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Location: San Diego
STAR TREK: Nathan Moore

STAR TREK: Nathan Moore


A small little ball was being chased by a young Cardassian girl. She was smiling, and laughing, as she chased. Another child, a Cardassian boy, was running with her. Life, it seemed, was innocent and filled with fun for most children such as these.

The two children felt safe, as their father, Lunef, watched them from the cement table that was positioned beneath a large tree, just one of many, the dotted the park they were at. And as he watched his children play, another man sat down on the bench next to him. The other man was human.

“So why are you here?” Lunef asked the human. “You and I have been meeting here for the past three weeks. And as my children play, you and I play this game you have taught me, poker, and yet you never say why you have come to this world.”

“Why are you here?” The human, his name being Nathan Moore, asked. “Why are we all here?” Nathan asked with a forced smile. “I want to live.”

Lunef reached down to a glass of fish-water, and took a sip. “I’m here,” Lunef said, “because I betrayed my people during the war. I backed the wrong side. And like everyone else on this world, deep in the Gamma-Quadrant, I came here, with my family, to live in exile with others who share my shame.”

Nathan watched as the two Cardassian children climbed a slide on the playground, and then slid down, laughing with each other as they did.

“I killed the man who was sleeping with my wife,” Nathan said, knowing that his words were just lies. “When the Federation threatened to put me away in a penal colony, I came here. No extradition, no compulsion to face my crimes.”

Lunef smiled. “The Federation would put you away for that? Seems like a justifiable crime.”

“I slit their throats,” Nathan said as he too sipped from a class, his being straight whiskey. “And then I stabbed them each seventy-five times.”

“Why seventy-five times?” Lunef asked as he sipped again from his fish-water.

“My wife and I,” Nathan said with a warm smile, “were married before a gathered crowd of seventy-five people on Risa. They were all strangers, but filtered into the marriage parlor.”

“So you stabbed them one time for each guest?” Lunef asked.

“Something like that,” Nathan said as the children now chased after the ball back to where their father, Lunef, and Nathan sat.

“Well,” Lunef said as he watched the ball roll across the grass and stop at Nathan’s foot. “That’s a good enough reason to come here. Everyone on this world is wanted for something in their past. Traitors, killers, you name it. Thankfully the Dominion has such a world. It costs a lot of latinum to secure a home, but it is worth it.”

“You’re telling me,” Nathan said, “it cost me five-hundred bars.”

“It cost me twelve hundred,” Lunef countered. “Six hundred each for my wife and I.”

“Does it cost extra to have children?” Nathan asked

“Yes, and thankfully my kids were twins so we only had to pay two-hundred more to register them when they were born.” Lunef said.

For several weeks the new human arrival, Nathan, and his new friend, Lunef, had met and played poker, while passing the time away. Nathan had successfully taught Lunef the basics of the card game with in two days. Now they were playing for toothpicks and Cardassian staples.

“You should find a woman,” Lunef said. “Near the main reception hall, on the first day of each cycle, there is a large reception held for new comers. Find your self a woman there, settle down, and have some kids. Do you have enough funds to stay here for a long time?”

Nathan nodded. “Yes,” Nathan said. “Price will be no option.”

Suddenly a Klingon child walked over. He was selling homemade Klingon candy as a way to make much needed credits for his family. Nathan bought one for himself, and for Lunef’s two children. The child made sure that one of the candies was especially given to Nathan. The Klingon, having collected the credits for the candy, continued on his way and headed over to another group of park goers to ask them to by the candy.

After handing the two kids their candy, Nathan picked up their ball and through it toward the playground. The ball landed on top of a tree. It was not by accident.

“Don’t worry,” Lunef said to Nathan, “I’ll go get it.”

Lunef left the table and headed toward the playground to get the ball down from the top of the tree.

Alone for the moment, Nathan opened the candy. Inside was a small metallic device. Nathan smiled; the trigger device had arrived.

Moments later, feigning a headache, Nathan excused himself. The two Cardassians ran over, and hugged him by the waist, thanking him for the Klingon candy. He smiled down at them.

He bid goodbye to Lunef, and then headed away from the park. He soon walked into a local market which sold food. There were all kinds of customer of all different ages. He made his way to food section and found a special bundle of bagged fruit. Because there were many bags of fruit, it was easy to keep track of a special bag that he himself, Nathan, had left at the bottom of the stack upon the first day he arrived. Every couple days he came back, and made sure that the special bag of fruit was rotated back down to the bottom. And, sure enough, on this day, this special day, the bag was still there.

While pretending to handle another bag of fruit, he opened the bag that had been in the stack. He opened the pack and slid the trigger device into the bag. He picked up another bag of fruit, went to the checkout stand, and paid his credits.

Moments later he transported up to his private ship which was in orbit of the planet. He sat down, powered the maneuvering engines, and headed away from the world. He stopped his ship, and then turned around so that his shape faced the world he had just left. And then; it happened!!!!


The world he had just left, with nearly five-million citizens, each running from their past, and their innocent children as well, exploded. The fruit sack he had planted containing an experimental Klingon weapon which he had brought, as part of the contract, needing only the detonator which was sent if and only when the client gave the final approval. That approval had come two hours earlier; kill them all.

And so he had. Everyone on the planet died, including Lunef, and his two kids, which were probably still at the park when the end of their lives came. And Nathan Moore felt no remorse at all; Nathan had been hired to clean up a mess; and he did.

The rest of his payment would be sent to his secret account, and a new contract would be offered. And if it required him to become friends with the target; he would. If the next job required him to kill an innocent child, just as he had done here, thousands of them in fact, he would. There was no job that was too sensitive for him. And that is why ‘they’ came to him; his clients.

Sometimes they were individuals, some times it was an entire family. And this time, the destruction of a planet which was deep with in the new Dominion’s territory, and the millions who lived there, was his job. And this job had been paid for by one of the Alpha-Quadrant super-powers. It was a secret he would never reveal. For if he did, his rep would be useless and there would be no more business. Such was the life of

STAR TREK: Nathan Moore.

Nathan has a new contract; A Federation Captain from his past whom he once love, and her child; his.
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