Caprica Screened at the Austin Film Festival

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    So, yeah, the Austin Film Festival showed the pilot for Caprica on the big screen at the Alamo Drafthouse - Ritz earlier tonight.

    Not only was it the pilot episode, but star Esai Morales and pilot director Jeffrey Reiner were in attendance durin' the presentation, and there was a post-screenin' Q & A.

    Now, with the AFF, there were three ways to get into a screenin'. Pay almost a hundred bucks, get a VIP. Pay over forty bucks, get a screener pass. Show up, wait in line, and hope for the best, pay nine bucks.

    I went to the Ritz, formed a one-man line outside, and hoped for the best. The lobby was full of folks with lanyards 'round their necks, so I was a little worried.

    A head count was done as folks went in, and after the lobby was clear, I went up to the AFF table. They checked the numbers for me, and some woman standin' there. We were both able to get in.

    I got up to the theater, and saw only four empty seats, way the hell on the opposite side from the entrance. The place was packed, and two more folks wound up followin' me in, with lanyards.

    I was so lucky to get in at all!

    Esai Morales & Jeffrey Reiner were introduced, the pilot was shown, a promo for the rest of the series was shown, and then the Q & A.

    I was on the front row, but was way too nervous for a bit to raise my hand. Of course, when I did, Tim League, owner of the Alamo Drafthouse, immediately said, "Yes, you on the front row?"

    I asked 'em each a question.

    A few more questions were answered after mine.

    And then, finally, they called it a night.

    I immediately ducked under the table, and stepped out to where the VIPs were at...and they each signed the AFF book I got a couple of weeks ago, on Page 18 (where it lists Caprica as bein' presented by SyFy).

    I got to talk with each of 'em a bit, too. Found out that Jeffrey Reiner will not be returnin' to direct more episodes of Friday Night Lights and photos were taken by the AFF photographer while I talked to Esai Morales, so hopefully I can get copies emailed to me later.

    I'll be puttin' together a full write-up for and will link for y'all when its online.
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    What questions did you ask, and what were the answers?