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Between the Darkness and the light

**Not part of any challenges**

-This is a copy of a post, one of mnay myself and Zara and have chosen to post here simply because we love to share what we have done. yes it's from a Star Trek RPG, but it is our work and we do like to showcase. The story behind this post is the Starship Roanoke has been sent to investigate a missing Federation starship, yet it has been proven that well organised pirates in the area are responsible. A transport ship had been attacked and was saved by the Roanoke, onboard was a new officer (Jack) and several dozen civilians. The Roanoke resident telepath (a deltan) felt one of these is a mole for the pirates, so this post is investigating if Jack Lashmore is indeed a mole-

Zara nodded her head a bit backwards, motioning towards Grey as Jack answered his door. "This is my gimpy telepath. Help me get him to your couch and we can all talk," Zara sighed. Grey wasn't an easy man for her to carry.

Jack didn't hesitate, he simply acted and came forward assisting the Deltan to his couch. He kept his anger in check, he immediately knew what was going to happen, mental rape as far as he was concerned. He never trusted telepaths, never will. Telepaths were, in Jack's mind, freedoms greatest enemy. Between a group of telepaths one needs only to read a mind and find a governments devastating secret and pass it on silently from one telepath to another and eventually, all telepaths had the upper hand.

With the telepath seated Jack stood back and immediately made his way to the replicator before his thoughts grew to angered over the incoming invasion of his mind. "Scotch, scooner glass, pure, chilled, alcohol."

A lesser known fact, a federation replicator could replicate the real thing, if one specified alcohol, otherwise one would receive synthehol. It still never tasted quite right, but it was the effects Jack was after. He took the glass and downed several large gulps, causing the liquid to burn its way down his throat. His gaze rested on Ithma'drae.

"Well... I take it he doesn't have our permission," Zara winked at Jack. "Mr. Lashmore, we just want to know one thing, and then we'll leave. The easier you cooperate, the faster my friend will leave."

Jack took another gulp. "My permission is not the problem for you two." jack replied blandly, taking another sip. "The governor's 'assistants' were mentally conditioned against telepaths. I believe you have heard of neural blocks?"

Ithma'drae nodded slowly, "They make it near impossible for a telepath to browse your mind for specific information. We must 'watch' what we view randomly and judge for ourselves."

"Exactly," Jack sipped his scotch again.

"And alcohol will not help me in this endeavor," Ithma'drae noted.

"So we're drinking this early in the day?" Zara mocked a childish grin.

Jack sighed and passed the glance to Zara, "It’s all yours." He gave an icy glance to the Deltan before submitting, "Fine whatever, and get it over and done with." He chose not to mention how illegal the process was, but he wasn't the type to follow the letter of the law himself so would not be one to report it.

Ithma'drae himself was thinking his own thoughts. If Zara was as intuitive as he believed she was, she would know that his abilities had been dampened with his following demand. "Stand closer to me, Mr. Lashmore."

Jack took two steps forward and shrugged, "That good enough for you chrome-dome?"

Ithma'drae stared intently at Jack, his pupils widened. For the longest while their seemed to be silence until the Deltan brought a hand over his eyes and sighed. He almost seemed frustrated. "The neural block is making it hard for me to concentrate on what I see...Zara I need your help."

Zara pulled Jack a few steps and held his hand with a playful grin. "Stand still and smile, Mr. Lashmore. Pretend it's one of those annoying family photos that mean the exact opposite of home-life."

Jack simply stared dead-panned, he wanted it over with.

Ithma'drae squeezed Zara's hand, "You will receive what I recover Zara, you will be the one to witness and judge." Ithma'drae stared intently at Jack, it was then that Zara was flooded with random scenes from Jack's life.

To Zara, it appeared as if she was strapped to a cold steel table in a dark room, several metallic bands had been placed on her naked form, yet her body was that of a young man, perhaps even a child.

A deep voice from behind, "do not resist it Jacky, absorb it, be one with the pain, endure it until I say it’s over."

The metal bands suddenly brightened and incredible pain shot through her or Jack's body, growing with every second and never stopping...


Then, there seemed to be a beautiful young woman dancing with Jack, Zara was experiencing his life through his own eyes. The young woman seemed vibrant and joyful, dressed formally. She laughed joyously before lightly punching Jack's arm, "stop stepping on my toes!"


The same woman, slightly older and Jack appeared to be having an argument. "I am not going to back down from this, the Governor is in league with the Orion Syndicate, I can't just ignore it, its my job!"

"It's your fathers job to be the local DA, not yours! You just a daddy's girl and its going to..."

"What, get me killed? Jack, you're at the center of it ALL, you can help us!"

"I'm trying to help you, dense bitch...walk away from this. From me!"


Jack was in a country setting, his own home he had purchased by the blood of those he had been told to silence. As he strolled up with grassy knolls he noticed all his horses were laying upon the ground, headless, life’s essence oozing out of them He began to sprint towards his small mansion, kicking down his own front door he drew a disruptor pistol as he continued to call out hopes name.

Frantically searching every room he came to the master bedroom, there was the same woman as in the previous memories, physically beaten, with a slit throat, the white bed sheets were now crimson with blood.

Dropping his pistol Jack raced to her, staining himself with her blood as he frantically tried to revive her, although he knew it was too late.

The room began to shake and the window exploded into a million pieces from an outside explosion.


Zara's head began to pound and literally was weakened in her legs. She'd experienced horrible things herself and committed many of them... but it was another thing to be able to see through the eyes of someone else. "Sto-" Zara's heart raced and she spoke with a weak voice, "Stop for a moment."

She sat on a table top, her limbs quite shaken. She did refused to look at Jack not wanting to show him pity. He was like her, after all. "...I understand why you don't want to do this Jack." That was all she said. Anymore and it would suggest pity or remorse.

Jack was like a statue, standing there, if anyone looked closely they would have spotted the tinkle of blood escaping his tightly clenched right fist. "Let’s just get it done with before I decide to become a mole." His voice was harsh and directive, had he not been a starfleet officer, he would have given serious thought to snapping the two other necks in the room for this.

He was having to relive his life as much as Zara was.

Zara weakly took Grey's hand again. She knew that she should have waited much longer, to cope with what she was reliving, but she could not trouble Jack anymore than she wanted. She felt he might hit them and then Zara would be forced to kill 'em.


Jack was sprinting down the main lobby of his mansion, disruptor in hand, he was not thinking of safety, but knew those that had killed Hope, were now there for him. His only thought was simple, revenge. To make their blood stain the ground, to make them feel the pain Hope must have...and then some more just for kicks.

Bursting out of the mansions entrance everything seemed to happen so fast it was almost a blur. Green flashes of disruptor fire flashed right and left, Jack ducked behind a statue of an orion dancer before steadying himself and listening for locations of his targets.

In an instant he stood, jumped over the marble railing next to the statue which exploded under disruptor fire, landing in the flower garden Jack raced forward to his first target.

Catching the male orion before he could fire again, with one arm Jack caught the orions pistol hand and twisted before striking upward with his free hand the base of the orions elbow, breaking its arm instantly before Jack placed his disruptor in the orions mouth and fired, its head literally exploded under the point blank impact.

Holding the body up as a personal meat shield Jack turned and did not hesitate as the body he held absorbed disruptor fire, Jack fired at all whom he could see, he was losing count but each shot was a direct hit and kill.

That was until he felt a massive burning sensation in his back and fell to the ground, acting dead. One pair of footprints approached and kicked Jack once to test if he was alive. Jack did not respond until his attacker had knelt down beside him.

At that point Jack came to life and forced himself in a painful effort onto the new orion, disarming him in a second with one hand, the other was squeezing into the orions
adams apple, until his fingers pierced flesh, Jack then ripped the orions throat out who fell to a gurgling mess.


The dominion war, Jack was a fourth year cadet caught in a land battle between undermanned Federation holdouts and swarms of Jem'Hadar. He seemed strangely at peace during the battle, until he saw a federation marine shot down before him, in which Jack launched himself over the sandbag barricade whilst still firing his pulse rifle.

His commanding officer behind yelled, "Jack get back here! DAMMIT! COVER FIRE!"

Jack continued to fire his rifle held in one hand as he began dragging the marine back to the barricade.


His life aboard relay station 291 along the Romulan Neutral Zone...redundancy in its strongest form. No more than five crew including Jack doing whatever they could to preoccupy themselves from boredom as the station had no recreational facilities or form of entertainment.

For two years Jack experienced this, and was growing more reckless with his chosen activities to combat boredom with each day.


Onboard the transport, Jack was reading over his transfer orders, and hidden assignment. He was to investigate the
Roanoke crew and send his reports to intelligence HQ on a monthly basis concentrating primarily on the Commanding Officer, Zara Tane.

Jack sighed and stood from his seat and left the common area and headed to the rear cargo bay, where he examined his acoustic guitar and other personal items before the transport shook under weapons fire. Still grasping his guitar Jack rushed to exit the dimly lit cargobay when he heard internal weapons fire on the other side in the adjoining corridor.

’Warrior’s keenest weapon is himself’ Jack recited in his head, a habit forced upon him since childhood before he burst past the entrance, his eyes darted for options. He saw two people he had not recognized before and they were firing disruptors to targets Jack could not see from his vantage point.

As soon as the two pirates, a human male of unkempt facial hair in his mid fifties, and a large Xindii Reptilian, noticed Jack’s presence and turned to fire Jack was already upon them.

A swift hit and grab was enough for Jack to concuss and disarm the aging man but as soon as he made to engage the reptilian they were both grasping each others disruptors. It quickly turned into a match on endurance and strength, who could last the longest in the wrestle for control.

The Xindii was far more stronger, but was it as resilient?

Jack was lucky not to find out as a transporter beam engulfed them both along with every other soul aboard the transport. They were then in what appeared to be a federation starships cargobay.


Complete darkness, as Zara found herself on the floor, on her back. Her eyes were watery but not from crying. The pain she felt. It wasn't like sharp needles, but a constant echo of pain endured over a lifetime. She breathed heavily, putting her forearm to her forehead. "He's... clean." She felt very weak, very vulnerable. "That's... the... last... time I.... go on a.... drug trip... with you, Grey."

Before Ithma'drae responded Jack cleared his head, he made his way over to Zara a little shaken himself. Forcefully he pulled her to her feet, his eyes were like lasers preparing to fire at her face. "Now...get out...and take your dog with you."

Zara laboriously helped Grey off the couch, struggling towards the door. Zara turned her head around and looked firmly into Jack's eyes. "You might want to have that hand looked after before returning to duty." With that she helped Grey outside the door. Sure Jack didn't like reliving his past, but Zara was the victim, not the enemy.

As they left, Jack's shoulder sagged. Jaw clenched in contained anger he stood there for a moment before reaching down to the couch and picking up a pillow, he tore a strip of fabric from the pillow and wrapped it around the palm of his right hand.

He found himself then placing both hands upon his quarter’s windows ledge, supporting him as he stared out into the void of space. It was always a battle to contain himself, had he been a weaker man he may have started bawling his eyes out at that moment. Instead, a singular tear slid down his left cheek as he remained in that position, left with his own thoughts. Own such thing anymore. - Roanoke website

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