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Old March 5 2009, 08:09 PM   #1
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Location: Pittsburgh PA, USA
Who HASN'T had a vision?

List of characters who had visions:

William Adama - Hallucinations of his dead wife.
Laura Roslin - Hallucinations of Leoben, Elosha her mother, vipers, the opera house...
Kara Thrace - Hallucinations of Leoben, Earth, the rebel basestar, her father.
Lee Adama - Hallucinations of drowning.
Gaius Baltar - Hallucinations of HeadSix, the opera house, etc...
Caprica Six - Hallucinations of the opera house, her child, HeadBaltar...
Athena - Hallucinations the opera house, her child.
Felix Gaeta - Hallucinations of pain in his leg.
Romo Lampkin - Hallucinations of his cat.
Tom Zarek - Delusions of grandeur. ;-)
Saul Tigh - Hallucinations of Earth, Ellen, Caprica Six, the music.
Galen Tyrol - Hallucinations of Earth, Boomer's projection, the music.
Samuel Anders - Hallucinations of Earth, his previous life, the music.
Tory Foster - Hallucinations of Earth, the music.
D'Anna Biers - Hallucinations of the Final Five.
Leoben Conoy - Hallucinations of the future.
Hybrids - Hallucinations of EVERYTHING!
The only ones who haven't had any visions or hallucinations seem to be:

Karl Agathon
Tom Zarek (OK, I guess he belongs here.)
Ellen Tigh
Aaron Doral
John Cavil
I think that's kinda interesting when you think about it. In fact, Cavil re-engineered himself to not even dream so he couldn't have any visions. Ellen may have even have had visions when she was working on the resurrection project back on Earth. She mentioned that they had advanced warning of the apocalypse. Of course, it might just be an artifact of RDM's style of writing too.
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Old March 6 2009, 01:55 AM   #2
Harvey's Avatar
Re: Who HASN'T had a vision?

I don't think Gaeta's phantom pain counts. More of a real phenomenon. And I thought that Lee's "drowning" was more metaphorical than a literal hallucination in Resurrection Ship II. But you're right in pointing out how expansive these character's "virtual" lives are (or however you'd like to put it).

Dee and Billy didn't have hallucinations, though.
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Old March 6 2009, 04:37 AM   #3
Location: QC, IL, USA
Re: Who HASN'T had a vision?

Yeah, I definitely agree that Gaeta does not belong in that list. He wasn't hallucinating pain. He had phantom limb syndrome.

And I'm not sure Lee counts either. I don't think he actually saw himself drowning. That was more metaphorical for our benefit.
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Old March 6 2009, 05:01 AM   #4
Lieutenant Commander
Re: Who HASN'T had a vision?

For that matter, Adama's encounters with his wife felt to me to be more of a storytelling device than an actual hallucination. It played out as simply a depiction of the way we carry the people that we loved around with us. Adama is very much haunted by the memory of their disastrous marriage and so, in the episode, this was depicted visually. I don't really interpret it as a vision at all, I'd put it in a similar category to Lee and drowning.

As far as human characters go, I'm sure it doesn't really count to list a minor character like this, but I'm going to put Doc Cottle out there as one of the one's who hasn't experienced anything just because, well, I love his attitude towards all the crazy events and mythology around him. But, again, we should probably keep it to the major players, since there is a whole fleet out there that, I assume, hasn't had visions.
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Old March 6 2009, 07:53 AM   #5
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Location: Sector 001
Re: Who HASN'T had a vision?

Gaeta's pain was real, whether physically driven or psychologically. Lee's drowning scene was caused by lack of oxygen combined with the surreal sensation of weighlessness. Neither of these are "visions". And Adama talking to his wife in his head was supposed to be just that, in his head, only also on camera for us to see. It wasnt hallucinated, just imagined.

But yeah, you do have a point.
"The object of opening the mind, as of opening the mouth, is to shut it again on something solid." - GK Chesterton
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Old March 6 2009, 01:19 PM   #6
Marcus Porcius Cato
Re: Who HASN'T had a vision?

Billy never had a vision.
"A person without any sense of shame is no longer a human being."

Mencius, Chinese Philosopher (c. 372-289 BCE)
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Old March 6 2009, 02:55 PM   #7
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Saul's Avatar
Location: 東京
Re: Who HASN'T had a vision?

Laura has visions cos she's a druggie.
"It's not that you can see the strings, it's that 40 years later you're still looking at them." - Steven Moffat
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Old March 6 2009, 11:16 PM   #8
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Re: Who HASN'T had a vision?

I haven't.
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Old March 6 2009, 11:23 PM   #9
Alex1939's Avatar
Re: Who HASN'T had a vision?

I think there is a difference in "visions" and "day-dreaming"

I would call Adama remembering his wife, "day-dreaming", not a "vision", fwiw.
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Old March 7 2009, 04:38 AM   #10
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Re: Who HASN'T had a vision?

I agree that it might be important to clariffy between actual visions and everything else. Just looking through your list, I don't think Adama, Lee, Gaeta, and Romo count. If you're just talking about seeing anything in general, I would still take down the first 3 I listed.
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Old March 7 2009, 07:10 AM   #11
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Re: Who HASN'T had a vision?

When did 6 and Athena become humans?
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