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Old June 29 2009, 04:44 PM   #1
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for those of you who listent to Trek Cast, on last week's ep they came up wtih an idea for an episode. I've began putting their idea to paper. Let me know what you think of what I've got so far:

Captain’s Log Stardate 51063.5. Following the Federation victory at the battle of Chin’Toka, Starfleet and its allies have forced the Dominion into surrender. While I have my reservations regarding the state of military affairs in this sector, peace is a welcome friend given the events of the past year. As the flagship, we are on our way to Deep Space Nine for the signing ceremony.

Jean-Luc Picard terminated the recording sensor on his desktop monitor and set aside his cooling cup of Earl Grey. Indeed, the war had come to an end. A costly end at that. The Federation had launched a brazen assault against Chin’Toka, one of Cardassia’s outermost systems. Heavily defended by an array of orbital weapon platforms, the crew of the Defiant led a squadron of ships to destroy the power plant fueling the entire defensive grid.

Hours after the first waves of ground troops from the Starfleet, Klingon and Romulan ships had been beamed to the system’s two inhabited planets word from spies on Cardassia had filtered through. The Female Founder who had spearheaded the Dominion’s attacked against the Federation a year earlier was no where to be found. Dissention had formed in the ranks of the Jem’Hadar. They believed the Founder had been betrayed and possibly killed by Damar himself. Unable to prove what had happened to the Changeling, the Jem’Hadar had not acted. But they refused to cooperate with the Cardassian military units that were assigned to them.

The dissention continued while the Federation pushed deeper towards Cardassia Prime. Finally, Legate Damar and his Vorta counterpart, Weyoun were calling for an end to hostilities. They had agreed to end the war, return all Jem’Hadar soldiers to the Gamma Quadrant and Cardassia would de-militarize.

It was almost unthinkable. Enterprise had been involved in a lot of action against the Dominion over the past year, and they never surrendered. They would fight to the last man in any battle.

During the Battle of Rigel almost eight months ago, Enterprise had led a fleet of twenty ships to combat an incoming Dominion invasion force. Of those twenty, Enterprise had been the lone survivor. Picard had had to order the destruction of three crippled Jem’Hadar fighters that had refused to surrender. Enterprise had been severely damaged and had lost their transporters. They’d been unable to capture the crew before destroying them in cold blood.

“Bridge to Captain Picard.”

Riker’s voice brought Picard back to the present. He stood, touching his combadge. “Go ahead, Number One.”

“We’ve entered the Bajoran Sector, Captain, we’ll be docking in ten minutes.”

The captain cut the com line and stepped onto the bridge. “Mr. Daniels,” he said to his security chief, “will you hail DS9.” As the officer began working the controls, Picard took his seat between Riker and Troi. The forward viewer flashed to reveal Major Kira Nerys, DS9’s executive officer and Bajoran liaison.

“Enterprise,” she said. “Welcome to DS9. We’ve cleared upper pylon three for you. You should have a clear traffic path on your way in. As you can imagine we’ve become a very busy hub in the past few days.”

“Naturally,” Picard said. In addition to being the headquarters for the Ninth Fleet, DS9 was hosting the entire Alliance command structure, from Chancellor Gowron to Praetor Neral. Security measures must have been quite a momentous undertaking. “I trust you’ve got the security arrangements handled. We’d be happy to help in any way.”

Kira looked to something off screen. “That’s very kind, but we’re managing. We’ve had a bit of a shakeup. Our chief of security went missing two days ago. But it’s a long story. I’ll have Commander Worf bring you up to speed when you dock. He’s handling security at the moment.”

“Understood, we’ll be docking soon. Enterprise out.”

The screen shifted back to the image of space.

“That’s damned strange,” Riker said. “Wasn’t DS9’s security chief a Changeling?”

“Yes,” Deanna Troi said, “my mother was quite infatuated with him.”

“It does seem curious,” Data said from ops, “that Constable Odo would disappear as well as the Founder that was leading the Dominion forces in the Alpha Quadrant.”

Picard pondered the repercussions that could fall upon them and the entire quadrant if this were some sort of ruse. “Put the ship on silent yellow alert. Confine non-essential personnel to quarters until further notice. Have Mister Worf report to my ready room at his convenience.”

* * *

In the wardroom of DS9, the scream continued. Kira turned away from the deactivated viewscreen. “Push your phasers up to level four point three. That should cripple him.”

The golden gelatiouns form of Constable Odo writhed in agony as the phasers from Sisko, Dax, Bashir and O’Brien tore through his morphogenic structure. With a final scream and a rippling of tentacles, the shapeshifter fully reverted to it’s natural state and collapsed into the small stasis container on the deck.

Bashir kneeled down, tapped in a few commands and activated the unit. “He’s quite secure,” he said. “I’ll lock him in the lab. When this is all over we can study him in more detail. Find a way to compromise this type of life form.”

“Do what ever you have to,” Sisko said. “Just do it quietly. We’re taking a big risk keeping him alive, especially since we have the other one on Cardassia Prime.”

“I’ll make sure he stays under wraps,” Bashir said, hefting the stasis container intot he crook of his arm. “I’ll be in the Infirmary.”

“Good,” Sisko said. He turned to his first officer. “Major, I believe you have a ship to greet. Give Picard my regards. Also, I beelive Jake was very eager to interview members of her crew.” He gave her a crooked smile.

“Of course,” Kira said. “Have him meet me there.”

* * *

The turbolift slowed and came to a hault on Level ## outside Pylon Three. Kira Nerys, Lieutenatn Commander Worf and two security officers exited into the corridor outside the cog-log airlock door. Within the confines of the lock, air pressures equalized with a pop and with a grind, the doors rolled into the bulkhead.

“Am I too late?” a somewhat hasty voice came from down the corridor.

Kira turned to see Jake Sisko striding quickly down the halway, data padd in hand. “I promised the Fedreation News Service an exclusive on the crew of the Enterprise. Do you think you can make it happen for me, Worf?”

The Klignon strategic operations officer nodded. “I believe that can be arranged, Mister Sisko.”

At the other end of the lock, the gray-white duranium airlock of the Enterprise hissed open and three Starfleet officers emerged. Kira recognized Commander Will Riker, Counselor Deanna Troi and Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge.

“Welcome to Deep Space Nine,” Kira said. “I’m Major Kira, and of course you know Mister Worf. And this,” she said indicating Jake, “is Jake Sisko, our official correspondent to the Federation News Service. He’d like to come aboard with your permission to interview members of your crew about their experiences.”

Riker and Troi exchanged a quick glance that seemed to speak volumes with no words being exchanged. “I think that can be arranged,” Riker said. “Deanna, please take Mister Sisko aboard and help in any way you can.”

The Betazoid counselor gestured back towards the ship. “If you’ll come with me, Mister Sisko, I’ll give you a brief tour.”

Jake followed her back intot he ship; Riker turned back to the welcomgin group. “Captain Picard wanted to speak with you, Worf, at your earliest convenice.”

“Of course,” Worf said.

“He’s in his ready room waiting,” Riker explained. “Major, Mister La Forge wanted to speak with Chief O’Brien about some system upgrades to Enterprise that we need. We took a beating out near the Badlands last week.”

“Not a problem, Commander, if you’ll both come with me, we’ll go see the chief.”

As the group of officers went their separate ways a shadow moved in the darkened corridor. As the airlock began to close behind Worf, a plain simple Cardassian tailor slithered aboard the USS Enterprise.
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Old June 29 2009, 07:48 PM   #2
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Re: TrekCast

Interesting, being unfamiliar with TrekCast, I can only assume this is some kind of alternate reality?

Couple small things.

If the "scream continued" why did Picard or anyone else on the bridge of the Enterprise not hear it? As treknerds we can imagine some kind of selective pickup on the audio equipment used in the exchange, but from a story telling point of view it needs to be explained.

"A plain simple Cardassian tailor" slithering aboard Enterprise really bucks the information given earlier of the much increased security onboard DS9. It might actually work better if he just "appears" later on aboard Enterprise with no explanation given more than a cryptic "I have my ways".

Oh yes, spell check, then reread and spell check again, hehe.
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