Battlestar Galactica Series Finale: "Daybreak, Part II"

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  1. Ethros

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    And how many of those are the usual fuckwits who vote without having seen the episode?

    Or the sort who say "oh well I saw about 10 mins of an episode once a few years back and I didn't think much of it, so therefore I know everything about the show and can come in here shouting my mouth off about things I know nothing of and say things like "no I am right and you are wrong. Fact. End of. Period." Whilst ignoring the fact that I then look like a complete fool and a twat"
  2. DarthPipes

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    Mar 3, 2006
    I can't believe it's been a week since the finale. No more BSG. :(
  3. Swarles Barkley

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    So I just spent a good half hour composing my closing thoughts, I didn't see the finale until tonight. And the frakking BBS choked when I hit submit. I lost the whole damned thing.

    So frak it. It was Excellent. I will miss this show for the rest of my days. And I'll never forgive this godsdamned site for blowing up and losing probably the most thought out thing I ever tried to write for the BBS. Eh, fuck it, it probably wasn't nearly as profound as I thought it was. Suffice to say I laughed out loud and cried like a little kid.
  4. Aragorn

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    Dec 30, 2002
    For anyone who forgot to record tonight's episode, it took place a week after last week's episode. Helo caught some virus and Cottle used Hera's blood to save him. Tyrol was attacked by a savage and when he cut off his head, lighting struck him and someone Tyrol become "more." And Baltar had sex with a hairy cave woman.
  5. Gep Malakai

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    Oct 20, 2007
    This gives me the horrible idea of putting together faux grading and live discussion threads where we just make shit up about these character's lives on Earth. :lol:
  6. JonathonWally

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    5-01 "Slowly the Hands on a Shovel"
  7. Skywalker

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    Feb 24, 2005
    Jesus. Jump the shark much, RDM?
  8. WeAreTheBorg

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    Jul 28, 2004
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    Just more proof he is a talentless hack who was just making it up as he went along, now he's written himself into a corner trying to come up with believable and interesting plots on Earth when every major plotline has already been concluded. For shame!
  9. Gep Malakai

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    Oct 20, 2007
    :guffaw: :guffaw: I'll do it if you'll play along. :D
  10. JonathonWally

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    I'm in!
  11. arch101

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    Bear's music when Lee FINALLY got that fire started on the desolate mountaintop brought a tear to my eye. Too bad it went out right away. Where did that lighter go?
  12. Gep Malakai

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    Oct 20, 2007
    There's a grading thread up for "Slowly the Hands..." here.

    And I agree. Touching scene, and a nice nod to the 'good lighter' from season one. :techman:
  13. MyCylon

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    Nov 11, 2004
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    I finally got around to seeing Daybreak Pt. 2 on Saturday. It took me a while to digest everything I'd seen and reach an opinion (for now).

    I actually waded through almost the entire thread here (which took me a while considering it's 30+ pages). At this point, there probably isn't very much I could add that hasn't already been said before. So I'll keep this relatively short.

    When I was finished watching the episode, I didn't really know what to think. There were scenes I adored (Adama's and Roslin's final scenes, Baltar's final scenes, many of the flashback, and many other things) and scenes that left me feeling somewhat uncomfortable or unsatisfied (e.g. wanting to give Cavil resurrection technology or the scenes with the robots at the end).

    And, certainly, the finale was quite different from what I'd expected. I'd expected it not to be what I expected but in a different way, if that makes any sense. So I needed a while to wade through where I was feeling uneasy because the episode was different from what I'd expected (which isn't a bad thing) and where it was because I actually wasn't fond of what happened.

    Basically, there's really only one issue left that bothers me, and that's wanting to give Cavil resurrection technology. I don't understand why the characters would want to do that or why they think they could entrust Cavil with something that equalled a lot of power.

    But in the end, that's not enough to knock the episode over for me by any means.

    As a consequence, and after a lot of going back and forth, I decided to go with "Excellent" because I really feel the episode deserves it. It was complex, it was emotional, it was exciting, it was bold and daring, and it was IMHO a beautiful end to a beautiful story.

    Interestingly, Daybreak perfectly lines up with something I've said a few times about this show. I think it's a show that's very much about hope. And Daybreak, on many different levels, is an episode about hope.

    It's really sad to see this show go. It's sad to see the characters go. But I'm extremely grateful that I was in for the ride. This, so far, has been the most rewarding TV show I've ever seen. And my thanks go out to everyone who invested their talent, their dedication and their passion into making nuBSG - in my mind - a work of art that will be remembered for a long time in my opinion.

    I look forward to re-watching S4.5. when it comes out, and I look forward to re-watching the entire series even more so. I think it will be amazing to go back to the Mini and realize the journey all those characters were about to embark upon.

    I'll end with what is possibly my favorite quote from the episode or maybe even from the show:

    "I laid out the cabin today. It's going to have an easterly view. You should see the light that we get here when the sun comes from behind those mountains. It's almost heavenly. It reminds me of you."