Battlestar Galactica 4x19: "Daybreak, Part I"

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  1. Kelso

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    On the destruct button until the last minute!

    I'm curious as to what your definition of "goofing off" is...

    Edit: Because I apparently missed 3rd grade english class.
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  2. Yassim

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    I think it's clear the writers don't agree - I'm going to guess you were unhappy with Anders explaining about the Final Five as well.

    I don't think it's good or bad, necessarily, to set up mysteries and pay them off as big reveals, but BSG isn't doing that. How did we find out who the fifth Cylon was? We got told flat-out by a character. The nature of the Final Five? Someone virtually turned to the camera and explained it.

    I understand why it's a pisser for some, but it's not an accident - it's a choice by the writers. I fully expect, now that everyone's said it will be revealed, that someone will say "Head people? That's caused by X and Y." and maybe the characters will briefly discuss how they all came into contact with X and Y... The only reason I see these writers delving into the meaning, is if it gives the characters something interesting/complicated/painful to react to.

    As Neil Gaiman wrote " It is the mystery that lingers, and not the explanation, as I [Neil] had Cain say, quoting Sacheverell Sitwell". BSG is more interested in the mystery than the solution. So there's that.

    Plus, it's a choice I've come to appreciate. In life, sometimes stuff happens to you and you never find out why. If someone pushes you into traffic, there may be an interesting or valid reason why, but your experience of it is probably confusing, painful and hard to make sense of. Just because you don't know the reason, doesn't mean the reason isn't there. (Though I wouldn't push the writers on a lot of this.)

    Honestly, I lost my expectation to have every mystery explained a long time ago. I wasn't happy to do it at first, but I enjoy the show for the ride. I'm not suffering through it for some gift of revelation at the end.
  3. Agent Richard07

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    Jun 20, 2001
    Actually, I liked "No Exit" and gave it an 'excellent'. You can see what I said before and after the episode aired.

    I was fine with that. At least we got answers to what they set up.

    This is different though. We're watching a story unfold and they've made some of the overall mythology as much a part of that story as the characters. That's why I think that the mythology too needs to be dealt with in a satisfying manner.

    Also, don't forget that in real life, people manage to give themselves answers to things they can't explain, either through rationalization or insight that turns out to be correct. If the finale of BSG did that or something close to it, I might be alright with it.

    I certainly don't expect clear and complete answers to everything, I'm just a little surprised that some people think it's fine if we don't get anything.
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