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Old April 17 2009, 01:05 AM   #31
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Re: "24" seas 1: Naked Mandy, Pretty Jack and Eeeevil Nina!

Neroon wrote: View Post
Sounds almost like a "Karnak The Magnificent" answer:
"Name three things we don't see anymore in '24'" -

Anyhow, this past Saturday, my two sons and I hunkered down for a marathon session of watching the entirety of "24"s initial season. none of us had ever seen it before, and I recently picked up the boxed set of DVDs. We made sure were properly armed with pizza, Mt. Dew, beef jerky (seems like a Jack Link's, of course), etc.

It was a fascinating time comparing what we saw to what we'd seen in the later seasons. The pacing seemed very well-constructed. The premise itself just plain felt new, again even though I'd already seen seasons 2 - 7. It was easy to see why the show had become a success.

A few thoughts:
  • - I had forgotten what a manipulative witch Lady McPalmer was!
  • - the overall plot and its elements didn't seem as over-the-top as they do later in the series.
  • - Jack's physical appearance was considerably less "weathered", hence the comment in the thread subject. After 6+ seasons of stopped heats, heroin usage, Chinese torture, being Kim's dad... it'd take a toll on Dorian Gray
  • - Kim seemed less "stupid" and more just an average teenager who got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • - For all that Jack had to go through... I felt sorrier for Teri than anybody. She was so innocent in all of it.
  • - There were several moments of REAL emotion in that season. I haven't quite felt that same level in seasons since.
  • - Sen Palmer seemed noble yet very naive.
  • - Funny how I had an instant revulsion to Andre Drazen, seeing as I'd already seen the actor in less-than-flattering light in "House" and "Heroes"
  • - We actually see Jack close his eyes, get something to eat AND complain about his lack of sleep!
  • - Never saw him go to the bathroom though.
  • - Favorite line that I can think of right now: "I have killed two people since midnight. I haven't slept in over 24 hours. Maybe you should be a little more scared of me than you are right now."
There is little question in my mind that this was my favorite of all the seasons of "24".
I'll never forget watching that initial season for the first time. I had thought it was the most incredible show I'd ever seen at the time. I watched each episode about 3 times before the next one aired. While still predictable at times, and it did have a bit of a meandering plot in the second half, most of it was certainly a lot more believable than how things would evolve. I think the plot being on more a personal level (a vendetta against Jack and Palmer) made all the difference in terms of storytelling. Wanting to nuke the world gets a little old. I must have introduced that show to about a dozen people.

I'd be interested in hearing what parts you felt to be the "moments of true emotion" you refered to. I like reliving that sort of stuff. I'm also amazed you could sit through that much 24 after having already seen it.
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Old April 17 2009, 01:08 AM   #32
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Re: "24" seas 1: Naked Mandy, Pretty Jack and Eeeevil Nina!

I think the greatest moment of "true emotion" that came for me is when Jack is holed up with the sassy waitress. Jack reflects on the terrible things he's done and has a "real" moment with the woman. He even drifts to sleep!
For me, and for many of us, the future is now in the past.
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Old April 17 2009, 01:12 AM   #33
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Re: "24" seas 1: Naked Mandy, Pretty Jack and Eeeevil Nina!

Aragorn wrote: View Post
This was the best season because the stakes were personal and not over the top, and this was also when the surprises were genuine, like when "The Sentinel" turned out not to be who he said he was. Mole #1 was a surprise (though Mole #2 was a sign of things to come).
I thought mole #1 was obvious. Nina had been mistaken for the mole so she was out. Tony was all too obviously not because he clashed with Jack all the time. But Jamie was the quiet innocent tech geek that tries not to draw too much attention that shows like this love to use. Allan York/Kevin Farrel was also obviously a baddie in my eyes. I saw the scene with Kim's friend coming a mile off. Mole #2/Nina was totally illogical and obviously made up on the fly as a last minute kool twist.
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