Archer/T'Pol vs Trip/T'Pol

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Enterprise' started by ria 75, Oct 18, 2008.

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    Taking another hint from HopefulRomantic, I am starting this thread to debate the relative merits and causes of an Archer-T'Pol couple versus Trip-T'Pol.

    I think the next quote pretty much covers Commodore64's position.
    The stars crossing the lovers are T'Pol being Vulcan. If only in that respect, she is better suited with Archer, but I think that chemistry nonwithstanding, the relationship between Archer and T'Pol might be too professional for romance. Or it would've had to be very serious.
    What happens with Trip has nothing to do with what might have happenend with Archer. It is something she hadn't foreseen.

    T'Pol herself, at some point, confesses to Trip that the first night, she was merely experimenting. She was answering the call of the wild. And for that, she made a strategically better choice. (choice. The first initiation of intercourse looks like a heat-of-the moment thing, but if she was experimenting, she had thought about it. The moment was precipitated because a rival appeared. T'Pol wanted Trip for herself.)

    She dumped Trip in the end, after all. Archer would have been harder to drop. I do not deny that she grew attached to her lover. I didn't want her to marry Kos under his nose. All right, she did it only for her mother and she brought Trip along and designated him as her favourite. But it was still cruel and she didn't get back with Trip. She had never intended to marry him anyway, I'm sure. Even if at some level she perhaps still loved him after she was back to Vulcan normal.

    She preferred to use Trip to get her emotional jollies (and get a little hurt in the process) rather than getting in bigger trouble with Archer, I think.

    And who is to know about the future, after Trip is out of the way?? :devil:
    Archer has grown much closer to Vulcans, isn't it in season 4, after the T/T thing?
    But that's a whole different story.

    So in fact, the two couples are not mutually exclusive. A/T is just easier to resist than T/T. When we are governed by our feelings and sexual pulsions we do not make the same choices as when our reason is at the helm.
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    Uhh... we're not allowed to have these kind of discussions here. But you're new so they'll probably just close this thread.
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    ria75, I regret not making myself more clear in the pon farr thread. Relationship-comparing in the Enterprise is a topic that is too volatile here. There has been too much contentiousness in the past between different "shipper" factions--i.e., those who favor one relationship over another. In order for all sides to remain respectful, we just don't go there now.

    I know this makes certain types of discussions challenging, but there you have it. Part of the joy of this forum.

    Thread closed.
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