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Old September 6 2009, 04:45 AM   #1
Rear Admiral
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Location: Huntsville, AL, USA
September Art Challenge - Challenge Coin

Alright, twice in a row! (Not unheard of before.... )

Bit of a change of pace for this month, something a bit simpler. (Who knows, maybe we can get quite a few more entries this month.) For September, your task is to design a Challenge Coin. If you don't know what that is, follow this link (we'll wait):
Also, do a google image search for "challenge coin", and you'll get a lot of examples.

Whether it be in-universe or real life, it has to tie in to Trek somehow. Design one for the USS Defiant, or maybe see what the Klingon equivalent is, or perhaps design one for your local Trek club - use your imagination!

BTW, in real life, challenge coins are not exclusive to the military. Since I work for a defense contractor, I have several coins for programs that I've worked on.

One other thing, I was thinking that we should start adding the list of past challenges to each month's topic, just so we don't have to go digging for the history. I'll start it off, so whoever follows next month just has to copy and add the next line. There's a few blanks, but it's mostly complete. The August 2003 one somehow happened to get saved when we went to vbulletin.

Aug 2003 - Classic Car transformed into Spaceship - ???
Jan 2004 - Alien Worlds - Ptrope
Feb 2004 - Enterprise movie poster - dukesman
Mar 2004 - Trek episode book covers - porthos4captain
Apr 2004 - (Starfleet logo???) - The Axeman
May 2004 - Redesign a Trek prop - vulan2k3
Jun 2004 - Personal shuttle - Ptrope
Jul 2004 - Starship nose art - Kirkunit
Aug 2004 - Starship Enterprise by other designers - The Axeman
Sep 2004 - Trek wheeled vehicles - The Axeman
Oct 2004 - Matte painting - Vektor
Nov 2004 - A startling discovery - Ivymae
Dec 2004 - Trek crossover with another series - Kail
Jan 2005 - New Trek animated series - Focus Abbey
Feb 2005 - New Trek series - Adam Ihle
Mar 2005 - Trek aliens - HortaVorta
Apr 2005 - Trek advertisements - LonegunGirl
May 2005 - Trek valentine - Ptrope
Jun 2005 - Steam Trek - Ushaan
Jul 2005 - Computer interface - ???
Aug 2005 - Propulsion - vulcan2k3
Sep 2005 - Moonbases - Ushaan
Oct 2005 - Cops & Robbers! - biotech
Nov 2005 - Down & Dirty Trek - ThomasModels
Dec 2005 - Trek Christmas Ornament - Connon
Jan 2006 - Fast food in Trek - Masao
Feb 2006 - The sporting life! - Temis the Vorta
Mar 2006 - Other sci-fi in a Trek context - AdamIhle
Apr 2006 - Happy Anniversary, Trek - B.J.
May 2006 - SPEED!! - Flux Capacitor
Jun 2006 - So We Meet Again! - Starscape
Jul 2006 - Trek in Other Artists' Styles - Masao
Aug 2006 - Failed Trek Revivals, Spin-offs and Merchandise - Adam Ihle
Sep 2006 - Mixed Media Trek - Kail
Oct 2006 - The Animated Series! - Redfern
Nov 2006 - Home for the Holidays - johnhazard
Dec 2006 - Assignment: Earth! - Klaus
Jan 2007 - Mirror, Mirror - smalltalk66
Feb 2007 - Express Yo'self - Admiral2
Mar 2007 - The Pike Chronicles - Focus Abbey
Apr 2007 - Reimagining TOS - Kail
May 2007 - Trek Character Endorsements - Flux Capacitor
Jun 2007 - Sport Trek! - Klaus
Jul 2007 - Personal Trek Tech - Adam Ihle
Aug 2007 - ??? - aridas sofia
Sep 2007 - von Braun's Space Program - Klaus
Oct 2007 - Moments in Trek History - Starscape
Nov 2007 - The Beauty of Trek - Klaus
Dec 2007 - The Perfect Trek Gift! - Klaus
Jan 2008 - We Are the Borg! - Admiral2
Feb 2008 - Tomorrow is Yesterday - biotech
Mar 2008 - It's a Small Trek After All - B.J.
Apr 2008 - Arthur C. Clarke Tribute - Flux Capacitor
May 2008 - Speed Trek! - Starscape
Jun 2008 - It's About Time! - Ihlecreations
Jul 2008 - Amalgamated! - Flux Capacitor
Aug 2008 - Back To School! - Klaus
Sep 2008 - Take Me to Your Leader! - Starscape
Oct 2008 - To Quote, Perchance to Trek! - B.J.
Nov 2008 - Dirty Jobs! - Klaus
Dec 2008 - Holidays Across the Galaxy - B.J.
Jan 2009 - Upgrades - Ptrope
Feb 2009 - Look! Up in the Sky! - Albertese
Mar 2009 - Pre-Production - Admiral2
Apr 2009 - Hydrospace - Vektor
May 2009 - Inspiration - Klaus
Jun 2009 - Good and Evil in the TrekVerse - Flux Capacitor
Jul 2009 - Trek on the Track - B.J.
Aug 2009 - Lock and Load - B.J.
Sep 2009 - Challenge Coin -
B.J. ---
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Old September 6 2009, 06:17 PM   #2
Albertese's Avatar
Location: Portland, OR
Re: September Art Challenge - Challenge Coin

All right. That's too cool. I think I'll take a shot at this.

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Old September 9 2009, 08:42 PM   #3
Fleet Captain
Shawnster's Avatar
Location: Clinton, OH
Re: September Art Challenge - Challenge Coin

Not that there needs to be any inspiration (since there are a number of entries already posted) but here is an example of a real Star Trek challenge coin:
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Old September 19 2009, 04:15 AM   #4
Data Holmes
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Location: My own personal hell
Re: September Art Challenge - Challenge Coin

I hope someone goes movie era for their coin.
What is money? It's little pieces of paper with pictures on it so we don't have to kill each other for food.
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Old October 4 2009, 10:07 AM   #5
Fleet Captain
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Location: BK613
Re: September Art Challenge - Challenge Coin

hmm eager to see what October brings so prod prod...
"The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place." - George Bernard Shaw
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Old October 4 2009, 01:04 PM   #6
Rear Admiral
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Re: September Art Challenge - Challenge Coin

When the entries come in on the weekend Ptrope's generally busy... we'll see something by tomorrow at the latest...
"Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it." - Mark Twain
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Old October 4 2009, 06:31 PM   #7
Ptrope's Avatar
Location: USA
Re: September Art Challenge - Challenge Coin

Sorry, folks - I"m working on the poll right now; the turn of the new month found me in the dentist's seat for a painful wisdom tooth extraction, and I'm just now getting back here. Hey, at least no one had to worry about being late!
Star Trek: Reanimated - it's more than just a cartoon!
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