Battlestar Galactica 4x17: "Someone to Watch Over Me"

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  1. flux_29

    flux_29 Commodore Commodore

    Mar 22, 2005
    Is there any hope of redemption for Boomer?

    In a clip of the last days of shoots, theres a shot of an eight wearing a pink top covered in blood and what look like gunshot wounds. Is this Boomer's fate?

    A good episode, dark, but good. And how will Athena deal with Helo eventhough it's not really his falt. But i think Tyrol got it worst, not only was boomer back in his life but everone around him was going to let her die, he helped her escape death, only to be manipulated into helping her carry out Hera's abduction.

    Have we ever seen cylons share projections? A dream house, married to the man she want's and a projected daughter. If she were human: Two words, "Bunny Boiller". I guess if she receeds into this 'life', she mustn't like living on a baseship a whole lot.

    I think that the bit about being truthful to him and wanting him to go with her was real, but i guess she's picked her side.
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  2. Gregsmack

    Gregsmack Captain Captain

    Mar 20, 2007
    Toronto, Ontario
    Have you considered that maybe the writing staff of BSG is not trying to get the audience to jump at carrots? And, if I am at all following your template (and I am not sure that I am), don't you think that we should wait until the series ends before criticizing its structure? The difference between the two shows that you fail to appreciate is that B5 is a fully aired series and BSG is not. One can look at and see B5's structure as a whole. But how can you judge what the BSG writers have and have not done well until you've got THEIR whole picture in front of you?

    We've still got 4 hours left. That's like 3 average-length feature films. There's plenty of time and I'm sure the show will end up being dramatically sound by the end.

    (NOTE: I could very well have those words shoved down my throat. I'm prepared for that, but I am going to remain patient and reserve final judgment until everything is presented to me.)
  3. hyzmarca

    hyzmarca Fleet Captain Fleet Captain

    Feb 9, 2009
    Given that she had no where else to go but back to Cavil's fleet, even if it wasn't a plan to kidnap Hera she didn't have any choice in the matter. She has to deliver him something of greater value than Ellen. In essence, Roslin and the Rebels chose her side for her.

    Technically, we have 172 minutes left. That's just under 3 hours.
  4. sidious618

    sidious618 Admiral Admiral

    Feb 21, 2005
    Not to mention that they have in fact already resolved a shitload of stuff starting with the episode "Revelations." While watching this episode I really felt like the end was near (sort of like watching the last four to five episodes of The Shield or The Wire or The Sopranos) and that things were aligning themselves for the last act. The structure is definately working for me.
  5. WeAreTheBorg

    WeAreTheBorg Vice Admiral Admiral

    Jul 28, 2004
    Sector 001
    Amazing episode. It's all starting to fluoresce and build into an amazing finale.
  6. Kchunda

    Kchunda Commander Red Shirt

    May 1, 2003
    I love where you are going - so I did a little googling to try and verify something I thought I remembered which was along your lines. . .

    "The Raptor carefully searches for the baseship amidst the exploding ordnance. Thrace can hear "music" (Leoben confirms this is a rare trait among some Cylons as well) and takes control to fly the Raptor towards the gas giant. She sees the comet she expected, but not in the form; Leoben's stricken baseship is flying past, trailing gas that gives it a comet-like appearance."

    "Parts of the destroyed Cylon fleet are exploding all around the Raptor. Starbuck can hear the music again. Leoben says that the unstuck music resonates in all of us, Kara is one of the few who can hear it. Anders looks beyond confused."

    "The Raptor jumps to the base ship coordinates...and it's littered with the remains of Cylon fighters and war ships. It looks like they weren't lying about a civil war, Athena says. Starbuck says she hears music, and Leoben explains that a certain harmony vibrates all around us. Few can hear it, he says, and Starbuck's one of them."

    Starbuck heard the music when she was a kid, which caused her to doodle the Eye of Jupiter and play out the music (that Anders could also hear at one point thousands of years ago) on piano. . . so what does this mean!?!?!? :scream:
  7. Jon1701

    Jon1701 Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Jun 24, 2005
    Manchester, UK
    Stunning episode.

    The TOS Cylon riff on the piano was a nice touch, the all Along the Watchtower reveal made me smile and boomers betrayal took it over the top.

    Such a fantastic mood created by the piano playing.

  8. steveman

    steveman Fleet Captain Fleet Captain

    Sep 14, 2002
    Middlesex, VA
    We've been receiving hints and clues about all those major plot threads we want resolved since the series began. Why there's suddenly a great desire to see the show just dump everything on us astounds me. Are we really that stupid? There's no need for the show to change its M.O. simply because it's coming to an end. We will get the answers we want. But we will get them in a distinctly elegant, nuanced way.

    Which is, you know, how BSG has always operated.
  9. Well it looks like they are setting up the big finale to be the Fleet vs Cavil for a mission to get back Hera! Great premise for a finale.

    It's increasingly looking like Starbuck's daddy was "Daniel" - I'm going to go with the theory that Daniel is mysterious 'cylon God', that when his model got killed, he somehow got popped up into the nether consciousness.
  10. jongredic

    jongredic Fleet Captain Fleet Captain

    Jul 10, 2008
    I haven't read all 5 pages, and I'm behind everyone else, but I wanted to give my thoughts... I've just seen the episode - I was going to vote below average, but I'm afraid considering we're only a few episodes from the finale, I've had to vote poor.

    The first 20 minutes was just hallucinations, flashbacks, pianos and montages. At this late stage in the game, I'm not all that interested in that kind of stuff, I'd much rather see a push towards the conclusion with some questions answered.

    I've never been keen on Starbuck anyway, so I wasn't that into this, and I'm also of the opinion that all the character development should've been handled by now. I was hoping to see a return to the more ensemble style, with a lot more people involved.

    I've got the feeling as well that this whole idea that Galactica is falling apart has kinda come out of leftfield, and has gone from them finding a couple of cracks to the entire ship collapsing in a surprisingly short time (it reminds me a bit of Voyager episodes where out of the blue the entire ship was just hours away from being dead in space :p). I know this episode is supposed to be a couple of weeks after last week's, but still..

    The last 5 minutes pretty much gave me what I was looking for, but for the most part this episode spent too much time treading water for me. Hopefully next week will be back to pushing the story along, tying up various loose ends and move away from this filler feeling of the last few weeks.

    Just my two pennies, judging by the poll, I don't expect many people to share my views ;)
  11. TheGodBen

    TheGodBen Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Nov 30, 2008
    I voted this episode Excellent for the exact same reason that I voted No Exit Below Average.

    I was suspicious that the guy at the piano was Starbuck's dad from their very first scene together and I was gearing up to the revelation moment that I knew was bound to come. But this episode didn't spell it all out for the audience, it allowed us to realise it on our own. Starbuck didn't have a revelation moment, she knew it was him in her own way. He'll probably end up being the Leoben she met in Maelstrom, and he might be Head Six and Head Baltar as well. And the moment she she started playing All Along the Watchtower and the guitar kicked in... kickass! :techman:

    The story between the Chief and Boomer was good too, especially when Boomer escaped and kidnapped Hera. I guess now we know where the story is heading for the finale.

    For the guy who mentioned that the picture Hera drew was a starmap, I had a similar thought when I saw it. I thought Kara would use it to find Earth 2 in this episode, but using it as the notes for the song was just as good. Hopefully it can be both.

    For those who didn't like this episode, I'm just curious as to whether you preferred No Exit. A lot of the complaints I have seen have been saying that there was no revelations and the episode was too slow, but I disliked No Exit because there was almost no story and it moved too slowly. I'm just wondering if there is an inverse correlation between the people who liked these two episodes.
  12. Ryan Thomas Riddle

    Ryan Thomas Riddle Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Dec 26, 2003
    The Bay Area
    I have and the writers have been dangling carrots since the show began -- the Cylons' plan, Starbuck's specialness, Kobal, the nature of the Cylons, the Final Five, Baltar's visions, the Opera House, Hera, and Earth.

    Moreover, the Starbuck destiny is the biggest carrot of them all, set up since season one.

    Fair enough, but I do appreciate the differences, and I'm willing to stick it through. However, a television series, Babylon 5 included when it was in first-run, is a living breathing work and as such is still open to criticism, analysis, and debate. And the same things being done here with nuBSG are the same things done while B5 was still airing. For example, the much criticized fifth season.

    Hell, I take a critical look at a novel's structure even as I'm reading it long before I get to the ending.

    I'm sure it won't disappoint; however, I fear that'll be a kitchen sink ending.

    Now that wasn't so bad, right?
  13. Dark Gilligan

    Dark Gilligan Writer Fleet Captain

    Feb 6, 2005
    an uncharted desert isle
    Exactly. This important plot-point has been hiding in plain sight all along. The song is a map. It contains the location where the story will end.

    We've been told that the Final Five held the key to all this, and at first they were the only ones who could hear the song. It was buried deep in their programming. Now we learn that Hera and Kara know the song as well, and more importantly Kara's Cylon dad wrote the frakking thing.

    The song is a map, and Daniel is calling everyone home.
  14. startrekwatcher

    startrekwatcher Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Jun 9, 2007
    Yes I thought "No Exit" was excellent and probably the best episode all season and yes it received that high praise from me because it provided such an intriguing, coherent narrative that really added to the BSG mythology tying together pieces in such an elegant way. Does that mean though that just because it was heavy on revelations that I have to have revelations to enjoy an episode? No.

    I can enjoy a variety of different types of stories ranging from the purely plot driven variety to the character drama with little to no plot whatsoever. Like I've repeatedly stated(and this is the last I have to say on it), is for me I've found the season starting all the way back to last year to be uneven, oddly paced, not very well-plotted with questionable story directions and character usage that were it not the show's final season might not be as pronounced. But for a serialized drama like BSG to feel at times aimless and lost as far as its narrative purpose in its final season is bewildering especially after Moore has repeatedly stated that he felt that four seasons was just right to tell the story he wanted without overstaying his welcome as a creative force.

    A slow burn is one thing where the writers carefully build a story over a season ramping up the tension and excitement and it is another when the writers stall and throw a bone to the viewer.
  15. WeAreTheBorg

    WeAreTheBorg Vice Admiral Admiral

    Jul 28, 2004
    Sector 001
    Note from podcast, the piano player is indeed Kara's father. I didn't find that to be made so obvious, since he was so young and Kara didn't recognize her, but RDM says the idea is that she was too young to remember clearly what he looked like, but intuitively knew if not conciously.
  16. Harvey

    Harvey Admiral Admiral

    Oct 8, 2005
    Los Angeles, California
    It might work as an analogy if you ignore "Knives," which either (a) takes the thread about the space where Babylon 4 being weird and proceeds to hit all the same notes we've heard before or (b) sets up the aliens that possessed Sheridan as being important to the future of the storyline, which doesn't come to pass.

    But, more importantly, I don't see how this episode is redundant. Starbuck playing the Watchtower theme, coming to terms with her father, and beginning to come to terms with finding her body are all important notes to the story and/or her character. It was a nice counterpoint to "Maelstrom," I thought. But I liked the episode, and YMMV. And who knows about the finale. Could be the greatest episode of television ever made, could be the worst. It probably will fall in the middle. We'll know in three weeks. :)
  17. aloha62

    aloha62 Lieutenant Red Shirt

    May 5, 2008
    Another episode that was boring as hell, the pace for the past couple has just been dire. Its sad to see what was the best tv show dying such a dull death.
  18. startrekwatcher

    startrekwatcher Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Jun 9, 2007
    A nice eerie moment for sure but it comprised a few seconds of a 40 minute episode.
    There was some closure on that front to be sure but even knowing in hindsight that she had been interacting with her father all along really wasn't that compelling. I mean as far as "daddy issues" drama this one was rather lightweight given how I didn't find it the least bit probing. It basically amounted to the fact that he left her when she was young with an abusive mother and the two trying to compose a forgotten song. How many times have we've seen that cliche. Simply placing two characters or one character and an hallucination/vision/spectre/Head!entity doesn't create effective character drama.

    Granted I haven't been compelled to pull out BSG DVDs in a while but IIRC I don't believe he was much of a focus beyond some discussion with Helo back on Caprica in season two which certainly didn't help. The one I remember being mentioned over several episodes was her mother.
    I didn't get the strong impression that she was coming to terms with finding her body. If anything it was coming to terms with her dad and to some degree her feeling adrift which I didn't find to be all that effective.
  19. Peacemaker

    Peacemaker Vice Admiral Admiral

    Oct 10, 2000
    Time Vortex
    That's really good. I'd also add that synesthesia is a physiological condition in which the listener can see notes of music they hear as specific colors. Hera was coloring the stars, and the stars were the notes Kara and the Four "heard." I wonder if we have a screenie anywhere for her picture yet? I'd be interested in knowing the colors of the notes/stars in her picture. At a guess, perhaps if Earth is the center (eg. the point of origin from which to read the map), then, using Earth as the point of origin, the picture as stars forms a map. The map is reducible to music, which is reducible to colors, which indicate the types of stars. The star the corresponds to the right shade of yellow might well be the star with the habitable world.
  20. Ryan Thomas Riddle

    Ryan Thomas Riddle Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Dec 26, 2003
    The Bay Area
    I had forgotten that episode; well, at least, that particular B-plot involving Sector 14. But I think that the episode's B-plot with the alien can be factored in as it is a self-contained story in terms of Sector 14, B4, and the spatial rift, and views as such. The alien is from Sector 14, wants to go home, and does so by the end of the episode.