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Old April 4 2009, 05:14 PM   #16
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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - Dark Realm

Well Dingo,

I like that you are taking the time to build up to the away mission with these little scenes. Some view such as distractions to the big action or adventure of the story, but I think they help us to empathise with the characters much more. For this reason, and as CeJay stated too, your lower deck characters [expansion of them] are quite likeable.

I like the dialogue between the characters, but I would like some more scenery setting mixed in with the dialogue. Little actions for example, that the characters carry out when saying a line or afterwards. Because actually, you do a very good neat job of doing so at the start of your scenes. Here are a couple of examples from the last segment:

He saw the Australian walk out of the Search and Rescue Team Room, his sleeves rolled up. He just finished punching some numbers into a keypad before he turned to face Ayala.
Kenneth Dalby tuned his coil spanner as he adjusted a modulator for the forward phaser array of the Delta Flyer . After he adjusted the modulator he did a check on the track while scan sensor. It was working just fine.
“Not at all.” Tom replied as he walked around the Flyer. He examined panels and checked various pieces of equipment.

A moment of realization swept of B’Elanna. Tom was doing checks and to the casual observer they seemed to be genuine. But B’Elanna knew Tom too well to be fooled.

“You’re not doing checks.” B’Elanna finally concluded.
A little bit more of that would appeal to the likes of me. Mind you that's only my personal preference. Others might disagree. just sometimes, again to me, dialogue line after dialogue is a little difficult to follow if there aren't a few such breaks or more bits that tell us how the characters feel internally or what they show externally.

Just my humble opinion and feel free to ignore as I plan on continuing to follow this story regardless, just to see where you go with it.
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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - Dark Realm

I like that you are taking the time to build up to the away mission with these little scenes. Some view such as distractions to the big action or adventure of the story, but I think they help us to empathise with the characters much more. For this reason, and as CeJay stated too, your lower deck characters [expansion of them] are quite likeable.
I'm glad that you like them. I figured the expansions were necessary before throwing them into the action/adventure segments. You want action, you want adventure, the next segment's gonna have a BIG dose of it.

I like the dialogue between the characters, but I would like some more scenery setting mixed in with the dialogue. Little actions for example, that the characters carry out when saying a line or afterwards.
I'll try to do that a little more often and I'm pleased you've taken an interest in my work.
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Old April 5 2009, 06:08 AM   #18
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Prologues, Part V

The Delta Flyer, 1400: “Preflight checks complete. All stations report readiness.” Tom replied.

“Tactical ready.” Henry replied.

“Navigation ready.” Celes replied.

“Engineering ready.” Dalby said.

“Science station ready.” Telfer replied.

“Delta Flyer to Voyager, request clearance for takeoff.” Tom replied.

“This is Voyager. Permission granted.” Janeway replied. Janeway’s voice echoed over the Flyer’s comm system as Tom smoothly brought it out of Voyager’s shuttlebay.

There was the sound of a tune being whistled. Tal turned towards the tactical station before asking Henry, “What are you whistling?”

“It’s an old Australian tune, it’s called Waltzing Matilda. It’s a song just about every Australian knows by heart. Advance Australia Fair may be our state song, but Waltzing Matilda is the song that speaks to the Australian spirit.” Henry replied.

“Actually there was another song of the 20th Century that spoke just as eloquently to the Australian spirit.” Tom replied.

“And what was that?” Henry replied.

“You’re the Australian.” Tom replied.

“Shields are holding.” Dalby said as the Flyer, made its way around through the multi-colored gaseous clouds around the mouth of the rift.

“Any signs of the possible ships?” Henry asked.

“Nothing on sensors.” Celes said.

“I’ll bring us in a little closer.” Tom replied as he worked the controls and sent the Flyer maneuvering around a particular snarl of a gravimetric shear.

“I’ve got a reading on a vessel bearing 290 Mark 010.” Celes replied.

“I’m taking us towards it.” Tom replied.

The Flyer glided towards the ship. It was a dark colored vessel, black as the void of space with the glow of twin warp nacelles. There was a symbol of a black heart with a red ‘X’ pattern inside its boundaries visible on the blue leading edges of the nacelles.

Celes began to scan the vessel and sent her readings by datalink to Voyager. “Sir, I’m reading this ship is about half the size of Voyager, but heavily armed. My scans indicate at least seventeen forward directed energy weapons and six torpedo launchers.”

“Let’s hope that that’s because they’re worried about the Borg.” Tom replied, “Have you relayed your scans to Voyager?”

“Yes sir.” Celes replied.

“Good. Keep scanning it.” Tom replied, “With all that EM interference and gravimetric shears Voyager’s sensors won’t be able to get accurate readings.”

“I’m reading faint lifeform readings. About a hundred of them aboard that vessel.” Celes replied.

“Paris to Voyager.” Tom began.

“Go ahead Tom.” Janeway’s voice could be heard over the comm system.

“We’ve located an alien vessel, heavily armed, with a hundred crewmembers. We’re starting to initiate first contact procedures.” Tom replied.

“Very well.” Janeway replied, “Keep me informed Tom.”

“Yes ma’am.” Tom replied.

“Opening a channel.” Telfer replied.

“Unidentified vessel this is the Federation ship Delta Flyer...” Tom began.

Just then a strange electronic screeching could be heard over the comms system.

“What is that?” Tom said.

“Could be their method of communication.” Celes replied.

“Looks like their method of communication is jamming our communication’s suite.” Henry replied.

“Compensating for the interference.” Dalby replied.

“Telfer give him a hand. We need to get communications with Voyager.” Tom replied.

The screeching continued just as several more ships poured from the rift. Quite of them were smaller fighter sized ships, but there were at least two larger ships exiting.

“The alien vessel is powering its weapons.” Henry reported from the tactical station.

“I think it’s a safe bet that these guys are hostile. I’m taking us back to Voyager.” Tom replied.

“I‘m reading three of the alien fighters breaking formation. They’re in pursuit!” Celes said.

The Flyer was shaken by a vicious bang that rattled Tom’s teeth in his head.

“Aft shields down to seventy-two percent!” Henry replied, “Those fighters are packing some sort of missile system.”

“I’m reading three more missile launches!” Celes replied.

“Targeting now.” Henry replied as he fired the Flyer’s aft phaser array. Two of the missiles were blown apart by the phaser blast but the third closed, evading Henry’s attempts to destroy it and Tom’s intricate evasive maneuvers. When it was one hundred meters behind the Flyer it exploded throwing fragments and smaller submunitions against the shields.

“Shields at sixty percent!” Henry replied.

“Divert power to aft shields.” Tom replied.

“I wouldn’t advise it, mate.” Henry replied. Tom saw the five other enemy fighters dead ahead at about the same time Henry made his report.

After snapping a pair of torpedoes at the enemy fighters, Tom shouted, “I’m taking us closer to the rift! Hang on!”

Tom threw the Flyer into a downward right bank and Telfer felt his stomach rising into his chest with the violence of the evasive maneuver.

Celes shouted, “Reading three enemy fighters in pursuit.”

Tom could see drifting debris and knew that the torpedoes had scored their deadly effect.

“Five more fighters in pursuit!” Celes replied, “I’m reading a meteorite cluster 3000 kilometers off our starboard bow...”

“Perfect.” Tom replied as he angled towards the meteorites.

“Are you insane!” Telfer bellowed at the top of his lungs.

“They’d be insane to follow us.” Tom replied as he threw the Flyer into a series of corkscrew loops, dodging a stream of blue-green energy blasts. Two blasts struck home.

“Aft shields to forty-seven percent!” Henry replied as he began firing back with the aft phaser array.

“We’re into the cluster.” Celes reported.

The flash of an explosion was visible as a missile angling at the Flyer obliterated a meteorite that sent rock fragments flying into the shields.

The Flyer was struck by another impact.

“We took a mirco-meteorite to the starboard warp nacelle!” Dalby shouted, “Isolating plasma leaks now!”

An enemy fighter exploded as it was pulverized by two larger meteors. The one behind it spiraled out of control as Henry gave it a trio of very accurate phaser strikes.

“Nice shooting Tex!” Telfer commented.

“I’m Australian.” Henry replied.

“We know!” Everyone else in the Flyer shouted back.

Another blast struck the Flyer.

“Aft shields at forty-seven percent!” Henry shouted, “Forward shields at sixty-two percent.”

“Aft Phaser array down.” Dalby shouted just as another micrometeorite struck the Flyer, “We can’t take any more meteorite damage.”

“I’m taking us out of here.” Tom said as he crammed power into the impulse engines, flying vertically and on instinct, dodging meteorites and energy weapons.

Another enemy fighter was clipped by a meteorite and struck it’s neighbor. The ensuing explosion threw several fragments of debris and rock against the Flyer’s aft shields.

“Still reading four fighters on our tail. They’re firing missiles!” Celes shouted.

“Diverting power to aft shields now!” Henry replied.

“Gravimetric shear at 340 Mark 2.” Celes added.

Tom threw the Flyer towards the shear.

“Are you insane!?” Dalby shouted, “There’s no way we’d be able to survive the gravimetric forces inside that shear.”

Tom didn’t answer as he thought. Gotta time this just right...and...I’ve gotcha! Tom slammed Flyer into a tight bank, narrowly avoiding the effects of the gravimetric shear. The missiles were drawn into the gravity well of the shear as if pulled by a tractor beam. The shockwave sent the Flyer flipping end over end like a poker chip.

“Warp drive offline!” Dalby shouted.

“Shields down to seven percent and falling!” Henry shouted.

“We’ve got another gravimetric surge. It’s pulling us towards the rift!” Telfer shouted.

“Diverting all available power to impulse engines.” Dalby shouted.

“Too late!” Celes replied.

“We’re going in.” Tom said, “Everyone hang on!”

Celes felt the world inside the Flyer spinning crazily, the lights of her display, a hyperspanner, a PADD flew past her face, narrowly missing her before the world went dark.


“Captain,” Harry Kim said from the Operations station, “We’ve lost comms with the Flyer.”

“How?” Janeway asked.

“There’s some sort of electromagnetic disturbance.” Kim replied.

“Is the alien vessel the source?” Janeway asked.

“Affirmative.” Kim replied.

“Open a channel.” Janeway ordered.

“Hailing frequencies open ma’am.” Kim replied.

Janeway stood up from her chair, “Unidentified vessel, this is Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager...”

The sound of a metallic screeching could be heard. “It’s emanating from the unknown vessel.” Harry supplied.

“Captain. I’m reading multiple warp signatures coming from the rift.” Tuvok began from the tactical station, “And also evidence of weapons fire from the Delta Flyer’s last known coordinates.”

“Red Alert!” Janeway said, “Raise shields and charge weapons.”

“Captain, I’ve got multiple alien ships head towards our formation in an attack pattern.” Harry added, “According to the scans the alien vessels are heavily armed. I’m reading at least seventeen energy weapons and six torpedo launchers on the forward section of one of the larger vessels.”

“Evasive maneuvers.” Janeway began just as a blast rocked the ship. Several of the fighters arrived first firing missiles and energy weapons in a barrage.

“Forward shields down to eighty-four percent.” Tuvok reported.

“Return fire.” Janeway commanded, “Target their propulsion systems.”

Voyager’s forward phasers began to fire. One of the attacking fighters took a hit to the propulsion system and spiraled out of control before hanging adrift in space.

“No effect. The alien vessels are still closing.” Tuvok replied.

“Fire at will, Mr. Tuvok.” Janeway ordered.

The three larger alien ships hung back just out of weapons range as the fighters closed on Voyager. The fighters fired a combined salvo of missiles and laser blasts at Voyager as the Starfleet vessel fired back with its own phaser arrays.

One alien fighter exploded as a phaser burst struck home on its warp core at the same time that several missiles from itself and its sister ships struck home on Voyager.

Voyager shuddered and Tuvok replied, “Shields at seventy-two percent.”

The three larger ships closed on Voyager firing torpedoes and their own lasers. Ryson sent Voyager on a pattern of evasive maneuvers to dodge the attacks. At least four torpedoes missed hitting Voyager, though some of them exploded in close proximity.

“Shields at seventy-percent...” Tuvok replied as he fired a trio of photon torpedoes at the alien ships.

One of the alien torpedoes struck home on Voyager, together with a second. Voyager shook violently and the impact sent Harry sprawling to the deck.

“Forward shields down to fifty-three percent.” Tuvok replied.

“Captain,” Harry said, as he rose to his feet and wiped blood from his nose, “I’m reading the Flyer. It’s going into the rift...”

“Take us there Ryson.” Janeway ordered.

“Captain, there are at least twenty-seven more enemy vessels between us and the rift.” Tuvok reported.

The three larger ships closed and fired barrages of torpedoes and laser blasts that raked into Voyager’s shields.

“Aft shields at forty-seven precent. Forward shields have collapsed.” Tuvok said.

“I’m reading energy signatures. They may have beamed some people aboard.” Harry added.

“Ryson. Get us out of here!” Janeway ordered, “Maximum warp.”

“Aye ma’am.” Ryson said.

Voyager went to warp away from the rift.

“Janeway to security, begin sweep of the ship for intruders. B’Elanna lock down engineering...” Janeway replied.

“Incoming transmission, Captain, it’s from a Federation transmission beacon that just emerged from the rift. It’s text only.” Harry said.

Harry’s brow furled as he gazed at his panel, “Captain. According to the stardate, this message was recorded fourteen days from now.”

“Harry, reroute it to Astrometrics and have Seven compile the data.” Janeway replied, “You have the bridge Commander. I’ll be in Astrometrics.”

“Aye Captain.” Chakotay replied, as Harry complied with his own order, “I suggest you wait for a security detail.”

Janeway locked eyes with her First Officer and realized he was right.

Just then Ayala and two security officers emerged from the nearby turbolift. Without another word, Janeway accompanied them into the turbolift toward Astrometrics.


Celes regained consciousness a few moments later. She felt woozy but otherwise was uninjured as far as she could tell.

“Is everyone alright?” Tom shouted into the back of the Flyer.

After several affirmatives, Tom settled down. He could see Celes just regaining consciousness, Henry scanning his instruments, Telfer trying to re-establish communications with Voyager, and Dalby up to his elbows in the guts of the aft phaser array.

“Still no comms with Voyager.” Telfer said, with more than a little frustration.

“Keep trying.” Tom replied.

“I’m reading a Class M atmosphere outside.” Celes said as she glanced at her instruments.

“We seem to be on another world.” Telfer said, “According to my instruments at least.”

“I’m reading another ship, Bearing 350 Mark 115. It’s heading right for us.” Celes replied.

“Does it match any known configuration?” Tom said.

“Yes and no.” Celes replied.

“Celes, what exactly do you mean by that?” Tom asked, brow furrowing.

“Uh first off the vehicle is in the database. But according to the information I have in the database I shouldn’t be getting these readings.” Celes replied.

“Just what is it?” Tom asked.

“It’s a flying locomotive.” Celes replied.

“What?” Tom said.

“That was my reaction too.” Celes said, semi defensively, “I know locomotives don’t fly. But according to the sensor readings this one is. And it’s closing...”

“I’m getting a transmission, audio only.” Telfer replied.

“Patch it through.” Tom said as he scanned around visually for this ‘flying train’, “Celes, how far is it?”

“Twenty kilometers and closing.” Celes replied.

“Unknown ship this is Doctor Emmett Brown of the Institute of Future Technology, do you read me?” came the voice.

“Emmett Brown, now why does that sound familiar...” Tom began.

“Bloody hell!” Henry replied.

“What?” Tom said.

“Emmett Brown, he was a character in an Earth film trilogy called Back to the Future or something like that. What in blazes is he doing here?” Henry replied.

“You’re right. He was a famous film character.” Tom replied, “Maybe he’s a photonic lifeform.”

“No signs of photonic signatures on that flying train. I’m reading two lifesigns: human.” Celes replied.

“Doc Brown, this is Ensign Tom Paris of the Federation vessel Delta Flyer, ” Tom replied, “please state your intentions...”

“There’s something terribly wrong.” Doc Brown replied.

“What is wrong?” Tom replied.

“I’m afraid, Mr. Paris it might be a little difficult to explain while in flight. Can we land somewhere and talk?” Doc Brown replied.

“Sure.” Tom replied, “How about that clearing in the woods, fifteen kilometers away, Bearing 270 Mark 15.”

“We’ll meet you there. But hurry, this problem could have disastrous consequences to the space time continuum!” Doc Brown said.

“Talk about a borderline hystrionic.” Dalby said as he continued his repairs.

“Can we trust him?” Celes asked.

“Barring any bizarre alien impersonations, I’d say trusting him’s a safe bet, but in any case, Telfer you and Dalby stay by the Flyer after we land, Celes, you and Lieutenant Kano come with me.” Tom replied.

“Right.” Henry replied, “Let’s find some answers.”

Tom steered the Delta Flyer to the clearing into a landing just as the mysterious flying train landed beside them...


To Be Continued. Up next, the away team confers with Doc Brown and learns more about the world that they're stranded on and Voyager decodes the message beacon as well as repels alien borders.
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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - Dark Realm

Ok, it's not April Fool's Day anymore, right? What's going on here? It looks as if the line between fantasy and reality is quite blurry in wherever the Delta Flyer has landed.

I was a bit suprised how quicky Paris and the others managed to place this rather surreal encounter. I guess Paris' fascination with the 20th century helps.

I'm interested to see how you are going to explain this unlikely appearence.
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Old April 6 2009, 06:20 AM   #20
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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - Dark Realm

I was inspired by Peter David's idea of the multi-verse in Q-Squared for the direction this fic is heading. I'm big on writing crossovers of many different universes.

Ok, it's not April Fool's Day anymore, right? What's going on here? It looks as if the line between fantasy and reality is quite blurry in wherever the Delta Flyer has landed.
No it isn't. Stand by for it to get blurrier still. When David mentioned the concept of multi-verses I had the idea with how many different varieties of 'reality' could exist, not just Trek-verse reality, but other versions. It makes for some interesting crossovers.

Besides there are many crossovers in Trek fandom across a broad spectrum of writing talent...
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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - Dark Realm

Just my humble opinion and feel free to ignore as I plan on continuing to follow this story regardless, just to see where you go with it.
Well now I see where you went with it. Like CeJay, I was thrown by this appearance. The thing about Crossovers is they can be jarring to the mindset of a reader. Especially, when the reality of this story lent to it through the use and eyes of the Lower Decks personnel grounded it more so than other stories might at times be. Therefore, I was thrown all the more. Normally, I don't read Crossovers, not anything against, but I guess it is something I will need to get over to see where else this goes.
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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - Dark Realm

The thing about Crossovers is they can be jarring to the mindset of a reader. Especially, when the reality of this story lent to it through the use and eyes of the Lower Decks personnel grounded it more so than other stories might at times be.
I apologize for failing to warn you about the crossover part, I'm sorry about that. Well, yes, the story is still focused on Lower Decks personnel, and one where they just might save the day and prove pivotal. That's just one of the many elements of this fic.

If things get too hairy, here's my Star Trek: Expanded Universe wiki entry on this fic: Dark Realm.
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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - Dark Realm


Disclaimer: I don’t own any recognizable franchises in this fic. The dimension depicted in this particular segment was inspired by the show Rocko’s Modern Life, which I had been watching. This was inspired by the episode Schnit-Heads. (URL leads to video of whole episode (it's the second of the two episodes shown on the vid)).


Tom Paris, Celes Tal, and Henry Kano stood outside the Delta Flyer as the mysterious flying steam locomotive they had seen earlier began to land in the clearing beside them.

Out of the vehicle stepped a man in his mid-sixties with white hair and wild looking blue eyes. Every inch of him screamed mad scientist, but there wasn’t a trace of the air of menace that tended to follow that sort of sentient.

Beside him was a woman with brown hair and eyes in a pinkish purple dress in the fashion of the 19th century Earth.

“Tom Paris, I presume?” The man said, and extended a hand, “Dr. Emmett Brown, Institute of Future Technology.”

Tom took the hand and shook it: “Yes.“

”My wife, Clara.” Emmett said as he introduced the woman. Clara extended a hand and Tom shook it.

“This is my team, Lieutenant j.g. Henry Kano and Crewman Celes Tal.” Tom said as he introduced them.

“So what manner of aircraft is this?” Emmett said as he indicated the Delta Flyer.

“It’s a shuttlecraft from the Federation starship Voyager.” Tom replied.

Brown walked around the perimeter of the Delta Flyer, “So what is the year for you?” he asked.

“It’s 2376 for us.” Tom said, “And for you?”

“1991.” Emmett Brown replied as he took in the sight. A very futuristic looking aircraft. A blonde haired man with a black jumpsuit with a red horizontal band at the shoulders, a dark haired man similarly attired but his band was teal instead of red, and a woman similarly attired with a gold band. He presumed the one with the red band was a leader of some sort.

”What was it about this catastrophe you were telling me about?” Tom replied.

“Well, it started when we became aware that there are an infinite number of universes that exist as a multiverse.” Brown began as he started gesticulating.

“OK. You’re talking about other dimensions?” Tom asked.

“Yes. Yes. Precisely!” Brown said, “Of which this is one.”

“What is this place?” Celes asked.

“Based on the data compiled we know this place is known as O-Town by its residents.” Emmett replied, “Its residents appear to be several varieties of anthromorphic animals.”

“What sorts of animals?” Celes asked.

"Animals native to various continents of Earth." Brown replied as he looked at Celes closely, as if scrutinizing her face. He walked at least a few inches closer, causing Tal to start feeling uncomfortable and causing Henry to start moving into a position to protect Tal and deal with Brown.

Clara made her own observations as she hung back and observed. Emmett was definitely curious about the female of their group. She appeared human except for the ridges on her nose and it was those ridges Emmett was likely curious about.

“Curious.” Emmett said as he thought aloud, “It matches nothing I’ve seen on Earth: it must be alien in origin. It appears to be an extraterrestrial osteo-dermal nasal ridge.”

Clara walked over to them and gently put a comforting hand on Celes’ right tricep, “He means your nose, honey.”

She turned to her husband and said, “Emmett, I’m certain that she’s a little uncomfortable with you scrutinizing her nose like that.”

“I’m sorry.” Emmett said.

“No harm was done.” Celes replied.

“So where are you from?” Emmett asked.

“I’m from Bajor.” Celes replied.

“So are all of you from this ‘Bajor’ as well?” Emmett asked.

“No. I’m from Australia.” Henry replied.

“On our world we’re part of a government called the United Federation of Planets that comprises many planets.” Tom explained.

“Tell me about it.” Emmett asked.

Tom gave Brown a quick overview of the Federation and the state of affairs of his particular galaxy and Voyager’s stranding in the Delta Quadrant.

“Great Scott!” Emmett said, “So in your plane of reality you humanity is exploring the cosmos from a united Earth, several star systems are united in a peaceful Federation. Your ship was stranded in a far corner of your galaxy by a strange entity and you’ve had many misadventures in your trek back to the Federation. Recently your ship discovered a spatial rift and sent you and your team to investigate. You came into contact with hostile aliens and were sucked into the spatial rift and wound up here.”

“In a nutshell that’s it.” Tom replied.

“Great Scott!” Emmett remarked.

“So what is this catastrophe you were telling us about?” Henry asked.

“It involves a phenomenon we’ve been studying, one that’s been lurking around the multiverse.” Emmett replied, “They’re called the Heartless.”

“Heartless?” Tom asked, furrowing his brow.

“Sentient beings that lost their hearts to what we call the Great Darkness.” Emmett replied.

“Wait a second.” Celes interjected, as her eyes went wide with recognition, “Henry, when we ran into that Vaadwaur fighter didn’t we find some strange aliens that lacked hearts?”

“That’s right. I remember Billy going on about them.” Henry replied.
“Where did those creatures come from?” Emmett asked.

“We assume they came from the spatial rift that pulled us to this world.” Henry replied.

“Damn. They’ve already crossed into your world.” Emmett said.

“What do they want?” Tom asked.

“They seek the hearts of worlds as well as the hearts of sentient beings.” Emmett said.

“Hearts of worlds?” Tom asked.

“At each dimension there is a heart. The Heartless seek to consume all hearts. Especially the hearts of worlds.” Emmett replied.

“OK. I can see biological creatures having hearts that these ‘Heartless’ would want to consume, but I can’t buy worlds or dimensions having living hearts.” Tom replied.

“The heart as I mean is not the biological organ. It is one of the three components that makes up a sentient being. The heart, the body, and the soul. The biological heart as we know it is a component of the body. I’m speaking of the heart in terms of the emotional essence of a being.” Emmett replied, “For lack of a better term for this emotional essence, we call it the heart.”

“So these Heartless things are what attacked us?” Celes asked.

“It would appear so.” Emmett replied.

“So you’re after these Heartless things?” Tom asked.

“No. A member of our group is missing.” Emmett said, “Marty McFly. He was on an observation mission when we received a distress call. He said only that a very nefarious character from our reality, Biff Tannen, and his gang were responsible and they were in company with something like a walking oil slick...”

“Biff Tannen?” Celes asked.

“It’s sort of a long story.” Clara replied.

“Walking oil slick? Why do I get the distinct feeling I’ve heard of that thing before? The distinct bad feeling.” Tom thought.

“I’ll see what I can find out.” Celes added, helpfully, as she tapped her comm badge, “Celes to Telfer.”

Doc Brown’s eyes went wide as he heard sound coming from the brooch on the woman’s chest, presumably this Telfer individual was talking back to her on this portable and wearable communication’s device.

“Telfer here. Go ahead.”

“Billy, can you find out if there’s anything about a ‘walking oil slick’ in the database?” Celes asked.

“I’ll give it a shot.” Telfer replied.

“Thanks Celes.” Tom said as he turned to her.

“About this Biff Tannen character, what’s his story?” Henry asked.

“It depends.” Doc Brown said, “On when you’re referring to.”

“Go on.” Henry replied.

“Biff Tannen was a high school bully of Marty’s father in the year 1955. When Marty inadvertently traveled back to 1955 the first time, he managed to accidentally cause the younger version of his mother to become amorously infatuated with him instead of his father. We masterminded a scheme to get them to fall in love so as to restore the timeline and as a result Marty’s father was able to win over his mother and stand up to Biff for the first time in his life.” Doc began as he gesticulated wildly and walked about as he spoke, “Then when Marty and myself traveled to the year 2015 Marty purchased a book called Gray’s Sports Almanac with the intention of using it to win money at gambling. I threw the book away but an older version of Biff from that timeline went and stole the book and my DeLorean time machine to give a copy to his younger self...”

Doc pulled a chalk board from inside the time train, setting it down between their two groups, and drew a horizontal line and wrote the year 1955 on one side of the line and the year 2015 on the other side of the line. He drew a diagonal line somewhere in the middle of the horizontal line and wrote the year 1985A as he spoke:

“At some point Biff gave himself the book and began a gambling winning streak that resulted in an alternate and hellish alternate 1985 where he became rich and powerful and married to Marty’s mother, who he had a longstanding crush on. Marty and I thought we’d reversed that timeline, but I failed to factor in the concept of a multiverse.”

“Hold on. This is giving me a headache.” Tom said as he reached his hand to his forehead, “You’re saying that the Biffhorrific Hill Valley still exists?”

Celes looked on with just as much of a headache brewing before Henry explained to her in a whisper, “That’s a term used to describe the alternate reality that Doc’s talking about. The one that they thought they erased with a temporal incursion.”

“Yes. Precisely. Due to the theory of the multiverse of infinite possibilities there was a possibility that we failed in our mission and the Hell Valley of the alternate 1985 continued to exist. And it was that universe’s Biff, in company with the walking oil slick Marty described that caused this potentially catastrophic chain of events to come into existence!” Doc Brown said with a near hyperventilation towards the end.

Clara looked like she’d seen this high strung and overly dramatic form of presentation before as she watched Doc carry on with a slightly bemused expression.

“Telfer to Celes. I’ve found something that sounds like your walking oil slick. I’m coming out to give that information to you.” Telfer replied over Celes’ comm badge.

“Acknowledged.” Celes replied.
A few moments later Billy Telfer came out of the Delta Flyer with a PADD in hand. “I found some data on the walking oil slick you described.

Everyone turned to give Telfer their attention.

“It was on Stardate 41602.1 that the crew of the USS Enterprise encountered a lifeform on Vagra II with similar properties.” Telfer began.

“Stardate?” Clara asked.

“Oh. That’s how we measure time. The stardate corresponds to our year 2364. So twelve years ago, our time, the Enterprise went to respond to a shuttle crash on planet Vagra II. They beamed an away team down to rescue their two crewmembers. During that rescue they encountered a black oil slick that seemed to be a lifeform.” Telfer said.

“Go on.” Emmett said.

“The slick coalesced itself into a vaguely humanoid shape which gave the name Armus to refer to itself. Armus. Armus made threats to the away team and when the Enterprise security chief, Lieutenant Natasha Yar, tried to bypass Armus she was killed by an energy discharge generated by the thing.” Telfer replied, “It was revealed that Armus was created by an unknown race that somehow was able to strip all their evil and negative impulses that came to become the entity of Armus. Captain Picard promptly stranded Armus on Vagra II.”

“Let me discuss this with my people.” Tom replied.

“Certainly.” Emmett said and watched somewhat uneasily as he watched the four Starfleet people gather together.

“So we’re dealing not only with your interdimensional overgrown hoodlum but someone with a serious axe to grind against the Federation. Guys. I don’t know about you but I think that means we’re involved.” Tom said.

“I wasn’t voicing any objections, mate.” Henry replied, “I’m simply saying what’s our plan then?”

“It’s pretty obvious. We help them.” Tom replied.

“Shouldn’t we try and get back to Voyager?” Telfer said.

“These people need our help, Telfer.” Tom replied, “We can’t just turn our backs on them. Besides we don’t know how to get back to our dimension.”

“But there are only five of us. And who knows what this Biff character is capable of if he gets his hands on 24th Century Federation technology?” Celes argued.

“Yes. But if Biff’s got the help of this Armus character, from our world, these people don’t stand a chance.” Henry replied.

“The question is what can we do against Armus? I read about his capabilities: blocking sensor scans, communications, and transporters within some energy field he can generate at will. The ability to use psychokinesis and teleportation inside that field. And worse, inflicting energy charges that disrupt the synaptic patterns of humanoids. Like what killed Lieutenant Yar.” Telfer had said.

“And if he’s teamed up with those aliens that attacked us, our dimension and every other dimension is in trouble.” Henry replied, “Look we have to help them any way we can. We know something of what we’re up against. We can be of help.”

“Agreed.” Tom replied.

“I’m in.” Tal replied.

“So am I.” Telfer replied, “Dalby’s gonna be pissed he didn’t get a vote.”

“He’ll get over it.” Tom replied.

Emmett and Clara had been watching the Starfleet people talk amongst themselves just after Tom had mentioned Armus had an axe to grind against his people.

“Do you think they’ll help us?” Clara asked.

“Shh, let me see if I can hear what can...” Emmett said.

“Emmett, if they don’t trust us now, they’re not gonna think much more of us if you eavesdrop.” Clara admonished her husband.

Just then the Starfleet personnel moved from their huddle. “Doctor Brown.” Tom Paris spoke up, “We’re with you.”

“Excellent. Now we’ve just got to figure out where Marty is...” Doc said.

“Don’t you mean when Marty is?” Tom replied.

“That would assume they got a hold of the flux capacitor.” Doc replied, “And Marty’s SOS said that he hid the flux capacitor.”

“But it’s only a matter of time before they break him.” Tom replied.

“Agreed. We’ve got to find him and rescue him.” Clara said.

“Or find where he hid the flux capacitor.” Henry replied, “Get to it before they do.”

“Also agreed.” Doc said, “We’ve got to find that flux capacitor and get a hold of Marty before the universe as we know it is altered.”


To be continued.
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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - Dark Realm

Well the last line was the line I was expecting as soon as Brown showed up. I guess the above segment explains everything. I guess
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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - Dark Realm

Forgot to post myself yesterday after I read that part. I was surprised to see Doc Brown show up. Wasn't suspecting that. LOL.
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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - Dark Realm

Forgot to post myself yesterday after I read that part. I was surprised to see Doc Brown show up. Wasn't suspecting that. LOL.
More characters from film and literature will show up as this story continues. That's what I love about Crossover Fics...

Well the last line was the line I was expecting as soon as Brown showed up. I guess the above segment explains everything. I guess
I'm glad that the last segment kinda met your expectations. I'll try to do better next time.
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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - Dark Realm

Ok I'm interested. *subscribed*
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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - Dark Realm

Welcome aboard my friend...
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O-Town, Part II

Author's Note: This was the episode of Rocko's Modern Life that inspired this particular chapter. The episode is the second of the two in the video clip and it's a nice little social commentary about cults and fad religions.


“Captain. Based on the data we have compiled the away team appears to have encountered a sentient species whose description matches the aliens that we discovered aboard the Vaadwaur fighter.” Tuvok began, “It appears these lifeforms target the hearts of sentient beings.”

“What else did it say?” Janeway replied.

“It appears they were under the thrall of an entity known as Armus.” Tuvok began.

“Armus?” Janeway asked before realizing, “Yes of course, the entity marooned on Vagra II by Captain Picard on Stardate 41602.1. How did it get off of Vagra II to another world?”

“The away team’s reports do not say, but it is clear that Armus has mobilized these ‘Heartless’ in an effort for revenge against the Federation.” Tuvok replied.

“Those ships we encountered could be part of an invasion force...” Janeway replied.

“Perhaps a scouting element. The fleet we encountered was too small to be an invasion force.” Tuvok said, “If Armus intended to invade the Federation it would be illogical for the Heartless to emerge farthest from Federation territory.”

“Either way. Armus and the Heartless present a great threat to the quadrant and the galaxy as a whole.” Janeway replied.

“Understood Captain.” Seven of Nine interjected, “Voyager is one ship. There could easily be many more of their starships out there.”

“Ayala to Tuvok..” came the comm badge message.

“Proceed Mr. Ayala.” Tuvok said

Ayala’s reply was punctuated by phaser fire in the aft section, “Confirmed. We’ve been boarded.”

“I will head to the bridge. Keep your reports coming.” Tuvok replied, “Captain. May I recommend that the current security detail remain with you for the duration of this operation.”

“Alright Mr. Tuvok.” Janeway replied.


Michael Ayala signaled for two more members of his security team to advance. He had his smaller hand phaser instead of a rifle, more for the ease of comms with the bridge.

Three dead Heartless lay crumpled on the deck after being discovered in the shuttlebay.

“Ayala this Foster.” came an Australian accented voice over the comm badge.

“Go ahead.” Ayala replied.

“I’ve got the Hazard Team armed up. We’re sweeping decks 1-5 and heading aft. Can you concentrate your team’s sweeps forward and on decks 5 through 10?” Foster replied.

“I’ve got it. But who’s taking 11 through 15?” Ayala replied.

“Ayala this is Baxter. I’ve got another team assembled. We’ll take 11 through 15.” came another burst.

Ayala tapped his commbadge as more of his team moved forward, room by room, “Ayala to Tuvok. I’ve got three teams sweeping the ship fore to aft. Lieutenant Foster is taking Decks 1-5, Lieutenant Baxter is taking another team on Decks 11 through 15, my team is taking decks 5 through 10...”

The ship rocked violently. “Ayala to Bridge. What was that?”

Tuvok’s voice echoed, “Intruders have been reported in Engineering...”

“This is Baxter. My team’s in route.” Baxter replied.

“This is Ayala, coming to support Baxter...” Ayala replied.

“Continue your sweeps.” Tuvok replied with that omnipresent Vulcan calm, “I am redirecting Hazard Team to Engineering and mustering up a second security team to take their place.”

Ayala bit back the urge to question Tuvok. He had a good reason for holding him back but he was closer than Munro’s team to Engineering and he knew it.

“Help me! Help me!” Came the screams the science lab.

“DiStephano! Anderson!” Ayala called as he followed both of them into the room.

DiStephano charged in first with Anderson. Both of them saw Samantha Wildman on the deck, trying to back away from a couple other Heartless and Harry Kim feebly trying to protect himself from three more Heartless that were attacking him.

Ayala blasted the Heartless that had injured Wildman while DiStephano and Anderson swiftly dispatched the three Heartless that were on top of Harry.

Ayala went to check on Wildman. “Are you alright?”

“My leg...” Samantha groaned painfully.

“Hang on.” Ayala said and tapped his commbadge, “Ayala to Sickbay. Standby for casualties. I’ve got Ensign Wildman with an injured leg and Ensign Kim with...”

As he spoke he turned to see Ensign Kim. Blood was spilling down from his hairline and his hand clutched at his stomach and chest. His uniform was shredded by the claws of the Heartless.

“Multiple lacerations.” Ayala finished.

“Beaming them to Sickbay now.” the Doctor replied.

Ayala watched as the transporter beamed Wildman and Kim safely to Sickbay as he heard the rest of his team moving and engaging Heartless in the other rooms.

He could hear the comm traffic as DiStephano and Anderson retook the corridor.

“Tuvok this Baxter...we could use some help down here...”

“Acknowledged. Hazard Team in route.” Foster’s voice came over the comms, “Ayala, be advised we’re coming through your positions.”

“We’ll hold the door open for you.” Ayala replied as he passed the information to his team, “Lopez, Golwat, hold your fire for now, Hazard Team’s gonna be passing this way.”

“Yes sir.” Golwat replied.


Way to understate things. Baxter thought to himself as the sounds of scuffling and phaser fire echoed all over Engineering.

The Heartless were all over the place and to make things worse, B’Elanna barely had time to get a force field around the warp core. Thank God for small favors. The last thing he wanted was an errant phaser blast hitting the warp core. But none of the other anti-intruder Engineering safeguards had time to take place.

B’Elanna had dashed one Heartless’ skull into the bulkhead after smashing it in the head with a two-kilo coil spanner. There was blood on her left arm and the sleeve of her uniform was torn in several places.

Nicoletti had a Heartless clinging to her chest as she rolled around on the ground with it.

“Nicoletti! Hold still!” B’Elanna shouted as she raced over and swung the coil spanner into the face of the Heartless, smashing the creature’s face in and splattering black blood onto the deck.

The Security Team was fairing no better. Baxter was firing his hand phaser at another Heartless that popped up from behind a console. This one was different from the others. It had some kind of helmet and armor on, with the Heartless emblem stamped onto it’s chest.

Petty Officer Walid was grappling with another of the armored Heartless on the ground after one ambushed him from an alcove.

“Baxter this is Foster. We’re on our way in.” Foster said.

“Perfect timing.” Baxter remarked, “We got jumped by the Heartless when we went into Engineering. They hit us hard. Half my team’s wounded...GAH!!!”

Baxter shouted as another Heartless jumped from behind a console and landed on top of him. He could feel claws tearing into his back just as he heart the whine of a phaser going off.

“Murphy! Chell! Biessman! Munro! Take the upper level.” Foster ordered.

The Heartless that was on top of Baxter was smashed into a console by the phaser blast fired by Foster.

Baxter groaned as he tried to stand. The last thing he saw before losing consciousness was Foster firing his phaser at another Heartless.

B’Elanna helped Nicoletti to a standing position. “Are you alright?”

“My sides hurt a little.” Nicoletti replied as she winced. As she spoke she heard the phaser fire lessening.

“Get yourself to Sickbay.” B’Elanna replied.

“Foster to Tuvok.” Foster replied, “Engineering secured...”


“We captured the DeLorean, boss.” 3-D said as he headed over there. He was a medium built fellow with brown hair with a gray suit and tacky novelty sunglasses that resembled cardboard 3-D glasses.

“Good.” Biff Tannen said. He was an imposing figure, a 48 year old man over six feet tall and two hundred pounds. He looked over the DeLorean time machine before turning towards 3-D with a darkening scowl.

“3-D there’s something wrong...” Biff said.

“What’s that? We got the DeLorean....” 3-D replied.

Biff backhanded him, “Where’s the flux capacitor? The DeLorean is absolutely useless without the flux capacitor!”

“That Marty guy might know where it’s at.” 3-D replied as he probed about with his tongue inside his mouth. No teeth had been loosened, “The snot nosed brat must have hidden the thing before we caught him.”

“Give me one reason I shouldn’t fire you right now!” Biff demanded.

“Uh...I...I...” 3-D replied.

“Quit babbling like an idiot and find me that flux capacitor!” Biff ordered.

3-D left the room in a hurry before nearly running into a tall fellow wearing a similar gray suit and cowboy hat with a match sticking out of his mouth and a shorter fellow with a blonde crew cut.

“What’s his problem?” Match asked.

“He’s got some unfinished business to take care of.” Biff replied.

“Meaning?” Skinhead, the man with the blonde crew cut, asked.

“Meaning the flux capacitor isn’t here. The time machine is useless without it.” Biff replied.

“Where do you think he hid it, boss?” Match asked.

“Who knows and we’ll never know until you guys start questioning him.” Biff replied.

“Maybe on another world?” Skinhead asked.

“Ugh. Not another trip through a Corridor of Darkness. The first one sucked.” Match groaned.

“How do you expect to get from world to world, flap your arms?” Biff replied.

“Either way. I hope that he didn’t hide it on another world.” Match replied.

An anthromorphic shrew wearing lederhosen walked into the room and whispered something to Skinhead and handed him a piece of paper before walking out of the room.

“What did the little rat want?” Biff asked.

“Supposedly some strange looking aircraft was spotted in O-Town’s skies. It’d be something that the walking oil slick would want to know about.” Match said.

Just then Armus came oozing in his liquid state through a crack in the door. It formed into its humanoid shape before concentrating with its mind.

Match let out a scream as if he’d been touched with acid all over his body as Armus stood before him.

“You would best mind your tongue...” Armus replied, “Walking Oil Slick indeed.”

“So what was this about the strange aircraft?” Armus asked.

“One of the guys said they saw some strange looking airplane.” Skinhead replied, “It had this symbol drawn on it.”

Match was still screaming in pain when Armus glanced at the drawing in Skinhead’s hands. Armus growled, “So they’re here.”

“Who’s they?” Biff said, “And release Match. I apologize for his conduct but I need him for this operation.”

“As you wish.” Armus said and released Match.

Match fell down on all fours, cowboy hat and match on the ground as he gasped in pain. His face was flush and sweat covered his face and soaked his hair.

“They are the Federation. The same people that left me marooned on Vagra II for over a decade. I shall be interested in revenge...” Armus replied, “But first we must have that flux capacitor.”

“I’ve got 3-D and some of those Sausage Cult guys looking for it.” Biff replied.

“Good.” Armus replied as it left the room.

“Alright. Skinhead. You take care of McFly. Match, you go see about those Federation bozos.” Biff said.

“Yes boss.” Match said as he picked up his cowboy hat and match.

Skinhead headed out of the room too. There was no way he was gonna betray Biff or Armus after what he saw the latter do to Match. He’d follow his orders and do it well. Because he was a professional, through and through.


To be continued...

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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - Dark Realm

Argh I want more! Keep em coming.

Biff's henchmen were bumbling fools in the movies... but with Armus... who know's?

Poor Harry, is going to almost die like in a lot of Voyager episodes?
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