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Old July 15 2009, 02:48 PM   #1
Joe Washington
Fleet Captain
Location: Providence, Rhode Island, United States
The future instead of the past

I wonder how much it would have changed things if Battlestar Galactica took place in humanity's far future instead of its distant past. If it changed from being a story about how humanity's ancestors met the survivors of the Twelve Colonies and continued the human race together to a story about what could happen to humanity if it lets the cycle of violence and hatred continue which our Earth became the first victim of it before Kobol and the Twelve Colonies.

It would explain certain things like a regular dog being in the fleet after the creation of dogs on Earth and not before, the holographic map on Kobol showing the current locations of the stars in space, and the language used by the people of the Twelve Colonies being mainly English with swear words not so disimiliar from our own.

What do you think?
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Old July 15 2009, 03:27 PM   #2
David cgc
Vice Admiral
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Re: The future instead of the past

The map on Kobol was actually highly inaccurate. I haven't a clue if RDM had already decided on the two-Earths/distant past ending by that point, but it works out beautifully. Between the zodiac not match and the Lagoon Nebula being in the wrong constellation, it now neatly fits that that's how the constellations looked from the Thirteenth Colony 154,000 years ago, and that the same latent memories that caused everything else in human history to be recreated on New Earth had early astrologers recreate the zodiac to resemble the one on the original Earth as closely as they could with the stars that were available.
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Old July 15 2009, 05:05 PM   #3
The Evil Dead
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Re: The future instead of the past

I'd have enjoyed it if as Galactica passed over the moon we see the American flag planted in the soil. They land on the planet in Egypt and the Colonials discover the remain of the Pyramids, over a hundred thousand years old. We discover that mankind had left Earth for Kobol, and whatever caused man to leave Earth behind has long since gone away (radiation, fallout, whatever). It would have been interesting to discover an even further back interation of the cycle, and in the end, humanity goes back to the beginning.
"I want to see gamma rays, I want to hear X-rays, and I want to smell dark matter. I’m a machine and I could know much more."
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Old July 17 2009, 03:04 AM   #4
Rear Admiral
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Re: The future instead of the past

I wonder after 150,000 yesr I wonder if the first earth has regenerated from its nuked state. And if so if todyas humans ventured out and found it would it be like our earth when the colonials found it minus humas of course. for that matter one would think the colonies are now full healed.
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Old July 17 2009, 03:44 AM   #5
Writer, Battlestar Urantia
Location: Torrance, California
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Re: The future instead of the past

Stranger things have happened. Remember... all this has happened before... and will happen again.
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Old July 18 2009, 01:39 AM   #6
Rear Admiral
Location: Australia
Re: The future instead of the past

With regards to the map, I got the sense that they didn't know exactly what the constellations would look like. Just that whereever Earth *was*, you could look at the constellations and see something that resembled the flags.

The map only really helps because it gives the direction they headed off in.
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Old July 18 2009, 07:38 PM   #7
Re: The future instead of the past

I don't think it would have changed much except the last 40 minutes of the series. (not being snarky, just blunt).

In fact, the "future" theory was my working theory up until the very end.
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Old July 20 2009, 06:46 AM   #8
Lieutenant Commander
Frontman's Avatar
Re: The future instead of the past

I would say that constellations on Kobol are pretty close to those on our Earth, and all little differences in presenting star patterns were explained by RDM in podcast: But there was no way to really dramatically and visually present, like, the heavens as we see them on Earth, which is where there'd be s- ever- the stars in the sky on Earth all circle around the North Star, the North Pole. And the constellations dip below the horizon depending on what time of year it is, but there was no way to make that work in this sequence. ... the obelisks to help you reference what the constellations are and tie them to the symbols, because the constellations don't look a hell of a lot like the images they're supposed to be

Not just that but it was logically to conclude in first 2 seasons that Earth played much bigger role that characters anticipated and that's why it would be logicall to conclude that it was set in future and not in past.

I mean just look at this: we were told that flags of the 12 tribes were the star patterns of the 12 constellations of the sky over Earth. So wasn't the logicall conclusion that the culture of Kobol and the colonies originated not on Kobol, but under the sky of our Earth? It would be like visiting all the nations of the British commonwealth and noting the Union Jack in the corner of all their flags, and not concluding that Britain was where their culture originated. Adama even refers to a nebula as “M8,” which is not a translated name but rather an 18th century astronomical catalog number.

Maybe the biggest mistake RDM made is to turn the show to this mystical side in the last two seasons if he was not interested in (or didn't know how to) explain that mythology. The last two seasons are almost exclusively about the mystery and not about the characters.

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Old July 20 2009, 07:58 PM   #9
Harvey's Avatar
Re: The future instead of the past

"Exclusively about the mystery and not about the characters?" I don't see it. Certainly the mystery began to be played up as the end approached, but even an episode like Maelstrom is far more character-driven than mystery driven.
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Old July 22 2009, 07:09 AM   #10
Mr. Laser Beam
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Re: The future instead of the past

Instead of? How about both?

Meaning: A few centuries in our future, Earth sends out a scouting party to set up a colony. They are swept off course and deposited millennia in the past via time warp. They name their new world Kobol...

So it's an endless loop, and *that's* the meaning of 'All this has happened before and will happen again'.
"A hot dog at the ballpark is better than a steak at the Ritz." - Humphrey Bogart
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Old July 22 2009, 10:37 AM   #11
Lieutenant Commander
Frontman's Avatar
Re: The future instead of the past

Harvey wrote: View Post
"Exclusively about the mystery and not about the characters?" I don't see it. Certainly the mystery began to be played up as the end approached, but even an episode like Maelstrom is far more character-driven than mystery driven.
I certainly see it. In a character-driven story it is the strengths and failures of the characters which generate and resolve the story, not the tweakings of an interventionist diety. By the beginning of 4th season war against cylons totally ended until the last episode which had to have a big battle. And Ron kept saying in podcasts how he is fed up with space battles. So 4th season didn't have any battles anymore but all of a sudden almost everybody started seeing dead people, there was a variety of big mysteries and amplified others. If it was about character it wouldn't have big central mysteries.
And then Starbuck, if you're going to bring someone from the dead you better have strong explanation because when she came back it was like loosing any reason show had.
For me ending made myhological part of the show totally unwatchable and that's why I think I'll never rewatch it again. Maybe they should of made BSG more like Desanto/Singer version and make Cylons more creepier and brutal.
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