Earth for about another 10 years then head back to the colonies which are in alot better shape than Earth is.
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    Heck, Anders and his team survived for months on Carpica immediately following the war, and Caprica was probably the hardest hit. There would be more than rnough living space for 39,000 people on the colonies if they could find them again.
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    Hey maybe the other faction of cylons were not completely destroyed and beat the colonial fleet to "earth" and destroyed it.

    If it is earth I think that it is the Alex Fraser Bridge and that they have landed in Vancouver where the show is filmed (ha! ha!). If it is earth I hope that they pick a spot other than the US to land. That is a cliche that is so overused.

    I really don't think that this is earth and that the Cavil's and their ilk will return.
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    ^ The problem with that theory is that the planet looks healthy from orbit and the ruins appear to be decades, if not centuries old.
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    So many things could've happened

    -There's one nuke left on Earth, the Alpha Omega, and it's worshipped by fleshly headed mutants.

    -Dragons burned everything and feed on ash.



    -The Happening

    -Red Dawn

    -The Postman

    All of the above.

    Imagine a fire breathing dragon appearing and Kevin Costner showing up and slaying the dragon and delivering a letter addressed to Bill Adama.

    The letter would say "There were really only 11 models of human cylons"
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    I think they expected to find people on Earth, and seeing these ruined cities...

    I'm sure there could be a habitable spot on the Earth somewhere though?
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    Wonder if they'll find any Zefram Cochranes building warp drives in Missiles silos or Zefram Cochranes toiling in fields to make stuff grow.
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    Yeah, because Iran is the ONLY country that has nukes...:rolleyes:

    And they don't even have them in the REAL WORLD.
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    I think something to ask is are there survivors on Earth? Did some people escape the war and colonize another world?

    The fact that they had a geiger counter and coats would seem to indicate that they knew what it was before they got there.

    Jumping the whole fleet to Earth without some kind of recon could have been a dangerous thing to do if there was someone there. It would have provoked some kind of response, possibly hostile.
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    I've got a feeling their arrival has been "orchestrated" to occur at a time when the planet is ready to be reclaimed. Nuclear winter has ended, the land is contaminated but not completely unusable if you dig far enough down. There are questions about how radioactive the soil and water actually are.

    However, the reason the Cylons are necessary is because they have the ability to survive what humans cannot. They were already rebuilding Caprica when they left, remember. So, it appears the Cylons actually have the technology to rebuild the planet and reclaim it. On the other hand, they can't reproduce, so only humanity can actually live there. I'd guess that there is "Final Five" technology that is even more advanced (I mean, they got Starbuck from the Maelstrom to Earth and back in a brand new Viper, you know) that they can use if they can find.

    Question is, will the Cylons, like Cavil's group, show up and tell them all to push off, while laying claim to the planet. Let's face it, all they have is a damaged baseship and one battlestar to protect them. And if a Cylon were to be murdered or accidentally die by human hands, I can't imagine D'Anna's group being amenable to living with humanity for long.
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    Are you kidding? They'd take one look at that bitchin' ringship and surrender!