Did they ever explain how Geordi...

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    Even the very best technology needs to be maintained or adapted to fit new situations, especially when you're pretty much running into new situations on a regular basis as part of your mission.

    Further, it's helpful to have engineers or experts in technology around to study alien technologies or to figure them out.
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    Out of my brain on the 5:15
    Not much drama in that.
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    ...One might actually argue that with such an automated ship, the only thing they would ever need is engineers. The automation takes care of commanding, piloting, researching, communicating and diplomacy. And the engineers take care of the automation!

    Timo Saloniemi
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    Well somebody needs to fix the warp engines, or maintain the EPS system. whilst everything is automated, there still needs to be people who can diagnose, correct and fix faults.
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    I just assumed it was Beverly
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    The real reason was of course it was silly to have a new guest engineer every week and they needed to shift one of the regulars down there. Apparently that was a big oversight when they originally cast everyone.

    For an in universe explanation Picard said he picked Geordi for his ship when he was impressed that Geordi put in some hard work fixing a shuttle when Picard mentioned it wasn't working at peak efficiency. So Picard chose him as his navigator, and had him on his radar to advance once he had served for a little while. Apparently that work ethic impressed Picard a lot. By Geordi's own admission he was an average pilot at best.
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    Piloting you don't need for sure. You can fly that ship by voice command.

    The need for a science department is pretty limited considering you could just transmit all the sensor and scan data to wherever you wanted.

    You still need Command to make decisions. I'm sure you could program some sort of "command algorythm" or such, but I doubt you would make too many crewmembers comfortable with that.

    Tactical again can, and probably should, be handled by the computer.

    So Command personnel, Engineers, and Medical staff. Oh, and security staff to do... whatever it is they do.
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    Then again, since you wouldn't need much crew, this wouldn't be a big problem. And if the crew is uncomfortable, you fire them, and hire new ones. Or execute them and order in a new lot, as we'd do in times of war. :devil:

    Timo Saloniemi

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