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    I just saw 'Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome' last night on Blu-ray and wanted to share my thoughts.

    Right from the start, I felt that the series transported me back into the familiar world of BSG. The story and characters were interesting and original, yet also true to established BSG lore.

    It was fascinating to see Adama as a pilot and soldier and the events that would shape this young man who would go on to become the guardian of humanity.

    The CGI was hit and miss. Whilst I understand the CGI needed to be employed due to the nature of the web-series, it was somewhat lacking in the scenes on Galactica itself. Many of the scenes onboard were washed out, obviously to cover for the lack of CGI detail in those scenes.

    On the other hand, many of the other CGI shots were excellent. The shots of Adama dogfighting in the wreckage of a Colonial Battlestar and then into the Battlestar's FTL drive were beautifully done, and the shots of the space and atmospheric battle at Djerba were amazing. These shots were far beyond anything seen in either the reimagined BSG or Caprica, and serve to showcase just how far CGI technology has come and what can be achieved with modern CGI.

    Yet the ending of B&C is when the show truly comes to bear. The twist at the end is breathtaking, and the final scene of the show, with Adama entering his first Viper and traversing the Galactica launch tube, was heartwarming and a welcome homage to both the reimagined series pilot and finale. It also makes the discovery of his original Viper in that pilot ever more so poignant when we realise the path that led him to that ship.

    I have always regarded the reimagined BSG pilot as some of the best three hours of television that I have ever seen. I rate 'Blood and Chrome' as equal to that pilot. It was gripping, it was intense, and it kept me spellbound right until the very end and wanting to see more.

    It was Battlestar Galactica.